Sabrina Hughes: “Do not let others redefine your voice”

My inspiration is God: In conversation with Sabrina Hughes on writing her debut book, “Experiencing God’s Power and Miracles” she gave advice to aspirant writers that nobody should let others redefine your voice whichever genres you are in. Read her full interview.

LU: When did you realize that you should write about the book, Experiencing God’s Power and Miracles?

SH: One evening in 2021, I was relaxing in my favorite chair and watching the news on CNN. A few new books were discussed during that time. The pandemic afforded many people the opportunity to write books that they never had time to write in the past. These authors had some form of notoriety so, I was discouraged briefly. It was God himself who nudged me and said that a lot of books are being written but they are not about me. It was at that point that the framework of the book began to form. The name of the book emerged first.

LU: Why did you choose only this spirituality, do you have any other provision for writing fiction about romance or thriller?

SH: My inspiration to write this book came from the Lord. He rekindled every truth/event that is in my book into my spirit and filled in every gap. The purpose of this book is to assist others in developing a relationship with Jesus Christ or nurturing the one they have which ideally will foster spiritual growth. My book is therefore a self-help book designed to cause the reader, to reflect, self-exam, and then respond.

This is why spirituality is at the heart of this book and will be at the heart of my next book as well. Through my lenses, one has experiences of true romance and thrillers organically during their Christian journey or a quest for spirituality. Romance and thrillers are intertwined in my book, but they are non-fictional! Thus, the reader gets the benefit of all three. Aside from being an author, my experiences as a Christian, pastor, and an evangelist attest to the same belief. I could easily write a book that is categorized as a romance or thriller, but I do have an interest at this time. I do see myself writing some short stories and books for kids that are fictional.

LU: To become an author, was a dream, or it was an accidental from sacred incident.

SH: I would not say that becoming an author was a dream for me. I have had an interest in writing a book for several years relating to a number of subject matters that were not of a Christian origin. Reflecting, I guess I would say that it was something that I desired to accomplish. However, I did not have a burning desire to write one until the end of 2021.

LU: How real life characters inspired you in the process of book writing your debut

SH: The actions and outcomes of every person/character identified in each chapter of my book really opened my eyes! I was inspired, became introspective, and gained momentum as the book progressed similar to an adrenaline rush. The inspiration gained through the characters heighten my creativity and thinking which led to intriguing plots, suspenseful twists, unexpected climaxes, and smooth transitions to the next chapter.

LU: How many days you took to craft the novel and describe to us the most inspirational moment in your life which drives you as an author

SH: It took me 137 days to write this book. My key driving force and inspirational moment as an author is the desire to respond to a need in a meaningful way.

LU: What message you would like to give to fellow wannabe authors?

SH: My number one message to aspiring authors is to stay true to who you are and the genres you are passionate about. Do not let others redefine your voice.

Check her book, Experiencing God’s Power and Miracles by Sabrina R Hughes, and read a few paragraphs of the first chapter.