Substitute for Disturb and stressful Notification

black and gray digital device

The life becomes complicated and of harmful when the pop-up of a notification jumps on the screen. It somewhat asks you to surrender, surrender to the available options. The complications invite stress and much health evoking problems. However, we finally came to a conclusion that we need a change, to bring peace in life, we find a second-string alternative. I substitute many of them, I replaced smartphone to basic handset is one of those. You must be thinking I must have gone mad, or someone may be thinking a wise decision. I stopped using the smartphone in such world that without mobile the life almost is impossible. Therefore, through smartphone we can order from salt to jewellery, and it helps us to reach from one destination to another. As well as, we order food everywhere we go. The whole world is craving for it. However, if we use this mobile other than important things, it converts joy into stressful life.

Moreover, it has many benefits as well as drawbacks if we are not using it carefully. Many people in this world lost thousands of money due to fake transactions. The apps that steal your personal information, even your fingerprints, ultimately it makes you a beggar at the end of the day. In short, it takes all the control from you and make you under control. If someone hacked your phone, they probably would know about your personal information including, blood group, date of birth, mobile number, bank account number, and adhar number. Therefore, many other things which would help hackers to bullying you and can take away money, do kidnapping, and other criminal activities.

Apart from the criminal activities, it seriously has taken your precious time of your life. It has repealed the ability of self thinking. Therefore, taken away all your loved ones from the deepest point of your heart (the feelings which rarely work today). I am talking about a message when someone used to crave for reading on the letters. I could remember those days when I used to wait for a letter to come and read what my relatives used to send. The joy of reading them are not seen in my WhatsApp text. It only evokes anxiousness when someone does not respond after read, and eventually, it becomes nerve-racking. The average person is spending 25 to 40% of the day time on mobile and someone goes behind that.

What is happening from kids to adult is we see mobile screen continuously (thousand time greater) than we see or feel the harmful UV lights that come from the sun. However, our real emotions and feelings are hidden under the optical reality through the thousands of colourful light of the mobile. The beautiful nature has been replaced by our mobile screen, it could awake our vision but not rest of the senses. However, it may arouse but to the limited time, however, not real. The poem “how to live on the plant earth” by Nanao Sakaki really impressed me.

I made a bet to myself, I went to a hill where rained half an hour ago. I park my bike and climbed until a height where I can see beautiful trees. Moreover, I felt the cold waves, brushed away all my blur vision. Besides, I was feeling a bit stressless, fresh and full of memories to cherish. For the moment, I was feeling emptied and unprocessed as soon as I took a few deep breaths. It was like a breath of life, breath of being a stressless human and more in state of cleanliness. Therefore, I was feeling like I had become a water drop that flows from the top of the Himalayas. I could feel that all my senses were functioning with full fledge.

Moreover, this feeling was life’s cherish movement. I was feeling a person of a clean memory, just like woken up from the sleep. Such import can be done every day, and it is often possible to achieve when we spend our life in and around the nature. Furthermore, Saint Tukaram explained the prime importance of the blessed nature in his poem, Vrukshavalli Amha Soyari. We made ourselves habitual of living in a cage of tall buildings around suffocated aisles which travel to no more natural things. We could see only human made everywhere. Furthermore, if any tree branch disturbing our balcony or window view, we cut it down without a second thought.

I cried out loudly to the sky to relieve all the tenseness from eyes, cheeks, nose, and breath.

The tenseness present in the every part of the body. Even our hair sometimes also looks electric. The fresh hair appears only when we wash it, rub it and do some massage after the bath. Thus, I realized the difference between watching things on mobile than the real. It is the coolest, easiest example.

It is true that more than my other important work, mobile was the first to disturb me. And, I tell you why? It has got many alerts and notifications from thousands of people and apps. Four thousand friends becomes 40 thousands when you have the same friends on 10 apps. Thus, there are 40 thousand notifications., moreover, other notifications including, bank massages, promotional messages and WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The groups and chat of the other social networks. Oh my god. I feel that life built of only notifications.

These notifications refrained us from seeing and meeting real people, nature, reading books, newspapers, going to birthday parties, and sending traditional letters to our loved ones. It made us to believe in that doing birthday parties on the nomadic device is better than doing in person. What I have substitutes are below (I already started).

  • Microsoft WordPad to a diary and pen
  • A smartphone to basic handset (with limited apps)
  • Digital newsreader to Physical newspaper
  • Started using hard cash than other payment apps
  • Car and bike to bicycle (wherever possible)
  • Weekend in and around the nature than crowd places like market, theatre, or shopping malls.

When you are going to start adapting, put substitute and kill your grievous notifications?