Discover the Power of Sacred Codes: Divine Mathematics for Manifestation and Healing

Explore how Sacred Codes, based on mysterious divine mathematics, can help you manifest desires and achieve healing.

Today I would like to chat with you a bit about the Sacred Codes. The Sacred Codes are emergency resources that Divinity has reserved for this time. They are based on a mysterious mathematics that belongs to other dimensions. When a Code is recited, the energy of the user merges with that of the Light Being being invoked, resulting in manifestation.

The codes open doors that have remained closed for many and achieve things that souls have not been able to accomplish by other means. There are codes that act very quickly, and others take more time, perhaps because they remove hidden material from a recent or distant past.

the Power of Sacred Codes: Manifestation and Healing

Explore how Sacred Codes, based on mysterious divine mathematics, can help you manifest desires and achieve healing.
Explore how Sacred Codes, based on mysterious divine mathematics, can help you manifest desires and achieve healing. Image:

How are they used?

  1. The codes are repeated 45 consecutive times each day as 45 is a number of manifestation.
  2. You can help yourself if possible with a necklace or mala of 45 beads to keep count correctly.
  3. They can be said as a single figure (e.g., 10243, ten thousand two hundred forty-three), one by one (one, zero, two, four, three); in pairs, or however it comes from the heart. There are NO RULES for this.
  4. The repetition is always done with the intention of love from your heart, which is what generates the change. The repetition is done as dictated by the heart and until results are achieved.
  5. They can be repeated as many times a day as you like; there are no restrictions.
  6. The number of days you do them depends on you; generally, they are done until what you are asking for manifests. There are other codes like connection with the Earth, etc., that would be wonderful to do always.
  7. They can be done at any time and in any place. Light Beings do not need rituals of any kind to be heard; however, if someone feels like lighting a candle, incense, playing music, etc., that is at the discretion of each person.
  8. The code can be said mentally or out loud. If you get used to the vibration of these numbers, you will tune into Higher Dimensions and develop psychic faculties such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and intuition.
  9. Occasionally, you will find repeated codes; this is not an error. It happens because there are Codes with various functions.
  10. Codes can be done for other people. You just need to use the intention and say: I apply this Code for…(name and surname). The recipient’s Soul will receive the vibration and apply it as best suited.
  11. Multiple codes can be used simultaneously.

You can ask me

What is a Light Being?
According to my beliefs, a light being is a soul that has achieved remission of its mistakes and no longer needs to reincarnate.

Being born is returning to the path that corresponds to us because we must live again, to attract sorrows or joys, happiness and possession, and thus, once our paths are finished, to fold our wings again and ascend to the great house of all.

The Sacred Codes are channeled by Agesta, so that everyone can benefit from them. If we think about it, everything around us is a number: the door of our house, the block we live in, the driver’s license, the ID card, even our names are numbers.

Let me give you an example:

15391, according to the letters of the Alphabet, you count what number your name is. For example, J is 10, so since zero doesn’t add up, it would be 1. U would occupy number 23 in the Spanish Alphabet, so since double numbers can’t be used, you add 3+2 to get 5, which is placed after the 1, and so on. Everything is a number: your phone, your bank account, the price we pay for what we buy, all numbers.

The Sacred Codes are series of numbers that, when activated with our intention, raise the vibration of our being and give us well-being and peace.

There are as many Sacred Numbers as feelings or illnesses we might have, Sacred Numbers of Saint Germain, for example. If you had a toothache, you search on Google: Sacred Code of Saint Germain for toothache, or to find a job, or for any illness. For each and every one of our problems, Saint Germain has sent a Sacred Code.

Saint Germain is the Regent of the Violet Flame. This flame transmutes everything bad into good, and when invoked knowing that it will be so, the pain stops, sadness leaves, and blessings come to you.

In fact, I took the first part of this column directly from Google, so if you wish, you can see that what I wrote next is true.

Not long ago, I met a friend who had been transferred at work. She told me she was going to leave because, after so long dealing with clients, she couldn’t be in a room with just a computer for company. I told her, don’t do it, your children will grow up, and you will find yourself older and without a job; it’s not convenient for you. Look for the Sacred Code of Saint Germain so you can continue working and rid yourself of this depression. She began activating the code 770 for depression, and 9 for sadness, with faith.

She called me in less than a month and said she was happy, that she had discovered her new job gave her time to feel herself, to get to know herself. Yes, she was happy and still is because she continues working in the same place.

I personally use them for every pain and to help anyone who is suffering from something because our lives bring laughter and tears, but living is not about suffering; living is a miracle of Love from the Universe for each of us.


A child was born one February day,

His cry was rather soft and calm,

Like his path, which, as he walked,

Opened up to a life of laughter.

In truth, I believe that

Crying forgot to cry in

Him, for as I was told,

He did not know the feeling of

The pain of a tear.

His life and times advanced,

He continued to laugh at life, and if

A storm or sadness came,

He always went to the same God of the Heavens,

To his guide of paths, the one who walked with him.

The one who kissed him at birth, and in eternal eternity,

Blessed him with a smile and sheltered him in His Being.

Thus, the child became old, and reached his old age,

Loving the Father of Heaven, who with a sweet gaze,

With infinite tenderness and holy calm,

Embraced him forever, since his childhood.