Letter of M K Gandhi To Adolf Hitler, On Desist of World War 2

The letter was a request to Adolf Hitler for stopping his monstrous, humanly fatal decision over the World War 2

Every second human on this planet applauses on the skill of Gandhi on defeat his enemy. The political party of Gandhi were seeking not to defeat British rules but convert them into friendly behaviours. His amiable nature never considered or treated Britain as misanthropic.

Thus, this free advised was given to Hitler to give him a second thought on his monstrous acts which could have saved more than 70 to 80 millions human fatality ever noted on this earth planet in the World War 2 including 10 million people died due to genocide. World War II is generally considered to have begun on 1 September 1939

Gandhi's Letter to Hitler was written at Wardha and sent on December 24, 1940

As at Wardha,
December 24, 1940

That I address you as a friend is no formality. I own no foes. My business in life has been for the past 33 years to enlist the friendship of the whole of humanity by befriending mankind, irrespective of race, colour or creed.
I hope you will have the time and desire to know how a good portion of humanity who have view living under the influence of that doctrine of universal friendship view your action.

We have no doubt about your bravery or devotion to your fatherland, nor do we believe that you are the monster described by your opponents. But your own writings and pronouncements and those of your friends and admirers leave no room for doubt that many of your acts are monstrous and unbecoming of human dignity, especially in the estimation of men like me who believe in universal friendliness.

Such are your humiliation of Czechoslovakia, the rape of Poland and the swallowing of Denmark. I am aware that your view of life regards such spoliations as virtuous acts. But we have been taught from childhood to regard them as acts degrading humanity. Hence, we cannot possibly wish success to your arms.
But ours is a unique position. We resist British Imperialism no less than Nazism. If there is a difference, it is in degree. One-fifth of the human race has been brought under the British heel by means that will not bear scrutiny. Our resistance to it does not mean harm to the British people. We seek to convert them, not to defeat them on the battle-field. Ours is an unarmed revolt against the British rule.

But whether we convert them or not, we are determined to make their rule impossible by non-violent non-co-operation. It is a method in its nature indefensible. It is based on the knowledge that no spoliator can compass his end without a certain degree of co-operation, willing or compulsory, of the victim. Our rulers may have our land and bodies but not our souls. They can have the former only by complete destruction of every Indian—man, woman and child.

That all may not rise to that degree of heroism and that a fair amount of frightfulness can bend the back of revolt is true but the argument would be beside the point. For, if a fair number of men and women be found in India who would be prepared without any ill will against the spoliators to lay down their lives rather than bend the knee to them, they would have shown the way to freedom from the tyranny of violence.

I ask you to believe me when I say that you will find an unexpected number of such men and women in India. They have been having that training for the past 20 years. We have been trying for the past half a century to throw off the British rule. The movement of independence has been never so strong as now.

The most powerful political organization, I mean the Indian National Congress, is trying to achieve this end. We have attained a very fair measure of success through non-violent effort. We were groping for the right means to combat the most organized violence in the world which the British power represents. You have challenged it. It remains to be seen which is the better organized, the German or the British.

We know what the British heel means for us and the non-European races of the world. But we would never wish to end the British rule with German aid. We have found in non-violence a force which, if organized, can without doubt match itself against a combination of all the most violent forces in the world. In non-violent technique, as I have said, there is no such thing as defeat. It is all ‘do or die’ without killing or hurting.

It can be used practically without money and obviously without the aid of science of destruction which you have brought to such perfection. It is a marvel to me that you do not see that it is nobody’s monopoly. If not the British, some other power will certainly improve upon your method and beat you with your own weapon. You are leaving no legacy to your people of which they would feel proud.

They cannot take pride in a recital of cruel deed, however skilfully planned. I, therefore, appeal to you in the name of humanity to stop the war. You will lose nothing by referring all the matters of dispute between you and Great Britain to an international tribunal of your joint choice. If you attain success in the war, it will not prove that you were in the right. It will only prove that your power of destruction was greater. Whereas an award by an impartial tribunal will show as far as it is humanly possible which party was in the right.
You know that not long ago I made an appeal to every Briton to accept my method of non-violent resistance. I did it because the British know me as a friend though a rebel. I am a stranger to you and your people. I have not the courage to make you the appeal I made to every Briton. Not that it would not apply to you with the same force as to the British.

But my present proposal is much simple because much more practical and familiar. During this season when the hearts of the peoples of Europe yearn for peace, we have suspended even our own peaceful struggle. Is it too much to ask you to make an effort for peace during a time which may mean nothing to you personally but which must mean much to the millions of Europeans whose dumb cry for peace I hear, for my ears are attended to hearing the dumb millions?

I had intended to address a joint appeal to you and Signor Mussolini, whom I had the privilege of meeting when I was in Rome during my visit to England as a delegate to the Round Table Conference. I hope that he will take this as addressed to him also with the necessary changes.

I am,
Your sincere friend,

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Causes of air pollution: Best Results from Air Pollution

air air pollution chimney clouds

Air pollution is a major source of worry not only in India, but across the world. The causes of air pollution that we may learn from and employ to lessen air pollution. The key sources of worry about air pollution are listed below, and if we can control these, we will be able to achieve our goal.

woman in white jacket sitting on concrete stairs | Causes of air pollution | A women wearing mask at home.
Causes of air pollution | A women wearing mask at home. | Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

Causes of air pollution

  1. Ongoing Road and Building Constructions.
  2. Farm Debris on Fire.
  3. Factory Smokes.
  4. Heat Waves (tree cutting).
  5. Wildfires.
  6. City Transportation.
  7. Burning of Garbage in Open Space.

Ongoing Road and Building Constructions

In India, everywhere and in every city there is ongoing road and building construction is continuously running. Therefore, they need hundreds of trucks to load and unload the building materials. Those trucks travel from minimum of 100 km up and down. While in transport, they litter the materials on the clean road, make them dirty.

However, we can achieve this in reducing the air pollution. When we stop these activities from December to May, we can reduce air pollution. During this period, summer starts and the ongoing construction are one of the prone source in contributing to the pollution. If these things happen in a bit greeny, rainy and fresh environment. There are fewer chances of spreading off in the air.

Farm Debris on Fire

Most of the farms became empty, probably when harvesting done and all the debris from the thousands of farms around the city set on fire. In most of the Indian farms like sugarcane farms, beans generating farms (like soybean, yellow split pigeon peas, other lentils, and cotton yield farms) burns the leftover, debris. Instead, the farmers dump all the debris in the dry water well and leave it to decay, so it will be easier to convert them into vermicompost.

Factory Smokes

The factory smokes emission is second measure contributors to air pollution. To reduce the smoke, 90% is impossible, but we can filter the emission of carbon from the smoke by placing the smoke filter so that we can reduce or control on getting the air affected.

Heat Waves

Heat waves due to climate change is also considering one of the cause of air pollution. It happens due to increase in temperature in the surrounding by emission of smoke from the vehicles, factories, debris burning etc. The other measure cause of heat waves are from wildfire. Therefore, let's discuss how we can prevent the wildfire.

Prevent Wildfires

We have to consider few things to avoid the wildfire, it mostly happens due to some ignorance of human too. When we go out for camping, build your campfire away from combustible and only in the open space. Furthermore, in the forest, do not leave the place without dowse it until it is cold and complete wet. Moreover, never keep your vehicles into the dry grass areas. It could catch fire and chances of spreading the flames rapidly. Therefore, keeping a fire extinguisher handy when you go camping.

City Transportation

Today’s main interest about the air pollution is vehicles, and it is all over the world. It is we that producing tons of carbon in the air and making the air impure every hour. Now it has gone beyond the reach of nature to control it. It is the time now we have to focus on air pollution. The government of all the world has decided to give subsidiary for those who are buying electric vehicles. These vehicles are emission-free and are the standard origin of reducing the impurity from the air.

Burning of Garbage in Open Space

Burning garbage is not a solution nowadays, instead increase the pollution. We can get excellent biodegradable in returns from the kitchen waste. Organic matter that includes leaves, food scrape from the kitchen and mostly useful for composting. All these things turn into valuable fertilizer, which would help ultimately enrich the soil and get magnificent result in farming.

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Health is wealth: The Greatest Human Blessings

adult beanie crisis despair

On the current corona epidemic, the majority of people, whether I say human or smart human, failed to get both excellent health and money. People learn a lot about how health is wealth.

It was the time when people got and understood that they did not care about their health recently. I heard from many people that china is the one who was the first country who spread the virus and eating Chinese food, brought up our health issues. How much it is true? Only the public knows it very well. A kid also know that eating fast food like noodles, fried rice on the street never been good and healthy for our lifestyle. This essay talks on health is wealth and covered advantage and its disadvantage.

person holding white printer paper | Health is wealth
Health is wealth | Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev on Pexels.com

Health is wealth it is an ultimate truth

Most of the people have adapted this new habit of eating fast cooked food as people are running for only money. They talk and eat, they run and eat, they work and eat. There is hardly a time fixed for eating. Overeating due to good taste, however, that food might take several hours to digest, but no one cares. Public also eat late night and food which are not allowed in the nighttime. Occasionally, the man reads the health and wealth related paragraph online and just leave it pursuing.

Bad habits of eating food which are less cooked, adding unwanted sauces to the food and more acidic to body does loss of appetite of the person. These forceful circumstances happen due to we have less time. Mostly when a person goes to office and don't take a tiffin with him. This affects a lot on health, and thus it causes spending money means impact on wealth. It actually defines well as the health is wealth. However, its supper defines when you're caught in a bad health situation and that time, you have to spend a thousand of money to hospitals.

We should limit on eating fried foods, which causes terrible impression on our health and its related issues. It is a similar like one who creates a new food products, the same person opens the hospital for its cure. So, it automatically doubles up his earnings. However, what about we middle-class people who earn to meet the daily expectations hardly? And it's quite difficult to get their health card for free.

We must focus on health first, then on earnings as it comes early and then your job. If you are not healthy, you will not perform your duty well. How do we focus on our health and its issues? It is very normal, eating fresh food and on time, however, quality meal is a key success to convert health into wealth. Therefore, only through this way, healthcare is possible. Everyone gives a speech on health is wealth, but he himself does not follow every time.

One of the Quotes on Health is Wealth

Health is the greatest of human blessings


The health issues will arise simply when we are careless about our health and actively aware about wealth. When we are hungry, we should not eat whatever is available. Therefore, wait and get good food rather of focusing on our hungriness. This is a first step involves primarily and caught in a bad health situation incidents. Never purchase foods which are not fresh and uncovered. Those foods include snacks, which are easily available everywhere. A lot of dust passes over the food.

woman eating crepes with strawberries
Health is wealth, it is depend on your eating and sleeping habits | Photo by Nadin Sh on Pexels.com

Eating the food late night left undigested in the stomach and causes excessive gasses, and it may lead to diarrheas and other constipation. As well as, the meal which has highly spicy and oily should be avoided.

Overeating is nowadays one of the trending issues. People eat more due to its good taste. However, we should eat one third of its total available space inside our stomach and the remaining only water. The more water in the body helps digestion and keeps away stomach issues at the bay.

Conclusion: Health is the first and prime important aspect of our life, and it always comes first thing in our period of time. It is the greatest blessing than the other things. Money may or may not buy health, it has proved in the Covid-19 as many people has lost the lives.


The Life Before & After Marriage

The marriage is a Devine or Wine. It is an immortal bond between the two soul and body. However, one should know how to run it. It is the same way, the way we have to first learn how to ride a bike. Therefore, without the knowledge, it becomes wine.

The feelings of being a married man.

If I talk about, how do I feel being a married man? There are many things. Consequently, unpredictable happiness is such a huge that it can't be told in the few words. Everyone has their definition, but this is mine. It was a day when I was working in the office and a thought came in my mind that doctor gave us due date 5th of Jun. 2017 to my wife. And I have to take leaves on those days and I had already told to my boss those tentative dates (baby delivery), but I was not that cautious enough. Those days were the starting of the relationship, unknown feelings of being fathering and husband. Many times laughing, I told my wife that I will make delivery of our baby at home (the old man's brain) and my wife including my mother and her mother laughed too.

Left those days when women deliver the baby at home.

We both were curiously waiting for our baby and other family members, including my parents. They were thinking that there is a boy coming home. But somewhere in my mind, a feeling of a daughter was holding the nerves tight. I remember, except me, no one was ready to believe that there was a baby girl breathing through the intestine of my wife. There was a reason behind that, in our family for many years first was a baby boy and then again a baby boy and third child used to be a girl from the last two generations.

Establishing the connections with wife

When I got married I was so happy choosing a girl by my father and I had told my father that I would love if you take a pride choosing a girl for me. And I also told him that I give you two year for this. And if you were unable to find the one, then let me handle this. I knew that it was a fair deal. In India, no father wants getting married his son/daughter without the permission of the family, especially it happens in love marriage. This is what I love India because we featured the great heritage. So, coming back to the point, how I had established the connections with my wife? Let me tell you first, though it was arranged marriage, we both fell in love when we saw each other for the first time. And our wedding date was almost two months late, and within those days our bond became so strong and with the cords wrapped around it of all the feelings. So, we both had such understanding that took place so smoothly after we got married.

Expectations and plannings after the knot

The expectations and planning are everyone's first things after the wedding, none of us that much lazy avoiding it. We both had many expectations too for each other and future planning. We were mad about our planning, like every night before bed our plans were changing like the wind shifts in any direction. It was that sudden as the dark cloud on the head disappears in a second and gives sunlight and vice versa.

My expectations from my wife were as simple as that, as like an old Indian married woman living their life. Neither was I looking for a wife who would be working in office nor simple one who behave and stands in military order. I was the one who wanted a wife who would be so romantic and stay at home. As well as, bear children, take care of them and be a good coach for our children's future so that she/he shouldn't forget our cultures which were living in both of us existed from many years. This was what I can say was planning. If I talk about my professional life, there was much planning, which I will discuss in my next blog.

Understanding level of the couple

When I was a child, I came to know that understanding plays an authoritative role in our life. If you don't understand your parents, then there won't be a love bond between family. One positive thought would bring much good understanding between us, and I used to do that. Hope and patience would help better in understanding in any couple. Thanks to God, that he has given me such good understanding parents and I inherited it. I always remember an old saying that “As the tree, so the fruit”. And I hope it inherits in my child too.

The Cares and Love in marriage

If you want to survive last longer in any relation do not forget two things that are love and care. In my case, as far as in my childhood I was a lovely and cute boy and the love which I got from my family was tremendous. And what I have learned from them was the exceptional experience and those learning would help me survive my relations with my loved ones. The things that had taught me by my parents and in the society where I lived is a simple mantra.

If you smile, in return, you will get the same.

One successful mantra

In my married life too, if it brings in the notice that this dose have been less, then I increase it. When I became a father, the love and care rose spontaneously. There will always be fights between husband and wife, and that is required to survive the relationship. Therefore, it reminds you to understand the value of Love and Care, somewhere you realize, run for it and bring the situations back to normal.

Yelling and joking in married life

I learned it from my group of friends, when yelling and joking sometimes make an irate friends happy. However, it sometimes also worsens the situation. That’s what we need to keep in mind. When there is any fight between us and the responsible one yells and jokes. We had already decided to overcome the anger by a sweet joke. I knew the anger is the biggest enemy of the human being. It is the only one who bodge the life of someone.

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Hobbies, Like and Dislike

One thing surprised me, that was our hobbies, like and dislike. They were the same. But only one thing brought in the notice that she does not bring her hobbies to life. I believe that it is hobbies that give us a meaning to our life. She likes to help me find a joy in my hobbies. However, her interests are also the same. Occasionally, we ended with a fight if the things won’t work properly.

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Mahatma Gandhi And Leo Tolstoy letters and it’s benefits

Silence is futile: Leo Tolstoy's letter to Mahatma Gandhi
Leo Tolstoy

The opinions and principles of Mahatma Gandhi are worldwide famous and one of the letters which were sent to Leo Tolstoy, he felt so happy upon reading them. He found that Mohandas Gandhi on the track of non-resistance. In the Mahatma Gandhi and Leo Tolstoy letters, According to Leo’s reply in the letter below which was sent to Gandhi in the year 1910, 7th September. Tolstoy said that non-resistance is the discipline Of love unperformed by false interpretations. Moreover, he added, love is supreme and unique law and the manifestation occurs and seen in soul of infants. However, the man feels it and never blinded by doctrine of the world.

However, there are numbers of philosophies according to ancient culture of the countries like Indian, Chinese, Hebrew, Greek, and Roman where there is violence. The love is incompatible is the most common law of the nature. Therefore, one who has admitted to violence, the theory of love found futile. Thus, it stands to exist.

If there is a resistance aside love, it straight says there is no love in between and hence law of existence does not exist. As well as there is no other law but violence. Tolstoy also shaded lights on Christian on love and violence. According to him, the law of love expressed so clearly by Christians. His opinion on inner contradiction are all the real story of socialism, communism, growing criminalizes, unemployment and illogical luxuries of riches.

Further, he stated that the life of Christian people have categorized love and violence into two utter contradictions. The love recognized as the law of life and on the other hand, violence as predictable in different departments of life like government sectors.

One of the Mahatma Gandhi and Leo Tolstoy letters on non-resistance

I have received your journal Indian Opinion, and I am happy to know all that is written on non-resistance. I wish to communicate to you the thoughts which are aroused in me by the reading of those articles. The more I live—and specially now that I am approaching death—the more I feel inclined to express to others the feelings which so strongly move my being, and which, according to my opinion, are of great importance. That is, what one calls non-resistance, is in reality nothing else but the discipline of love.
Unreformed by false interpretation. Love is the aspiration for communion and solidarity with other souls, and that aspiration always liberates the source of noble activities. That love is the supreme and unique law of human life, which everyone feels in the depth of one's soul. We find it manifested most clearly in the soul of the infants. Man feels it, so long as he is not blinded by the false doctrines of the world. That law of love has been promulgated by all the philosophies—Indian, Chinese, Hebrew, Greek, and Roman. I think that it had been most clearly expressed by Christ, who said that in that law is contained both the law and the Prophets.

But he has done more; anticipating the deformation to which that law is exposed, he indicated directly the danger of such deformation, which is natural to people who live only for worldly interests. The danger consists precisely in permitting one's self to defend those interests by violence; that is to say, as he has expressed, returning blow by blows, and taking back by force things that have been taken from us, and so forth. Christ knew also, just as all reasonable human beings must know, that the employment of violence is incompatible with love, which is the fundamental law of life. He knew that,
once violence is admitted, doesn't matter in even a single case, the law of love is thereby rendered futile. That is to say, that the law of love ceases to exist.

The whole Christian civilization, so brilliant in the exterior, has grown up on this misunderstanding and this flagrant and strange contradiction, sometimes conscious, but mostly unconscious. In reality, as soon as resistance is admitted by the side of love, love no longer exists and cannot exist as the law of existence; and if the law of love cannot exist, therein remains no other law except that of violence, that is, the right of the mighty. It was thus that the Christian society has lived during these nineteen centuries. It is a fact that all the time people were following only violence in the organisation of society.

But the difference between the ideals of Christian peoples and that of other nations lies only in this: that, in Christianity, the law of love had been expressed so clearly and definitely as has never been expressed in any other religious doctrine; that the Christian world had solemnly accepted that law, although at the same time it had permitted the employment of violence and on that violence it had constructed their whole life. Consequently, the life of the Christian peoples is an absolute contradiction between their profession and the basis of their life; contradiction between love recognised as the law of life, and violence recognised as inevitable in different departments of life: like Governments, Tribunals, Army, etc., which are recognised and praised. That contradiction developed with the inner development of the Christian world and has attained its paroxysm in recent days.

At present, the question poses itself evidently in the following manner: either it must be admitted that we do not recognise any discipline, religious or moral, and that we are guided in the organisation of life only by the law of force. Or that all the taxes that we exact by force, the judicial and police organisations. And, above all, the army must be abolished. This spring, in the religious examination of a secondary school of girls in Moscow. The Professor of Catechism, as well as the Bishop, had questioned the young girls on the Ten commandments and above all on the sixth “Thou shalt not kill”.

When the examiner received a good reply, the Bishop generally paused for another question: Is killing proscribed by the sacred Law always and in all cases? And the poor young girls perverted by their teachers must reply: No, not always; killing is permitted during war, and for the execution of criminals. However, one of those unfortunate girls, (what I relate is not a fiction but a fact that has been transmitted to me by an eyewitness) having been asked the same question, “Is killing always a crime?” was moved deeply, blushed and replied with decision “Yes, always.” To all the sophisticated questions habitual to the Bishop, she replied with firm conviction: killing is always forbidden in the Old Testament as well as by Christ, who not only forbids killing but all wickedness against our neighbours. In spite of all his oratorical talent and all his imposing grandeur, the Bishop was obliged to beat a retreat and the young girl came out victorious. Yes, we can discuss in our journals the progress in aviation and such other discoveries, the complicated diplomatic relations, the different clubs and alliances, the so-called artistic creations, etc., and pass in silence what was affirmed by the young girl.

But silence is futile in such cases because everyone in this Christian world is feeling the same, more or less vaguely, like that girl. Socialism, Communism, Anarchism, Salvation Army, the growing criminalities, unemployment and absurd luxuries of the rich, augmented without limit, and the awful misery of the poor, the terribly increasing number of suicides-all

these are the signs of that inner contradiction which must be there and which cannot be resolved; and, without doubt, can only be resolved by acceptation of the law of love and by the rejection of all sorts of violence. Consequently, your work in Transvaal, which seems to be far away from the centre of our world, is yet the most fundamental and the most important to us. Supplying the most weighty practical proof in which the world can now share and with which must participate not only the Christians but all the peoples of the world. I think that it would give you pleasure to know that with us in Russia, a similar movement is also developing rapidly under the form of the refusal of military services augmenting year after year. However, small may be the number of your participators in non-resistance and the number of those in Russia who refuse military service.

Both the one and the other may assert with audacity that “God is with us” and “God is more powerful than men”. Between the confession of Christianity, even under the perverted form in which it appears among us Christian peoples. And, the simultaneous recognition of the necessity of armies and of the preparation for killing on an ever-increasing scale. There exists a contradiction so flagrant and crying that sooner or later, probably very soon. It must invariably manifest itself in utter nakedness; and it will lead us either to renounce the Christian religion.

And to maintain the governmental power, or to renounce the existence of the army and all the forms of violence which the state supports and which are more or less necessary to sustain its power. That contradiction is felt by all the governments, by your British Government as well as by our Russian Government. And, therefore, by the spirit of conservatism natural to these governments, the opposition is persecuted, as we find in Russia as well as in the articles of your journal, more than any other anti-governmental activity. The governments know from which direction comes the principal danger and try to defend themselves with a great zeal in that trial not merely to preserve their interests but actually to fight for their very existence.

With my perfect esteem,


A Letter to Dear Mom: Can you Make it Heaven?

A Letter to Dear Mom: Can you Make it Heaven
i'mBiking | A Letter to Dear Mom: Can you Make it Heaven?

Dear Mom,

One moment, please! Do you think I am safe inside the womb, eating food and enjoying all the time? The fact is not at all. I feel every second of you, experience every happiness and pain of yours. Not only this, but whatever you do, it transmits through every nerve. When you sit as per your convenient way, but you never imagine what’s the best position of seating while you have a baby inside your stomach. You don't feel me cry, but I can feel you when you are sad.

You sleep after eating heavy and junk food, but it is very hard for me to digest and extract the nutrition from it. When you wake up late, sometimes without bath, you go to the office and keep me waiting for hungry. I have to wake up in an awkward time and what it results? I end up the lack of proper development on the given schedule. You walk more than you need, and then I feel like I am in the sky and travelling upside down, I have tiny muscles and that also get tired.

You keep your regular schedules from starting of the day to the end of the day, I find nothing changes. When it goes out of my control, then I have to kick you to make you aware that — It is enough and someone is inside you. Do you think it is a task? Don’t ever, it is the life that builds your future.

You eat a lot of sugar, which troubles me, why don't you go for natural sugar? When you go exposing your stomach to many people in the market or office I could hear them, I can't tell you how it annoys me. Especially when you go by local train, I feel like I have jumped off the air-plane, and I am going to die in a few seconds, or it affects me badly on my psych.

You eat all the non-sense in your lunch, what I need or like who will tell you? When the doctor says that medicine is important in your pregnancy, you just avoids them and bunches of tablets goes waste in the trash can. You don't even read stories for me, don't go to a temple. If you visit a temple at least once in a week, I will get a peace of mind. You always love crowded places and pollution is your favorite.

You think about yourself, you are selfish — not even about your life partner.

A Letter to Dear Mom: Can you Make it Heaven
A Letter to Dear Mom: Can you Make it Heaven?

I can't explain how I did feel when you were travelling in the suffocated bus, I thought that someone had placed a pillow on my nostrils. There is no extra room so that I could make free movements in the stomach. You are so risky woman but don't go beyond the limits, have a safe journey and these things are for whom? Money?, I, Or for you?

But one thing between you guys I cannot bother at all, you guys are staying away, you broke with my father I should die inside. How long this war will be there and living alone? Now I am worried about whom I will love the most? I could bear anything, but not a single fight between you. When you cry a loud, while fighting, I pulled my legs so close and tight, I thought something bad going to happen to you. I always think outside there is only hell. Can you make it heaven?


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The Reasons Why We Love Camille Claudel 1988

The film Camille Claudel 1988, the love story of young French sculptor Camille Claudel (b. 8 Dec 1864–19 Oct 1943) that ends in paranoid and isolation. She renowned for her work in marble and bronze, “The Waltz” & “The Mature Age”. Her work held in the collection of the four major museums in the world.

Camille Claudel (b. 8 Dec 1864–19 Oct 1943) that ends in paranoid and isolation | i'mBiking

Daughter of a Farmer

A daughter of a wealthy farmer and landlord who got unconditional support from her father. She was born to Louis Prosper Claudel and Louise Athanaïse Cécile Cerveaux, an aristocratic affluent family. Her mother was catholic and a daughter of a priest. When her father came to know interest and soon decided to support her career, going against the family decision. Camille got absolute support mentally as well as financially from her father throughout her life.

Her most famous place she ever likes to live, especially in summer, was Villeneuve. Before she could pass 12 years of her age, she was creatively already playing with stones. However, irrespective of her talent, the unapproved relationship costed her Isolation till the last breath.

La Valse (The Waltzers): Created by Camille Claudel, protégé, muse, and mistress of Rodin. Conceived in 1889 and cast in 1905 with the Foundry Mark “Eugene Blot”. This is the first of these casts and is gilded | i'mBiking. — Wikipedia Commons

Work, Love & Affair

After early training from french sculptor Alfred Boucher, the unconditional love and affair of Claudel started at the age of 19 in 1883 with 43 year senior Auguste Rodin. There were almost 22 years of gap between them. In the movie Camille Claudel 1988, it did such a well that at IMDB received 4 starts ratings.

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.

Mark Twain

The love story started when she joined the Rodin’s workshop (who used to make erotic sculptures) and working for two years brought her fame and strong relationship between them. Both created Shakuntala which brought her prize, fame, and attention of the many critics. With the passage of time as the sun fades away, thus love between Claudel and Rodin soon devolved. Therefore, ten years of love after loss brought her in shock and both started living apart.

The life believes more in practical thoughts than the attached emotional facts. Thus, it drags you to practical life despite your emotions.

Lokesh Umak

Camille Claudel’s Letter to Auguste Rodin

Monsieur Rodin!

Since I have nothing to do now, I am writing to you again. I walked in the park, everything was already cleaned around, hay, wheat, oats, you can go everywhere, it is wonderful. If you are so kind and keep this word, paradise awaits us. For work, you will get the room you want. The mistress, I think, will be at your feet. She told me that I can safely swim in the river where her daughter and the maid bathe. There is no danger. If you do not mind, I will do so because it is a great pleasure, and it will save me from having to go to hot baths in the Aze. It would be nice of you to buy me a dark blue bathing suit with white trim, separate, a blouse and twill drawers (medium size). This can be done at the Louvre, or at the Bon Marche store, or at Tours. I sleep completely naked to imagine that you are nearby, but when I wake up, I am alone again. I kiss you. Camilla. Most importantly, do not fool me any more.

Loss of Love and Mental Health in the film Camille Claudel 1988

The ten years of the strongest affairs finally when came to an end in 1892 at the age of 28. Therefore, it is just a start of a better half of any other woman. Her work, “Clotho” (1893) and “The Maturity” (1895) display her broken life through her art. However, after the break-up, she did not get any help from the finance team of Rodin. Furthermore, Rodin, for their obsolete relationship, he tried to help Claudel. However, she refused. Despite carrying her broken heart and unforgettable 10 years of love and affair, Camille stood strong again for her followers.

Clotho” (1893) | i'mBiking — Wikipédia Common Camille Claudel — Torse de Clotho, 1893.jpg

Once the woman decided the end of the relationship, she hardly takes back.

The Claudel decided to move on. She was a nature lover from her childhood. She stood against her the past love experience contrary to her mental health and started to create again. Furthermore, she created her real work in 1897 with all the support. Not only that, but she also received some finance from her dear friends.

Rage & loneliness

The year ahead of 1899 started to lose the grip she had, and soon Claudel started living alone. Her mental health started disturbing extensively. Therefore, in ire, Claudel destroyed her work. In her complex state of mind, she started feeling that she is alone and all the world is against her. Her psychological condition became damn numbed. She found herself behind the bars of the door where she used to welcome the visitors and never allowed herself to social again.

The complete destruction of her work reported in 1912 and the following year, her the most loved person, her father, died in 1913. The health of Camille became more serious when nobody from her family informed about the death of her father. It happens mostly in the family when one decision goes against the majority of the family. In the case of Claudel, her father was the only person supporting to her career and the rest (her mother, brother, and younger sister) were against.

The family of Camille let her swim in asylum till the end. She died isolated alone in 1943 when she was 78. And her body never claimed by her family members.

A letter to her Doctor

I am reproached (what a terrible crime!) to have lived alone, spending my life with cats. I have felt persecuted. It is based on accusations that I have been imprisoned for five years and a half like a criminal deprived of freedom, deprived of food, fire, and the most basic essentials.

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Frank N. Magill on Virginia Woolf: “Masterpiece of World Literature”

British writer, poet and pioneer Virginia Woolf (25 Jan 1882–28 March 1941) couldn’t survive her cheerless melancholy life a second time and suicided upon hearing strange voices drumming her ears. Her letter reveals how much love they had in between them.

Any horse rider already know his next turn better and thus he keeps moving his legs and hands. Thus, in that sense to have a smooth, unadventurous and perfect ride. Virginia considered within one of the most fast changing lifestyle writers in her time. Her inspirations were almost of the celebrated family line including Marcel and Igor Stravinsky.

Her studies and explorations in literature were not just limited to calculating the depth of the ocean, but it was just beyond that. Furthermore, her focuses were more on society, culture, modernism and impact of post world-war 2. Woof’s most of the work (e.g: “A Room of One’s Own”) talks about women of the society and the time of the city.

Lytton Strachey with Virginia
Lytton Strachey with Woolf

Virginia, being a British writer was most famous for her excellent style of writing. The narration in her novels is fabulous, not just one time read, it always looks groundbreaking. It has been proved today that her writings made a difference in young generations. Her thoughts were never local, daily action in her scenes still proved how to incorporate a unique way of thinking and made her many protagonists unequalled in her novels.

The writing of Woolf was railing against her relentless parents of the great Victorian geological era. Likewise, her parents were not from just a local family. She was born in upper-middle class and thus her traits were palmy thriving for the idea of contemporaneousness.

The life of Virginia soon became numb when swiftly a cyclone entered into the full Stentorian brain. And left it inside her head for many months (but, anyhow she overcame). It was the death of her beloved mother. Virginia’s life went melancholy for a while, days and months.

Poem: The Wave by Virginia Woolf

I see everything.
We may sink and settle on the waves,
the sea will drum in my ears.
The white petals,
will be darkened,
with seawater.
They will float,
for a moment,
and then sink.
Rolling over the waves,
will shoulder me under,
Everything falls in,
tremendous shower,
dissolving me.

The Novel, “The Waves” Review

Her novel, “The Waves” has many stories, some says that it is not a novel or others say that it is my best companion. The Waves held exceptional space in the heart of many book readers. Not only writer from young generation but also it is a book of every reader and literate person.

Virginia and Leslie Stephen, 1902
Virginia and Leslie Stephen in 1902

The Waves” was first published in 1931, the most famed work of Virginia Woolf. It is still a comrade for even many inexperienced writers and readers. Frank N. Magill labelled this book as one of the best of 200 books of all the time in “Masterpieces of World Literature”.

One of the British authors, Amy Sackville wrote,

As a reader, as a writer, I constantly return, for the lyricism of it, the melancholy, the humanity.

The  Waves” sometimes referred to as blurring the line between poetry and prose as per many reviews. Often people don’t like to pronounce such a book “Novel”, Julian Briggs in her book, “Reading Virginia Woolf”,

Woolf call it not a novel, but a Polypoem.

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It was a suicide note — I don’t think two people could have been happier than you and me.

Virginia Woolf's last handwritten letter to her beloved husband (suicide note)

Dearest, ... I feel certain I am going mad again. I feel we can’t go through another of those terrible times. And I shan’t recover this time. I begin to hear voices, and I can’t concentrate. So, I am doing what seems the best thing to do. You have given me the greatest possible happiness. You have been in every way all that anyone could be. I don’t think two people could have been happier till this terrible disease came. I can’t fight any longer. I know that I am spoiling your life, that without me, you could work. And you will, I know. You see I can’t even write this properly. I can’t read. What I want to say is I owe all the happiness of my life to you. You have been entirely patient with me and incredibly good. I want to say that — everybody knows it. If anybody could have saved me it would have been you. Everything has gone from me but the certainty of your goodness. I can’t go on spoiling your life any longer.

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Power of Love: Complex relationship of Frida and Diego

“Love letter of Frida Kahlo to Diego attracts souls against each other after losing the bond of weak and complex relationships. The letter expressed the deep inside their nerdy love for each others”

Self-portrait of Frida Kahlo

The notable couple of 21 years gap in their birth, it must have been the first couple of their family or the city. Painter Frida Kahlo (6 July 1907–13 July 1954) when married to divorced and 21 years senior and mentor Diego Rivera (8 Dec 1886–24 Nov 1957) they had many mutual infidelities. However, they seek a source of love of infinite strings attached to each other. Ardent, deceiving and no ashamed of their relationship went on exploring life with each-other passionately.

Their love started gearing up in 1928 and both got married on 21 August 1929. How she coped up and survived on convalescence throughout her life (visiting hospitals frequently till the end of her life) and infrequent temper tantrums of her love life were two of the reasons made her strong. Someone could easily infer from her letter how their ten-year relationship abruptly ended and was rekindled a year later.

Anson Goodyear with Diego and Frida
Diego Rivera

Read one of the letters of Kahlo to Rivera after her leg infected with gangrene. This letter was written before she was going under an operation to amputate her leg. Kahlo expressed her anger, love, concern and hope of her souls. Although thought to informed to her loved one, Rivera.

Love Letter Of Frida Kahlo To Diego


My dear Mr. Diego,
I’m writing this letter from a hospital room before I am admitted into the operating theatre. They want me to hurry, but I am determined to finish writing first, as I don’t want to leave anything unfinished. Especially now that I know what they are up to. They want to hurt my pride by cutting a leg off. When they told me it would be necessary to amputate, the news didn’t affect me the way everybody expected. No, I was already a maimed woman when I lost you, again, for the umpteenth time maybe, and still, I survived.

I am not afraid of pain and you know it. It is almost inherent to my being, although I confess that I suffered, and a great deal, when you cheated on me, every time you did it, not just with my sister but with so many other women. How did they let themselves be fooled by you? You believe I was furious about Cristina, but today I confess that it wasn’t because of her. It was because of me and you. First of all because of me, since I’ve never been able to understand what you looked and look for, what they give you that I couldn’t. Let’s not fool ourselves, Diego, I gave you everything that is humanly possible to offer, and we both know that. But still, how the hell do you manage to seduce so many women when you’re such an ugly son of a bitch?

The reason why I’m writing is not to accuse you of anything more than we’ve already accused each other of in this and however many more bloody lives. It’s because I’m having a leg cut off (damned thing, it got what it wanted in the end). I told you I’ve counted myself as incomplete for a long time, but why the fuck does everybody else need to know about it too? Now my fragmentation will be obvious to everyone to see, for you to see… That’s why I’m telling you before you hear it on the grapevine. Forgive my not going to your house to say this in person, but given the circumstances and my condition, I’m not allowed to leave the room, not even to use the bathroom. It’s not my intention to make you or anyone else feels pity, and I don’t want you to feel guilty. I’m writing to let you know I’m releasing you, I’m amputating you. Be happy and never seek me again. I don’t want to hear from you, I don’t want you to hear from me. If there is anything I’d enjoy before I die, it’d be not having to see your fucking horrible bastard face wandering around my garden.

That is all, I can now go to be chopped up in peace.

Goodbye from somebody who is crazy and vehemently in love with you,

Your Frida

Local Matters: special letter to Mrs Bixby from Abraham Lincoln

This is a story of a widow Lydia Parker Bixby (1801 – 1878) from Boston and her five sons died on the battlefield. The extraordinary sacrifice of Bixby caught the attention of the government of Massachusetts and the former president of America, Abraham Lincoln. Such a great honour Mrs Lydon Bixby received from the president Abraham Lincoln. The Bixby’s letter had become one of the memorable one as it was handwritten by Lincoln. And registered in the literature of American history.

The letter was identified as “Mother of five sons who were killed in battle”. When single, short, Lydia Bixby visited the office of the Adjutant General of Massachusetts,

“I’m Mr Bixby, Mrs Lydia Bixby  of Hopkinton... You may recall my visit of two years ago, what his excellency kindly advanced me forty dollars through this office to visit my son in the army hospital at Washington. I had to come to apply for a pension, he is dead.”

Lydia Bixby
John Hay, private secretory of Lincoln

The Adjutant General kindly attempted few more inquiries to the sad and pensive heart. Bixby placed her documents (letters from the field) each informing her the death of her son. After ten days, the Adjutant General sent the below letter to the government of Massachusetts,

Adjutant General's Office, Boston, September 24, 1864. His Excellency, John A. Andrew, Governor and Commander-in-Chief. Governor:

“Your Excellency may remember that I had the honor two years ago to speak to you of a widow lady, Mrs. Bixby, in the middle walks of life, who had five sons in the Union Army. One of whom was wounded in Antietam and was sent to a hospital in Baltimore or Washington. She was very anxious to go and see him, and Your Excellency was kind enough to draw your check for Forty Dollars (540) to pay her expenses, and she made her journey. The boy recovered and joined his regiment again. About ten days ago Mrs. Bixby came to my office and showed me five letters from five different company commanders, and each letter informed the poor woman of the death of one of her sons. Her last remaining son was recently killed in the fight on the Weldon rail- road. Mrs. Bixby is the best specimen of a true-hearted Union woman I have yet seen. With great respect, I have the honor to be your Excellency's obedient servant, Wm. Schouler, Adjutant General.

Twelve days later, on 1st Oct requested a detail reports which was furnished in the letter below.

Adjutant General's Office,
Boston, October 12, 1864. Major Thomas M. Vincent, U. S. A. Ass’t Adjutant General, Washington, D. C. Major :
I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 1st instant, requesting me to send you the names of the five sons of Mrs. Bixby—who were in the military service ; also the regiments and companies to which they be- longed.
They were as follows :

  1. Sergeant Charles N. Bixby, Co. D, 20th Regiment, mustered in July 28, 1862 ; killed at Fredericksburg, May 3, 1863.
  2. Corporal Henry Bixby, Co. K, 32nd Regi- ment, mustered in August 5, 1862 ; killed at Gettysburg, July, 1863.
  3. Private Edward Bixby, recru’t for 22nd
    Regiment, Mass. Vols. Died of wounds in Hospital at Folly Island, S. C. He ran away from home and was mustered in the field.
  4. Private Oliver C. Bixby, Co. E, 5Sth, Mass. Vols. Mustered March 4, 1864, killed before Petersburg, July 30, 1864.
  5. Private George Way Bixby, Co. B, 56tb Regiment, Mass. Vols. Mustered March 19. 1864. Killed before Petersburg, July 30, 1864.
    The last named, George, enlisted under the assumed name of “George Way.” His name was George Way Bixby. The reason why he did not enlist under his proper name was to conceal the fact of his enlistment from his wife. Very respectfully.
    Your obedient servant,
    Wm. Schouler.
    Adjutant General.

President Lincoln was touched by the story of sacrifice by Bixby. Abraham Lincoln wrote a letter of condolence in his handwriting to Lydia Bixby,

Executive Mansion
Washington, Nov. 21, 1S64. To Mbs. Bixby, Boston, Mass.

Dear Madam,
I have been shown in the files of the War
Department a statement of the Adjutant General of Massachusetts that you are the mother of five sons who have died gloriously on the field of battle. I feel how weak and fruitless must be any word of mine which should attempt to beguile you from the grief of a loss so overwhelming. But I cannot refrain from tendering you the consolation that may be found in the thanks of the republic they died to save.
I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom. Yours very sincerely and respectfully,
A. Lincoln.