Mary Higgins Clark: “happiness is like mercury, hard to hold.”

"One of the struggling and depressed young writers of 19s Mary Higgins who helped her family at her young age, parenting her brothers, touched the success at the age of 43."
Mary Higgins Clark

Mary Higgins Clark (b. 24 Dec 1927 ㅡ d. 31 Jan 2020) was struggling, leaving her depressed brain carefully aside. As well as, handling, caring and raising her two teenage brothers like a mother.

It was all had started when she was just a young, recently started schooling. Higgins had soon become a young parent of her brothers, handling her family after her father’s unforeseen death.

A raptured string, broken source of finance, climbed on her boyish brain unexpectedly. As well as, her head wrapped and trapped as a young juvenile in depression. Furthermore, she could see a long path with many obstacles on her nerve-wracking way.

Clark started part-time work as a receptionist in hotels for daily wages. Furthermore, aimed her goals right from her terrible times. Coming out of the Depression, soon had started writing at her early age of 11. And pen down many short stories for neighbour kids. Moreover, her brothers whenever get a time she was playing skits with them. The family of three was poor at the starting of their beautiful young lives.

Happiness is like mercury, hard to hold and when we drop it, it shatters into a million pieces. Maybe the bravest of all are those who have the courage to reach it again.

Mary Higgins Clark (from her one of the books Kitchen Privileges)

Her hard works gave her a fine job. She joined as a flight attendant, leaving all her passion for writing aside for occasionally. But after a few days of her job did not let her sleep peacefully. Furthermore, her gushing ideas of suspense fictional stories. It asked her to do more hours of practice playing with the thoughts after hours of her regular job.

In those days, she could see a source of light that was travelling toward her closer day by day. It was an origin of inspiration plus success. Soon those days became countdown for her new dream work after her short story Stowaway published in 1956.

Miss Clark kept continues her passion for writing with the same rigour. Writing short stories as her earning for the day and novels on low priority by the side for the future. For her, writing novels was building her career and could smell a strong sense of passion for writing.

Using her suspense creating brain was the magic of her fictitious thoughts and hard-working right hand. She wrote more than 42 books and often called her as a Queen of Suspense. She has a unique set of skills to bring her characters to life.

In one of her interviews, she said that she related her characters to real-life ones. However, that’s the secret of her success in writing. Those days she could nose an upcoming successful full-time career as a writer. Miss Higgins who never gives up looking at her 40 rejections (she treated those letters of rejection her greatest inspiration of her life) Her first book, Love story of George Washington and his wife Martha did not do well, but the correct time was waiting for her.

She called as the Queen of Suspense, Miss Mary Higgins gave 52 hit novels.

At the age of 43, her lucky starts knocked on the door for her second book, Where are the children. (1975 A woman's Jill Clay burgh past makes her look suspect when two children by her second husband (Max Gail) are kidnapped [...]) Her success was not overnight. On her first salary, she bought her dream jewellery, as she was fond of all of them.

However, Higgins’s books are bestsellers for 40 years. She died at 92, her four acres of the bungalow in New Jersey. Once, Miss Mary said,

Whoever is great in writing, but I feel nervousness during publishing my new book.


She was not voracious readers, but her observation. And a profound sense of suspense writing brought her one of the successful writers. Her books are not sold less than 100 million copies in the United States only.

Moreover, Clark was an international bestseller suspense author of the 90s and 20s. Reading her books, people could imagine their sense and place themselves in the characters. This could happen to me, I could be one of these victims, or I couldn’t have done that.