Alexander the Great: “There is nothing impossible to him who will try”.

Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great (356 BC — 323 BC) was the undefeated king of Macedonia and Persia in the history of the world. His empire stretched from Macedonia to Egypt and Greece to India. He was born to the king of Macedonia, Philip and the great magician, Olympias. The mother of Alexander had a fearless friendship with powerful, poisonous snakes, and she used to sleep with them.

Brilliancies of the great Alexander built by the great philosopher of Ancient Greece, and pioneer scientist Aristotle. He had started training at the age of 13 and successfully acquired teachings with great values of philosophy, scientific knowledge and other important medical education.

Every king had their traits treating people, but Alexander was famed for his exploitation on the battlefield. He was born as a miracle man. However, he was called the son of God. The Priest also had forecasted to the king of Macedonia that Alexander would conquer the world one day. But it did not happen. With thirteen years of his career as a military leader he conquered 3000 miles (4,828.03 kilometres) and it proved that it was the largest empire in ancient history of the world.

Moreover, it has been written that before Alexander was born, the king Philip had a dream of a thunderstorm through he was sure of something good going to happen to him. He already had learned horse riding at the age of 10 as well as taken military training including sword, spear throwing in the preceding years. Throughout his life, he loved reading Homer's poem.

Great Alexander had the power of Thinking

He was gifted with analytical skills that he used to guess the situation and easily handle any critical time on the battlefield. Alexander’s once glance on the battlefield could easily portray victory. His favorite horse was Bucephalus. However, it died on the battlefield of Hydaspes and buried in Jalalpur Sharif, now it is Pakistan.

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The last battle of Alexander was Hydaspes. It occurred on the bank of the river Jhelum (the river runs from the top of the Himalayas). He crossed the river and defeated the Indian king Porus. The most part learning the great Alexander had been always inspiring. He was simple, caring for his people and nature loving personality. He never ran for any property. Although, he was a kind of human who was only created for and had a thrust of glory and dignified death.

At the age of 32, he died. Some historians say it was due to Malaria, some others say natural causes. It is yet unresolved conflict.

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