Understanding Human Relationships: Navigating Love, Lies, and the Future of Family

Explore the complexities of human relationships, from the initial search for a partner driven by sexual urges to the challenges of maintaining honesty and communication. Discover insights on why we reproduce, the impact of societal expectations, and strategies for dealing with heartbreak. Learn how to navigate love, lies, and the future of family in our ever-changing world.

What is the reality that you and I are living in right now? What is the situation we live in, and do our circumstances shape our reality? Do we see things as they truly are, or have we lost the ability to perceive them accurately as human beings?Have you ever wondered how you perceive things and what your reality is? Can we, as human beings, still see and process the things that are important for our lives?

How do you see the future for yourself and your children?

Do you think your children still have a future? Does it still make sense to conceive and raise children? I think a good question here is: "Why do we, as humans, have children at all?" I carry a certain philosophy with me that I would very much like to share with you. Why do we reproduce despite the misery of these times? Let's start at the beginning. We humans experience sexual urges at a fairly young age. These urges make us seek a sexually attractive partner to indulge our lusts. This partner can be of any sex, although homosexual partners cannot reproduce together. In the beginning of these relationships, we look for someone attractive to us, whether for procreation or other reasons.

Do we always find the right partner right away?Picture: Blackfield

Picture: Blackfield Associates

The search for a first partner is not always easy. What do we look for? Do we only listen to our feelings? Do we consider skin color, height, hair color, character, or sexual attractiveness? Knowing that, like animals, we are primarily driven by smell or an ideal image presented to us everywhere we look? Often, our parents prepare us for what to expect, but most of us quickly forget those lessons. Are we looking for the toughest guy or the prettiest girl? Being alone in this world for too long is seen as a flaw, something others will judge. And notice, "we usually listen to the words of others."

Can we control our urges?

What others and our own passions tell us lead us on the path of pretense. We pretend to be the best we can and make sure we look as attractive as possible to that one person. This game of pretending continues when we connect with the person we desire. Our hormones run high during this process. We get butterflies in our stomachs and long for the first hugs. To get these first hugs and satisfy our sexual feelings, we often go too far, in my opinion. If the truth is not enough, we create a new truth on the spot. We tend to fabricate a reality. Many people often end up in the arms of another through these lies. But I've always been taught, "No matter how long the lie lasts, the truth will catch up with it."

When did you tell the truth to your current partner?

Many people initially get away with the lies or fictitious feelings, but after having children, when the sexual feelings no longer dominate, they fall through the cracks. Suddenly, the romantic veil falls away and the partners see each other's true characteristics. They see the person they fell in love with through their sexual urges with new eyes. The feeling fades, and they start looking for more. Maybe their sexual urges are no longer adequately satisfied, and they don't dare to talk about it with their current partner.

Are you and your partner still talking about the right things?

In my opinion, the high number of divorces today is mainly due to poor communication from the start, driven by indispensable sexual urges. People revert to their true selves over time and can no longer maintain their previous lies to their partner. They regain desires from before the relationship, which they had forgotten because of their sexual urges. If not for these urges, they might have chosen someone else in the first place.

Do you know how to deal with heartbreak?

When the misery or relief of divorce happens, I hope that at the beginning of a new relationship, people understand what they did wrong before and choose the "right" path. Remember that heartbreak often means missing a previously lost individuality. Because of previous lies, many people tap into a different self. When you're heartbroken, try to find yourself. Listen to music from before the breakup. Do the things you enjoyed before the failed relationship. Reconnect with people you lost by entering into this relationship and apologize for past behaviors. Enjoy life again, fall in love again, and listen to your mind first, and then to those butterflies in your stomach. Good luck.

Poem “I will do” celebrates love and gratitude

Poem extols love, faith, gratitude, and God's guidance through life's journey, urging to walk with joy, kindness, and appreciation for blessings.

I will make your life cheerful,
may you walk forever in love,
I will fill your paths with flowers,
because you see the face of your God.

There is no other way to live than loving,
love the love of the verb to love,
without offending or mistreating,
always smiling when walking.

Why is it not living in tears?
or regrets,
walking is knowing how to walk,
with the faith of birth and the light of gratitude,
everything that life puts in front of you,
for it is the path that your feet walk,
and if sadness or great sorrow comes,
or maybe you'll get the feeling of not having,
feel son of my soul, my star,
that in every dawn and dusk
God, the Giver of Love,
will sow tenderness in your soul,
for loving you even more, my dear.

And with Him, as a companion,
your path will be water of love,
river of laughter and lucky life,
that you and me, me and you,
We will walk loved until the end.

Poetry analysis

The poem celebrates love and gratitude, emphasizing the importance of walking life's path with joy and kindness. It speaks of finding solace in faith and the presence of God's love, guiding one through sorrow and hardship. The imagery of filling paths with flowers and walking in love portrays a hopeful and optimistic outlook on life. Overall, it encourages embracing love and gratitude as guiding principles, leading to a fulfilling and blessed existence.

The Life

Life is a journey of joy, gratitude, and love. Even in times of fear and pain, focus on blessings received rather than sorrow. Embrace each moment.

In truth, we are born, and at the same time, the years go by, and we do not think, nor do we realize, that the path we walk, walks with our feet, and so, one day, we remember those threads of laughter that united our lives from birth to getting older.

Life is a journey of joy, gratitude, and love. Even in times of fear and pain, focus on blessings received rather than sorrow. Embrace each moment.
Life is a journey of joy, gratitude, and love. Even in times of fear and pain, focus on the blessings received rather than sorrow. Embrace each moment. Image:canva.com

Last month, I had a birthday. In reality, I don't give importance to being tangled in my ways, because I try (always) to associate everything with joy and gratitude for life. In short, I try, even when storms come, to find a little light that opens my life to happiness.

This year, (I stopped feeling for a moment), and I stopped thinking, I really shouldn't have done it, thinking is the greatest enemy of happiness. This year, in those moments of discouragement when I let myself overcome, my mind took over and sent me thoughts of fear, sadness, pain, and anxiety. I really started to think about how old I was, what would happen when I got older, what would happen to me, etc. And I cried with fear and sorrow, with pain for what would become of me.

The words "Give thanks to life for living, for every laugh, kiss, hug, and year completed" suddenly surfaced from within my heart and soul. "Give thanks for this path that you had the greatness to live on," they said. "Because even though the years pass and your body ages, even if you become clumsy or perhaps sick, you will always feel that the divine soul that houses your body is eternally young, eternally beautiful."

And I turned my thoughts to feeling, to love and gratitude, and to telling myself with a smile in my heart.

Ah, my soul, remind me to remember, to count the years that I have left, in blessings received and not in sorrow. This is how I have always done it, and this is how I will do it in eternity.

Poem Remember/Recuerda

A mother's love, a daughter's want, memories intertwine. Words of love, timeless bond. Remind me, dear, of life's light and love. Eternal embrace.
A mother's love, a daughter's desire, and memories intertwine. Words of love, a timeless bond. Remind me, dear, of life's light and love. Eternal embrace.


They were sitting
each with a
memory and a thought,
the mother, loving the
the daughter wanting the

And between hug and
between feeling and loving,
the mother said to her
daughter of her, you knew words
of love,
What breast, she made to sprout;

Remember my daughter
when years pass,
how now they have passed
for me,
remind me what you are
light of heaven, pure love
in feeling.
Remind me of this what
I say to you,
older feelings,
of life lived and kisses
remember forever
beloved love, love.

You were born under Mantle
of heaven,
the same Creator
granted, the lowering,
he gave you HIS breath
and your life began to
you grew up with roses and stars,
with hands full of light and truth.

So never cry for me out of fear,
not even in sadness,
because you are the same sun,
brightening lives with you

And those hands, wrinkled by time, became silky as at birth, and from her lips a love so great, so tender and beautiful, so full of light and love, that when that daughter looked at her, she saw a miracle happen, her body was that of a girl and her soul, as innocent and blessed, as it was at birth

Remember, in Spanish, "Poem Recuerda"

Estaban sentadas
cada una con un
recuerdo y un pensar,
la madre, amando la
la hija queriendo el

Y entre abrazo y
entre sentir y amar,
la madre dijo a su
hija, sabías palabras
de amor,
que pecho, hizo brotar;

Recuerda hija mia
cuando años pasen,
cómo ahora han pasado
por mi,
recuérdame que eres
luz de cielo,puro amor
en sentir.
Recuérdame esto qué
te digo,
sentires de mayor edad,
de vida vivida y besos
recuerda por siempre
amada amor, amar.

Naciste bajo Manto
de Cielo,
el mismo Creador te
concedió, el bajar,
te cedió SU aliento
y tu vida, comenzose a
creciste con rosas y estrellas,
con manos llenas de luz y verdad.

Así que nunca me llores por temor,
ni tan siquiera en tristeza,
pues eres el mismo sol,
alegrando vidas con tu

Y esas manos arrugadas por el tiempo, volvieronse sedosas como al nacer, y de los labios de ella, surgió un amor tan grande, tan tierno y bello, tan pleno de luz y querer, que al mirarla esa hija, vio milagro suceder, su cuerpo fue el de niña y su alma , tan inocente y bendita, como llegó al nacer


Whispers wink

in acrobatic


Twisting to breaths

on hopes you


As words leave

lips on gentle


Softness is hard



Language of

two, duets as


Harmony shines

just like the


If skies could

sing when love


The land would

catch all that


This Quote Help You Understand What is Addiction to Love

I've been in love before, it's like a narcotic. At first, it brings the euphoria of complete surrender. The next day, you want more. You're not addicted yet, but you like the sensation, and you think you can still control things. You think about the person you love for two minutes, then forget them for three hours. But then you get used to that person, and you begin to be completely dependent on them. Now you think about him for three hours and forget him for two minutes. If he's not there, you feel like an addict who can't get a fix. And just as addicts steal and humiliate themselves to get what they need, you're willing to do anything for love." - By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

Paulo Coelho