The last night

grayscale photography of couple walking on ground
man and woman kissing together on body of water last night
Last night: Photo by Edward Eyer on
You were in my dream
Pinching my cheek like a kitten licking softly
I woke up in the dream caressed her claws
through my beardy face.
Somehow I felt I was fishing.

Suddenly I appeared on a camel
Holding you tight in the deadly cold winter
in search of more heat.

Ultimately, I want to bath in the hot water
and soak myself in the Indian sun.

Your pinches still loved the most in
and around the dream. 
Drink you like Spanish wine every time.

I woke up early morning with my stinking breath
and the dried mouth of my last night hangover.
I forgot the dream and wondered what was the cause.
I ran and ran and ran on the shore.
Thinking about the last night, dig, dig, and brain bored

I found one thing in conclusion,
that i missed you a lot.
Finally, it was my no more delusion.
Come my heart close to me.
I would like to share some more time
with you and me.

I want to build some more memories together,
It’s time that is calling us together again.
Let’s reduce the distance between our hearts
No more days without you and far.