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happy birthday MS Dhoni

Happy Birthday Dhoni! I am being a big fan of MS Dhoni (Mahendra sing Dhoni), a cricketer and compassionateness at the bottom of heart. I am not a regular cricket watcher, nor I play cricket. However, as long as I can remember, I played cricket with my high school friends for the sake of sharing their joy with them. They used to love it, many times I thought about it that where are the nerves of cricket hidden inside me? Or every so often I feel that God might have not incorporated into my veins.

I grew up watching cricketers like Kapil Dev, Saurabh Ganguli and Sachin Tendulkar. However, when I left my village and came to Pune in 2006 when I had just finished my matriculation. In The city, I was searching for a job and complete my further education. A new face, (Mahendra sing Dhoni) I saw. His surname means hit, and ultimately, he became famous hitting balls continuously sixers and all that what audience wanted.

Today, Dhoni turned 41 on Thursday, millions have wished him on social media. His special place in my heart as same as others have in their hearts. Through the video, Dwayne Bravo  who sang a song which had achievements of Dhoni and many other cricketers have wished him on his birthday. Dhoni was born in Ranchi. However, his father, Pan Sing Dhoni was born in a village, crowd of 20 to 30 families, his ancestral and cousins still live there in the village, it is called Lwali. He is a heart of cleanness and purity, there is no bargaining, politics and partiality in his sacred place. His work was all to his dedication and full of motivations. His career started exactly when my struggle began. He joined Indian cricket team in 2003/4 and picked in the ODI squad and played for the Bangladesh and welcomed in international group of players with his dedication and hard work. What is the most important thing to do on the day one could spend on the birthday? Mahendra Sing Dhoni was spotted today in the crowd of Wimbledon stadium celebrating his day with his favourite people and friends.

His work was recognizable in 2007 World Cup | A Man of the Match innings

Mahendra Sing Dhoni was all set to play for the world Cup 2007, his unpredictable work left the audience in awe. His continuous hits gained excess of 100 in both the series. However, India was out of the world cup after losses to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, he and his family faced mental trauma from the local politicians. The house that Dhoni was constructing in his home-town, Ranchi, was damaged by political activists.

Therefore, he did not lose his concentration, he put his aim forward and received the man of the match scoring 174 runs in 3 matches.

Rise, Rise, and Ranks

In the year 2009, Dhoni again shine through series of play between Australia and India. One hundred twenty-four runs in 107 balls in the second ODI and in the third ODI, Singh achieved 71 runs in 95 balls. He also proved, he was ahead of Yuvraj Singh's 78 balls and his 96 balls… Thus, India had won the ODI by six wickets. Though the journey, he had an excellent year in ODIs in the same year. However, 2015 was approaching, and he was all set to create a record and history. In the 2015 World Cup, Dhoni became the first Indian Captain to win the stage matches in the tournament. India had won against, Pakistan, South Africa, UAE, West Indies, Ireland, and Zimbabwe.

The Most Expensive Player

Indian Premier League, also called as TATA IPL. It was founded in 2007, it is a professional men's Twenty20 cricket league. The three Indian states and teams based out of seven Indian cities. The IPL usually happens in March and May every year. MS Dhoni, considered the most expensive player contracted by Chennai Super Kings for US $1.5 million. However, the wise decision by CSK proved his talent by winning the 2010, 2011, 2018 and 2021

The Man of Magic

His playing style as different and difficult comparing to traditional coaching. Most of the payers say, he is an unorthodox batsman. He hardly used to follow batting techniques at the standard coaching levels. However, being a captain, later he developed his new style to deal with high-pressure scenarios. He was the one who taught the world name, “Helicopter Shot” However, the technique was taught him by his childhood friends, but he who brought it to live. Once again, Happy Birthday, MS Dhoni, stay fit and live longer.