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Life is a journey of joy, gratitude, and love. Even in times of fear and pain, focus on blessings received rather than sorrow. Embrace each moment.

In truth, we are born, and at the same time, the years go by, and we do not think, nor do we realize, that the path we walk, walks with our feet, and so, one day, we remember those threads of laughter that united our lives from birth to getting older.

Life is a journey of joy, gratitude, and love. Even in times of fear and pain, focus on blessings received rather than sorrow. Embrace each moment.
Life is a journey of joy, gratitude, and love. Even in times of fear and pain, focus on the blessings received rather than sorrow. Embrace each moment.

Last month, I had a birthday. In reality, I don't give importance to being tangled in my ways, because I try (always) to associate everything with joy and gratitude for life. In short, I try, even when storms come, to find a little light that opens my life to happiness.

This year, (I stopped feeling for a moment), and I stopped thinking, I really shouldn't have done it, thinking is the greatest enemy of happiness. This year, in those moments of discouragement when I let myself overcome, my mind took over and sent me thoughts of fear, sadness, pain, and anxiety. I really started to think about how old I was, what would happen when I got older, what would happen to me, etc. And I cried with fear and sorrow, with pain for what would become of me.

The words "Give thanks to life for living, for every laugh, kiss, hug, and year completed" suddenly surfaced from within my heart and soul. "Give thanks for this path that you had the greatness to live on," they said. "Because even though the years pass and your body ages, even if you become clumsy or perhaps sick, you will always feel that the divine soul that houses your body is eternally young, eternally beautiful."

And I turned my thoughts to feeling, to love and gratitude, and to telling myself with a smile in my heart.

Ah, my soul, remind me to remember, to count the years that I have left, in blessings received and not in sorrow. This is how I have always done it, and this is how I will do it in eternity.


woman in gray tank top while sitting on bed

Life apprehends entertainment in the name of grief,

Consequently, filling the precious moments with shock and disbelief.

Since springtime, the phase of happy/joyful juncture follows the misery,

The innocent soul is left nowhere supersensibly.

Overcoming the powerful turbulences each passing day seemed to be inefficacious,

Slowly, strongly and steadily getting over the issues, falling in line with the most delicate burdensome, ungracious.

Accordingly, happiness in life becomes the most gigantic fear,

Finally, everything changing gear strikes terror.

The brio turns disgraceful recalling the instances,

Struggling to forget events consequently builds multiple misfortune afresh and hence the blueness.

Cursing the holy spirit and self to the core of something, expecting nothing,

Accordingly, life in wholesome seems to be conjuring.

Wishing the hopes to turn into reality,

At times the hopeless me converting my real personality.

The fear of the future together with adventitious cropping up grief,

Counting days to experience and breathe the sign of relief.

Will the fire ignited discover the new me or rage of despair burn the self,

Don't know whether the riddles in life will ever be answered or remain a mystery unsolved and unanswered?

Self-being independent and strong enough wish to mellow fine catching up with the routine roller-coaster,

Accordingly, wish to eradicate the explosive misadventure in the way of life.

Living life in neutral...

Ha... Ha... Ha...

Hapiness is Being on The Road Again

Happiness is being on the road again. Roads that weave through beautiful countryside where cows with huge bells graze in the fields. Picturesque mountains covered in thick forests and storybook villages where you see men in lederhosen and women in traditional dresses. Yes, we are on the road again.

Lakes Region Of Austria
St. Wolfgang's Church
Market place for pedestrian and walkers
Best hill view and restourent.
austrian hay people

The strong desire to travel had been in the back of my mind for the last year but Covid and personal health issues kept it from becoming a reality. I really thought that my husband and I might not get to make another trip to Europe. However, it only took a couple of days after being cleared by all my doctors that it would be safe for me to travel, that my husband and I started planning a last minute trip to Germany and Austria.

In three short weeks, I made reservations with wellness and spa hotels located in beautiful regions such as the Black Forest, Bavaria and the Tirol that we love so much. We will be visiting two highly rated German hotels that we have never stayed at before as well as six of our all time favorites. We plan to make use of the wonderful facilities that each of the award winning hotels are known for. It will be good to erase the stress of this past year and relax and reinvigorate both body and mind. Beautiful surroundings, wonderful spas and delicious food…happiness really is being back on the road again.

Wellness and spa hotels are popular destinations for travelers in Europe, especially in Germany and Austria. The hotels offer travelers a little time out from their everyday lives, where they can be pampered and enjoy a large range of wellness activities. However, they are not just about spas and massages. You can play golf, go for a bike ride, horseback or carriage ride, or take a guided hike through forests or trek up a mountain path. You can relax in a whirlpool or enjoy a hot stone massage in the morning and enjoy coffee and cake on a lovely terrace in the afternoon. Then in the evening, you head to the hotel’s restaurant to enjoy multi course dinners created with top quality, regional and seasonal ingredients along with a good bottle of wine. If you are still up for it, many of the hotels offer cocktails and live music after dinner.

Natural Swimming Pool At Nesslerhof
Sunset Der Öschberghof Resort Golf Course
Go For A Coach Ride
Infrared Room

A wellness holiday lets you take a deep breath of fresh air and relax and that is just what my husband and I need. Join me over the weeks ahead, as we travel once again to Germany and Austria. We will be driving the back roads past rolling hills planted in grape vines and fruit trees and around the high peaks of the alps. The air will be crip, the leaves will be turning golden and crops will be harvested. There will be small towns filled with beautifully painted buildings and half timbered chalets with window boxes overflowing with flowers and perhaps even a fairytale castle high on a hill.

Best salad
Grilled Polpo
Fish curry
Lemon Tart With Raspberries
Sacher torte With A View

Of course you know that there will also be photos of the excellent gourmet cooking of a top chef or two paired with wines of the region. There will also be regional dishes that we enjoy all served with some of the best bread and pastries imaginable. What is nice, you won’t gain an ounce as you follow along.

I hope you will enjoy this spur of the moment trip along some of the prettiest back roads in Europe.


There are thousands of spa hotels in Germany and Austria, and we will be visiting eight that are located in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, Germany and the Tirol region of Austria. If you are wondering how we discovered the wellness hotels, we used the Relax Guide. Just as I have relied on the Red Michelin Guides to find great restaurants in Europe, the Relax Guide is the ultimate resource for these award-winning hotels. The guides are very honest and have been very helpful in planning our trips. They can be found on the internet, but they are written in German. They can, however, easily be translated through Google or Bing.

My name is Karen and this is my journal where I record and share my passion for food, travels, both near and far, and the good things in life encountered while on my adventures.

The article credited to Back Road Journal. Little treasures discovered while exploring the back roads of life. My name is Karen and this is my journal where I record and share my passion for food, travels, both near and far, and the good things in life encountered while on my adventures.

A Blessing a Day

blessing day

Just before sunset on Erev Rosh Hashanah (the first night of the Jewish New Year), my Mom noticed that one of the pawpaws (from a tree we grew from seeds 15 years ago, that only gave its first fruit last year) was starting to blacken in one spot, and when I got close to it I realized that the distinct pawpaw smell was already filling the air, and the fruit was becoming soft. There were eight or nine pawpaws on the tree this year, but we’d been waiting for a sign that they were ready to be picked, and for this one piece of fruit, this seemed to be the sign. So we plucked it from the tree, and brought it inside, and said the Shehecheyanu blessing (the Jewish blessing for new experiences), before sharing the first new fruit of the year.

Blessed are You, Lord, our God, King of the Universe, who has granted us life, sustained us, and enabled us to reach this occasion.

            It’s not so much that I believe God magically gave me a pawpaw just in time for the New Year, it’s more that I believe in the power of recognizing these moments of wonder in my life, as a way to remind myself that there will be many more of them in the future, in case I’m beginning to lose hope.

“I never lose hope that there will be more chicken treats!”

            One of the new things I’m trying this year with my synagogue school students is a blessing a day – or, really, a blessing a week, because we only have Hebrew class once a week – and we started the year with the Shehecheyanu blessing, because it’s associated with the Jewish New Year, and because it gives us a chance to talk about all of the new things we are starting in our lives, and maybe feeling anxious and excited about at the same time.

            I want the kids to know that there are hundreds of pre-set blessings that they can use, but also that they can create their own blessings, and celebrate things in their lives that are unique to them, or even just use words that have more meaning to them. For example:

            I am so grateful that the new KN95 masks are cheaper and more plentiful than they used to be, so I can wear them all the time instead of relying on less protective masks.

            I am grateful that people not only read my writing but invest in it enough to respond with their own thoughts.

            I feel blessed when Ellie sees that I am in pain and comes over to lick my hand, to let me know she’s there with me and loves me.

            I sense a power bigger than myself when I discover a new food/song/book that fills me with wonder and a sense of connection.

            I feel like the sun is shining down on me when my students smile and laugh and really seem to enjoy being in my class.

            For some reason, the girls in the class took to the Shehecheyanu blessing immediately and began fighting for the chance to stand in front of the classroom and give dramatic readings – as if they were on stage reciting Shakespeare. Who knew blessings could be so loud, and entertaining?!


            I’ve been collecting blessings to teach to the kids this year, and of course I have to include the most used blessings, the ones over food, because the kids are always hungry! The Jewish food blessings are well documented – you’ll find yeshiva boys competing over who knows which blessing to say over which kind of food (for example, you have to say two different  blessings for an ice cream cone, one for the cone and one for the ice cream!). I’m not a big fan of getting into the weeds of the pre-set blessings, but I appreciate that they exist and can give me a reference point for how to create my own blessings.

            We often think of a blessing as something that is given to us – we are blessed by luck, blessed to be loved, blessed to survive a flood – but I like the idea of a blessing as what we say in response to that good fortune; so we’re giving the experience our own stamp, our own interpretation, to make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed, by us.

            I specifically went looking for a blessing over putting on a face mask, because I needed a reminder that I’m still wearing one for a good reason, and I found a blessing (at written by Rabbi Michael Knopf that blesses God for commanding us to protect life (this actually is a commandment, called Pikuach Nefesh, where we are told to break many of the other commandments if it will allow us to save a life).

Blessed are you, Lord our God, who has sanctified us with your commandments and commanded us to protect life.

It’s sufficiently vague to use for all kinds of protective behaviors: like getting a vaccine, or wearing a mask, or forcing yourself to go for a regular checkup even when you really don’t want to.

“I never want to go to the doctor.”

There were also blessings on Ritualwell for taking off masks, and all sorts of other things that don’t already have existing blessings in the canon. I’m hoping that by the end of the year I’ll have a whole file of blessing from my students to send in to the website, because kids are really good at seeing the specifics of their lives and the wonder in the every day. I’ll teach them the blessings for seeing a rainbow, or meeting a wise person, or surviving a life threatening experience, and then it will be their turn to teach me: how to bless an endless session of playing video games, or sharing a peanut butter and pickle sandwich with a friend, or rolling down a snowy hill until you can’t breathe for laughing.

I can’t wait!

“Peanut butter and pickle sounds pretty good.”

If you haven’t had a chance yet, please check out my Young Adult novel, Yeshiva Girl, on Amazon. And if you feel called to write a review of the book, on Amazon, or anywhere else, I’d be honored.

Yeshiva Girl is about a Jewish teenager on Long Island, named Isabel, though her father calls her Jezebel. Her father has been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior with one of his students, which he denies, but Izzy implicitly believes it’s true. As a result of his problems, her father sends her to a co-ed Orthodox yeshiva for tenth grade, out of the blue, and Izzy and her mother can’t figure out how to prevent it. At Yeshiva, though, Izzy finds that religious people are much more complicated than she had expected. Some, like her father, may use religion as a place to hide, but others search for and find comfort, and community, and even enlightenment. The question is, what will Izzy find?

The article credited to rachelmankowitz


Cooking up a mouthwatering recipe for love in the main course.

Cooking on the grill. The outside fire, the flames, the smells, tingling your taste buds for something juicy and delicious. Firing up all senses is a dream come true for an author. Only if I could write to where you could smell each mouthwatering word.

Family! You can’t live with them or without them. And it's one of the most complex things in life: a marriage. We can't pick and choose our relatives. But you can choose your partner. No matter how you spice up life, there are complicated adult things we run into, like divorce. Not that divorce is the fix-all. When the bonds of marriage break, it is sad. Two people once in love fall out of love. Why can't love last forever? When the conditions for love are no longer met, the bond fades. A shared commitment between both partners can replace lost love and hold the relationship together for years to come. And then there are the couples whose bond is so strong they can't live without each other. Couples who have been married for 40 to 60 years or more are fascinating.

So what's the recipe for a long marriage?

The million-dollar question. From what I have experienced in life, the answer is, "Love fades and becomes a lost love." We crave to be loved. Love is a lot like basting a chicken on the grill, with a great chicken rub with all the right spices. I had to compare love with food, which we also crave. The universal meaning of love is always to baste your love with tender loving care. Studies have shown that we think love is in the heart, but it mostly comes from the brain. Romance does not have to fizzle out in a relationship. Maintaining a goal like all good things in life requires energy and devotion. It’s all in what you put into your relationships. Couples should strive to spice up with all the trimmings. When you keep the fires burning, it will never go out.

Treat your love like the main course, not the garnish.

Jackie Lynaugh

About the novella COMPLICATED, by Jackie Lynaugh.

First, yes, I am experienced in divorce. Once was enough. I know of many people with 4 to 5 divorces under their belt. I imagine the more the divorces, the more the complications. The story is about marriage, lost love, newly found love, children, family, careers, home, and the characters Lee and Scarlett. Not so much in that order, but the topics are about what we all share in common, life. I was married for 10 years to my first husband, and 40 years to my second husband. So far, so good. The second time around has been heavenly. I hope you enjoy the novella, COMPLICATED.

Chakras in human body allow the best eternal soul to go

There are major conflicts and consequences regarding the chakras in human body and how it functions. Learn about how human chakras give unique information about human energy flow. The concept of chakras is rooted in traditional Indian medicine and is also used in various spiritual practices.

How many chakras in human body?

Ancient traditional Buddhist texts say there are five chakras, and Hindu culture says there are six or seven. The Chakra itself is a circle. A circle of life which has no escape from death.

However, there is a route from which we can escape this circle of rebirth. That chakra is the last one, which is located on the top of the head. After extensive studies, the modern chakra system now consists of mixing the study of old and new culture. Sapta Chakra, the book written by Charles W. Leadbeater in 1927. One of the illustrations from the manuscript, the esoteric correspondence between Tibetan psycho-physiology and subtle energy. In his book, Charles introduced seven colours, similar to the rainbow, for the Chakras.

Chakras in human body represent movements

These chakras represent the movements of our feelings, energy, and consciousness in the body. We have a lot of feelings and the major ones are jealousy, joy, greed, generosity, fear, hatred, and love. These seven chakras represent the energy level of the individual through their emotions. The seven chakra points are located exactly in the middle position, parallel to the vertical column.

Chakras in human body allow the eternal soul to go| According to the traditional belief, each of the seven chakras is associated with a specific location in the body and has its own color, vibration, and characteristic. The chakras are also associated with different aspects of human life, such as emotions, relationships, creativity, and spirituality.
Chakras in human body light man people woman showing human chakras | Photo by Mikhail Nilov on

The names of the 7 chakras in our body are Mulandhara Chakra, Swadishthana Chakra, Manipur Chakra, Anahata Chakra, Vishuddhi Chakra, Anna Chakra, and Sahasrara Chakra. The human body consists of nadis (blood vessels), and there are more than six trillion in our body, which ultimately form our body’s nervous system.

Furthermore, it is surrounded by hundreds of peripheral nerves that run through our body from one end to the other. The 31 pairs never leave the spinal cord and spread throughout the body, encircling the heart.

Studies of chakras in human body in Indian vedas is more than 600 years old

However, there are nine nerve centres that are considered prime and focused. But of these, in Indian methodology.The Indian Vedic Study, which dates back many years and uses literature from 600 years ago as its source. The seven centres of these nerves are called the seven chakras of the body, through which most of the energy transmits through the body. You may call it feelings or awareness of the body.

Each chakra is different and has different functions. However, according to Saint and many mystic gurus, the seventh chakra is a way to achieve a primordial state of self. It is the one thing that everyone tries to achieve in their life to get moksha. It is said that moksha is the goal of human life. However, humans are busy with other things. Some of them realised this later in life, and many others took their entire life. The one who achieves Moksha, meaning liberation from the cycle of rebirth,

Chakras in human body is one of the source of Moksha

There are years of studies on how to get the primordial self (Moksha) and there are many ways to achieve it. The everlasting truth of life is death, and no one has denied it. Every person has to pass through this phase. Everyone knows how difficult this life is. And nobody wants to live life in this evil world where nobody cares for anybody. Anyhow, everyone gets to know how short life is at old age and all the hard work goes in vain.

Thus, an old man wishes for nothing but good health and his inclination increases toward worship of the Gods. However, God has given happiness as well as sadness equally to human life. But, these mystic saints like Osho, as human beings, try to achieve their goal and get Moksha in life.

According to the traditional belief, each of the seven chakras is associated with a specific location in the body and has its own color, vibration, and characteristic. The chakras are also associated with different aspects of human life, such as emotions, relationships, creativity, and spirituality.

Furthermore, one of the ways to achieve primordial self is to do fasting on Ekadasi. Especially if Ekadasi falls in the month of Margashirsha, which is known as Moksha Ekadasi. Another way is “worship of God”. expressing our feelings for God through songs. However, Karma has given the first preference in this case, and once one’s consciousness reaches the final door (chakras), he will get Moksha. The chakra is called the Sahasrara chakra. It is also known as the crown chakra and is considered the seventh primary chakra in the Indian yoga tradition.


Hans Christian Andersen

Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.

Hans Christian Andersen

The meaning of the quote: Hans Christian Andersen's quotes are based on the simple equations of life. We read many tales, and most of them are based on real life or life-inspired. The imaginations of humans who have spent their lives based on what we think and super-think. We should read our tales first that mesmerize and teach us the most important lessons, which would help us live our lives better in the future.