Collapsing Israeli Society

Boycotting Zionist Israel and Zionism for a Better World in the Future

Sunday, June 23, 2024

I recently watched an Al Jazeera video about a recent Palestinian man who was released from the Israeli prison, and he appears to be in shock. He talks about being tortured, electrocuted, beaten, and tasered. He appears to be traumatized from his experience. But he says that he was given food—bread, cheese, tomato, cucumber, and apple. I have watched other videos in the past, stating that some of the Palestinians were raped in prison, while others were beaten to death.

Palestinians in Israeli Prisons are abused and tortured, sometimes to death.

Meanwhile, in America, two military Airmen—Larry Hebert and Juan Bettancourt—have become conscientious objectors because they no longer want to be complicit in the Gaza genocide by Zionists' war crimes in Israel. Larry Hebert has been considering leaving the military since November. Aaron Bushnell’s self-immolation had an effect on his perception about the whole situation. America’s complicity with Zionist Israel’s war crimes and genocidal actions led him to participate in protests, which includes going on a hunger strike. At least forty people in the military were encouraged to resign from the military as well as protest against the military’s complicity in Zionist Israel’s war crimes.

Moreover, TRT World Now interviews a Palestinian man. He talks about the Israeli soldiers’ barbaric acts using wounded Palestinians as human shields. Zionist Israeli military constantly performs miliary raids to terrorize, wound, and murder Palestinians. Another Al Jazeera video explains that Zionist Israel has been using Palestinian kids as human shields for a long time during the 76-year occupation. The Zionists learned such tactics from the British. I have been aware of Zionist Israel’s usage of white phosphorus and human shields on Palestinians since early 2000s via various videos and internet sites.

The Electronic Intifada video states that the Zionist Israeli society is going downhill. Besides the constant protests in Israel for Netanyahu’s resignation, it appears that the Zionist Israel government have their own agenda. The Israeli society wants their government to sign a deal with Hamas to release all of the hostages. But the Zionist Israel government does not care about the hostages. They just want all of Palestine for their Greater Israel Project. It is all about power, control and greed. Many Israelis have left Israel. Many countries have stopped doing business with Israel, which is an indication that BDS is working as well as many internet boycott campaigns against Israel are also working. The Zionist Israel Government is hopefully moving Israel to its ultimate collapse and death, which will hopefully lead to the death of Israel and death of Zionism.

Zionists are war criminals, regardless if they are the Zionists in Israel, or the Zionists in other countries—America, British, France, India, etc, as well as Nazi Germany. Furthermore, Zionists, whether in Israel or America, publish lies and fake news to legitimize their corrupt and criminal actions, such as war, mass murder, destruction, and stealing the other country's land, for their own political agenda.

Hezbollah fights back for Gaza against Zionist Israel

Time of India reports on Hezbollah shooting targeted rockets and drones over Northern Israel. They are ready to fight back for Gaza against the Zionist government war criminals.