Stranger’s Journey: Exploring the Path of the Strange

Life: innocence to maturity, love's journey. From laughter to solitude, rediscovering love's sweetness. Together, sharing joys, fears, uniting destinies.

In the journey of life, innocence marks our beginnings, as we learn to walk, talk, and embrace the beauty around us. Youth brings love, marriage, and the joy of parenthood, a stage filled with hope and prayers for our children's well-being. As we age, children grow independent, and we find ourselves alone, facing the toll of time and trials.

Yet, amidst solitude, rediscovering the sweetness of early affection sparks a new chapter of love. Together, partners navigate life's challenges, finding solace and unity in each other's company. Their love transcends time, a bond strengthened by shared joys, sorrows, and the unwavering commitment to journey through life hand in hand. In the end, their love flows like a river, guiding them towards a serene and enduring union, where even a glance holds the promise of eternity.

In the beloved life of each being, there are stages of innocence, when we are born from the rocking of our mothers, and we return in the corner of our times to put on a new suit and begin our journey.

We know how to talk, we walk, and we fall without realizing that by getting up, we are learning from life.
Because when the path first starts, we find everything to be beautiful. We laugh uncontrollably at everything and are in awe of the sun and stars in the sky. We also chase after our shadow to see if we can step on it.

Whenever times come into our lives, and we begin our youth, we fall in love, we get married, and children in love arrive.This stage of life is a baiben of living, with father and mother loving their children, asking the heavens to grant them health, money, work, and strength so that these children of love may grow up happily.

They become adults, go off to college, fall in love, and live in apartments where they need assistance, becoming self-sufficient. And they go their ways...

We, father and mother, are left alone again. The winds of the years, the work, and the pain, took their toll on them, and they were desolate when they felt that hustle and bustle of the years, being left alone.

But after months, that first affection, the one from when they were dating, when they kissed, seems like honey, sweetening their lives, and another courtship begins.

After walking the path together, sharing the same heart and uniting their destinies, the man and the woman find a calm and tender life together without waiting to have children, as each follows their own path and has their own time. The two, as I say, continue towards that river of Love. They journey through life together every day, sharing each other's sorrows, fears, and paths, but they work hand in hand to continue uniting their destinies. Their love is boundless, and merely a glance can give them a clue.