Tulsidas and his worship for the Lord Rama through Hanuman Chalisa

Poet Tulsidas (1543 – 1623) was renowned for his devotion for lord Ram. Therefore, he wrote Hanuman Chalisa, a prayer to win the heart of Pavan putra (Hanuman) to show how much he worships Ram. It is a holy prayer for Bajarag Bali Hanuman. Tulsidas was a saint as same as another Indian poet and saint like Tukaram, Kabir, Dnyaneshwar Maharaj. The lord Shiva once said to Parvati that Tulsidas was incarceration of poet Valmiki who wrote the great Ramayana and considered the first poet in Sanskrit Literature.

The celebrated work of Tulsidas is Ramcharitmanas (available on Amazon in Hindi) which is based on Ramayana. As well as, he wrote famous dohas which are still seeing famous in Indian literature.

Analysis of Hanuman Chalisa (श्री हनुमान चालीसा) in English

Hanuman Chalisa is the only Devine song that help clean our human spirit, removes the suffering and shortcomings. The lord Hanuman to hold the supreme power among the breed of monkey. The lord Hanuman identified by three main things one who is unbeatable lover of lord Rama. Second, the hub of unknown Devine power, and son of Anjali. Furthermore, known as the son of wind. The great Hanuman is not less than a hero who is unconquerable and mighty one who take away evil power. However, always found within the heart of good people. Hanumant, you look the same as other beautiful monkey, but the only difference is you have earrings, curly think hair. Mace in your hand and flag of equality brings the brightness in life. You are embodiments Lord Shiva and son of Kesari. Your glory only fit into the sky (endless Sky) and the entire universe worships you.

The three things occupied in the hearts of Hanuman that obey only to three gods, Ram, Mother Sita and Laxman. Therefore, they live in your heart forever. Metaphoric you are, you appeared in front of Mata Sita in elusive form, burnt the Lanka (the kingdom of Raavan). You are a giant form like Bhima (one of the five pandavas) extinguished demons as per the given task by Lord Rama. The magnifying look of your save Laxman. You were the one who brought the entire hill of magical herb. As well as, Ram said that you are my dear brother like Bharat and appreciated you.

Thus, Lord Rama embraced Hanuman. Brahma, Saraswati and the king of serpents sings your glory. Your glory is difficult to express not even by poet, Kubera and other scholars. Your saying is prime, Vibhishan became king complying them. You the one dared to swallow the sun thinking it a red fruit. You crossed the ocean thus all the difficult task of Rama became  easy. Furthermore, you are guardian for someone to reach Ram. It is possible with your blessing, at your feet lay only comfort and happiness. However, one who lives besides you don't need to scared of anything.

Only you withstand yourself. Your roar trembles the three world (Swarga, Akash & Patal). The black magic would never touch to one who takes your name. All the deceases, pains gets lost when one chant your name. However, chanting your name brings brightness in our life. Meditating with your name one get free from any kinds of crisis. The greatest king of the king was lord Rama. But it is true that without you, it couldn't have had possible.

One who comes to you with sincerity obtains only fruit of love, undying throughout the entire life. All the four yug (krita, Trita, Dvapara & Kali) know you and your strength. As well as your popular glory throughout the world. You are a guardian to man feature kindness and destroyer of demons. You are a blessed child of Janaki. Hanuman can only grant the Siddhi (eight different power) and Nidhis (nine different kinds of wealth) you are always humble and devoted servant. When someone praises you, he gets to meet Ram, resulted in relief from the sorrow. And after the death one remains immortal devoted.

If you serve the lord Hanumant, it gives you all you need, no need worship of other God. The troubles, traps soon to end the pain. One who read Hanuman Chalisa he becomes accomplished in any of his work. Lord Shiva is witness to it. Therefore, at the end of this holy prayer, the poet Tulsidas said that he always remain a servant, a devotee to lord Shri Ram and you may always reside in my heart.

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Listen to "Hanuman Chalisa" by Tarun Kurella

By Tarun Kurella

Hanuman Chalisa in Hindi

जय हनुमान ज्ञान गुन सागर।
जय कपीस तिहुं लोक उजागर।।
रामदूत अतुलित बल धामा।
अंजनि-पुत्र पवनसुत नामा।।
महाबीर बिक्रम बजरंगी।
कुमति निवार सुमति के संगी।।
कंचन बरन बिराज सुबेसा।
कानन कुंडल कुंचित केसा।।
हाथ बज्र औ ध्वजा बिराजै।
कांधे मूंज जनेऊ साजै।
संकर सुवन केसरीनंदन।
तेज प्रताप महा जग बन्दन।।
विद्यावान गुनी अति चातुर।
राम काज करिबे को आतुर।।
प्रभु चरित्र सुनिबे को रसिया।
राम लखन सीता मन बसिया।।
सूक्ष्म रूप धरि सियहिं दिखावा।
बिकट रूप धरि लंक जरावा।।
भीम रूप धरि असुर संहारे।
रामचंद्र के काज संवारे।।
लाय सजीवन लखन जियाये।
श्रीरघुबीर हरषि उर लाये।।
रघुपति कीन्ही बहुत बड़ाई।
तुम मम प्रिय भरतहि सम भाई।।
सहस बदन तुम्हरो जस गावैं।
अस कहि श्रीपति कंठ लगावैं।।
सनकादिक ब्रह्मादि मुनीसा।
नारद सारद सहित अहीसा।।
जम कुबेर दिगपाल जहां ते।
कबि कोबिद कहि सके कहां ते।।
तुम उपकार सुग्रीवहिं कीन्हा।
राम मिलाय राज पद दीन्हा।।
तुम्हरो मंत्र बिभीषन माना।
लंकेस्वर भए सब जग जाना।।
जुग सहस्र जोजन पर भानू।
लील्यो ताहि मधुर फल जानू।।
प्रभु मुद्रिका मेलि मुख माहीं।
जलधि लांघि गये अचरज नाहीं।।
दुर्गम काज जगत के जेते।
सुगम अनुग्रह तुम्हरे तेते।।
राम दुआरे तुम रखवारे।
होत न आज्ञा बिनु पैसारे।।
सब सुख लहै तुम्हारी सरना।
तुम रक्षक काहू को डर ना।।
आपन तेज सम्हारो आपै।
तीनों लोक हांक तें कांपै।।
भूत पिसाच निकट नहिं आवै।
महाबीर जब नाम सुनावै।।
नासै रोग हरै सब पीरा।
जपत निरंतर हनुमत बीरा।।
संकट तें हनुमान छुड़ावै।
मन क्रम बचन ध्यान जो लावै।।
सब पर राम तपस्वी राजा।
तिन के काज सकल तुम साजा।
और मनोरथ जो कोई लावै।
सोइ अमित जीवन फल पावै।।
चारों जुग परताप तुम्हारा।
है परसिद्ध जगत उजियारा।।
साधु-संत के तुम रखवारे।
असुर निकंदन राम दुलारे।।
अष्ट सिद्धि नौ निधि के दाता।
अस बर दीन जानकी माता।।
राम रसायन तुम्हरे पासा।
सदा रहो रघुपति के दासा।।
तुम्हरे भजन राम को पावै।
जनम-जनम के दुख बिसरावै।।
अन्तकाल रघुबर पुर जाई।
जहां जन्म हरि-भक्त कहाई।।
और देवता चित्त न धरई।
हनुमत सेइ सर्ब सुख करई।।
संकट कटै मिटै सब पीरा।
जो सुमिरै हनुमत बलबीरा।।
जै जै जै हनुमान गोसाईं।
कृपा करहु गुरुदेव की नाईं।।
जो सत बार पाठ कर कोई।
छूटहि बंदि महा सुख होई।।
जो यह पढ़ै हनुमान चालीसा।
होय सिद्धि साखी गौरीसा।।
तुलसीदास सदा हरि चेरा।
कीजै नाथ हृदय मंह डेरा।।
पवन तनय संकट हरन, मंगल मूरति रूप।
राम लखन सीता सहित, हृदय बसहु सुर भूप।।

Hanuman Chalisa in English

Jai Hanuman gyan gun sagar
Jai Kapis tihun lok ujagar
Ram doot atulit bal dhama
Anjaani putra Pavan sut nama
Mahabir Bikram Bajrangi
Kumati nivar sumati ke sangi
Kanchan varan viraj subesa
Kanan kundal kunchit kesa
Hath vajra aur dhvaja viraje
Kaandhe moonj janeyu saje
Shankar suvan kesri nandan
Tej pratap maha jag vandan
Vidyavan guni ati chatur
Ram kaj karibe ko aatur
Prabu charitra sunibe ko rasiya
Ram Lakhan Sita man basiya
Sukshma roop dhari siyahi dikhava
Vikat roop dhari lank jarava
Bhima roop dhari asur sanghare
Ramachandra ke kaj sanvare
Laye Sanjivan Lakhan jiyaye
Shri Raghuvir harashi ur laye
Raghupati kinhi bahut badai
Tum mam priye Bharat hi sam bhai
Sahas badan tumharo yash gaave
Asa kahi Shripati kanth lagaave
Sankadhik Brahmadi Muneesa
Narad Saarad sahit Aheesa
Yam Kuber Digpaal jahan te
Kavi Kovid kahi sake kahan te
Tum upkar Sugreevahin keenha
Ram milaye rajpad deenha
Tumharo mantra Vibheeshan maana
Lankeshwar bhaye sab jag jana
Yug sahastra jojan par Bhanu
Leelyo tahi madhur phal janu
Prabhu mudrika meli mukh mahee
Jaladhi langhi gaye achraj nahee
Durgam kaj jagath ke jete
Sugam anugraha tumhre tete
Ram dwaare tum rakhvare
Hoat na agya binu paisare
Sub sukh lahae tumhari sar na
Tum rakshak kahu ko dar naa
Aapan tej samharo aapai
Teenhon lok hank te kanpai
Bhoot pisaach nikat nahin aavai
Mahavir jab naam sunave
Nase rog harae sab peera
Japat nirantar Hanumant beera
Sankat te Hanuman chudavae
Man kram vachan dhyan jo lavai
Sab par Ram tapasvee raja
Tin ke kaj sakal Tum saja
Aur manorath jo koi lavai
Soi amit jeevan phal pavai
Charon jug partap tumhara
Hai persidh jagat ujiyara
Sadhu Sant ke tum rakhware
Asur nikandan Ram dulhare
Ashta sidhi nav nidhi ke dhata
As var deen Janki mata
Ram rasayan tumhare pasa
Sada raho Raghupati ke dasa
Tumhare bhajan Ram ko pavai
Janam janam ke dukh bisraavai
Anth kaal Raghuvir pur jayee
Jahan janam Hari Bakht Kahayee
Aur Devta chit na dharahi
Hanumanth sehi sarve sukh karehi
Sankat kate mite sab peera
Jo sumirai Hanumat balbeera
Jai Jai Jai Hanuman Gosayin
Kripa karahu Gurudev ki nyahin
Jo sat bar path kare kohi
Chutahi bandhi maha sukh hohi
Jo yah padhe Hanuman Chalisa
Hoye siddhi sakhi Gaurisa
Tulsidas sada hari chera
Keejai nath hridaye mein dera
Pavan tanay sankat harana, Mangal moorati roop I
Ram Lakhan Sita sahit, Hridaya basahu sur bhoop II