Indian writer, R K Narayan: “I am a treacherous writer”

R K Narayan
R K Narayan

The novels and short stories of R K Narayan (10 October 1906 – 13 May 2001) still inspire children and young generations. Characters from his fictitious town Malgudi and one of the characters, Swami and his friends. Swami, an ordinary boy who has a different mindset, well-matured than his other friends.

“Malgudi Days” (a fictional South India town)

He always showered his philosophy through his characters in his fiction world. Indian writer, Narayan, the man who imprinted his literary work not only in India but made its presence internationally. The great creator of a fictional south India town, “Malgudi Days” that marked history.

Stories Reflecting Indian Culture

He always lived as an ordinary man to explore the societies of Indian culture, innocently made his way toward writing and aroused many readers using his pen and powerful literary techniques and urged readers to come back for more.

The first Indian writer who had pursued a full-time writing career. His writing including Travelogue, Retelling of Indian epics and autobiography, My Days in 1974. Most of the Indian know him by his pen name, but reluctant R K Narayan’s real name was Rasipuram Krishnaswami Narayan, his home town, Mysore had become more dependent in his active year of writings.

Daydreaming and provoking thoughts of R K Narayan

Mr Narayan was always deep down into daydreaming, gaming with the thoughts of his characters and busy putting them well together. He grew up in a bilingual family, but more prone to Tamil rather than Kannada and English language. Once in an interview, he said that he failed the University entrance exams in English, but everything that happens, it happens for a reason.


After discontinuing his education for more than two years, he had utilized his ample time for reading books, listening to his grandmother’s folk tales. And thus, those crucial days were for a spark and increased his interest, dedication to evoking writing skills in him.

Writing Techniques of R K Narayan developed from

The techniques of storytelling had been perceived by Mr Narayan from a kind grandmother. He had already spent 15 years of his precious life under his maternal grandmother in Madras (Chennai) who taught him many aspects of life, and engrossing culture of south India at a young age.
One of the best quotes from R K Narayan, who gives the profound meaning of life.

R K Narayan Quote

If you threw a stone into a gutter, it would only spurt filth in your face.

R K Narayan

Such a great meaning is hidden in this line that teaches us not to be cruel to anybody, given us calm feelings and lower down anger, jealousy, and cruel powers. If you are angry at anybody, in return you only get angry expressions or vice-versa. It also refers that if you think that the next person is stupid and making fool to that stupid means you also become stupid somewhat.

Novels and Books

So better not to say any negative or do wrong with anybody. Few books of Narayan are as below, they are evergreen good reads. Some of his books are in Hindi and Marathi. It has a hidden culture of India and powerful thoughts that evoke the real man in human. Most of his books give you a philosophical point of view.

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