Why Human keeps Resisting to almighty Nature

We are not born to live siting at one place rather stay around in nature, run, walk, eat and gather at one place to sleep. Our existence 40 million years ago was just a monkey, they are our real ancestor. Then after four evolution (Rama Pithecas, Australopithecus, 1470 man, Homo Erectus) Homo Sapience found. They were entirely different from the true root, monkey, and gorilla. However, they had well-developed brain and had started spending life in the jungle smartly. These holy human used to pass their entire day under the shades of sun and tree. Therefore, mostly under the sun. Their activities those days were so much important in one’s human life.

Human Brains Resisting The Nature

However, today we use our most advance brain to get our own shelter packed under the four strong walls which is away from the torch of nature. The man of mid-18s started demolishing forest, cutting trees for their usage. Humankind started using wood extensively. Therefore, not planting trees, they built houses first from the woods in years ago and after few decades they converted jungles into cities. Their transition from Jungle which used to get fresh water, air, food. And, now reversed the life to polluted water, air. However, yet we still get pure sunlight.

We human destined to live under the shed of sun. However, now we have complicated our lives ourselves. We have started living our life indoors, all have started spending our time until mid-night and wake up at 9 or 10 in the morning. That considered resisting the nature functioning your body against it and which we are not born to do so. Early morning to until noon considered the most important time of our daily life. It gives strength for the day, upon spending time in this clocking one get abundant health, prosperous life and less decease.

We Polluted The Nature

Today, we drink polluted water, or we pollute it by igniting the factories and keep satisfying our extra needs. We save our time thanks to science, we have built vehicles and made our purest air dirty by blowing our carbon dioxide in the environment. Furthermore, human now adapted these things happily with thousands of unknown deceases and keeps resisting the holly nature. How long it will work? One day, we human will blow away and for that one instance is enough for the almighty nature.

Mankind thinks that they have power, tore the air flew to Moon, explored the deepest ocean and found the Mars. However, all in this race we have forgotten how to live on the planet earth.

Nature's Born Rules

All that we have to do is stay out of the house most of the time whenever it is possible, the same way that homo sapience used to do. Their life in jungle hunting for food all the day, therefore, at the evening return to home. Get to cook whatever they caught, go to sleep around 8:30 and other creatures like birds and animals are also doing the same thing. They never found dead because of any illness or caught deceased and dying. Today still we have a live proof. Most of the birds wake up around 5:30 am and go home during sun set.

We have broken the natural-born rules of mother earth and going against it, we are still fighting. It is in the form of our health but nothing else. Our intelligent brains keep laddering up in every field has stopped us even from hunting food, and it's all the events. We have been evolving varieties of food which farmers keep practising and get ready-made food for set to cook.

However, still we have different machines to process them to get the meal ready on the dining table. Therefore, from hunting to cooking, we have skipped 80% of our own job and outsourced them. Women handled cooking and men works in office (majority). In the process from hunting to cooking, the man used to go out early in the morning, get enough vitamin D from the Sun, walk on the bare foot.

On the other hand, while hunting, one has to keep ear, skin, and eyes very sharp and well functioning. Therefore, enemy could attach anytime. However, keeping himself sometimes steady without moving body, just rolling eyes to keep watch. Leaning backward and forward, sometimes upside town when handing on trees. As well as swimming in river and running like a hell when any animal chase. Upon doing these things, it triggers sharpness and all function of the body and brain to coordinate collectively.

Further, all these steps contributes health benefits with no sign of any sickness and gives long life to live. Therefore, today we live with all stressful life by skipping these steps and keep resisting the nature. All the same, today we buckled by impurities and deceases everywhere we look around. The science building our life easier but short and panic. The people on this earth born full of deceases and science help us cure and on other hand, it has been destroying the life only. It is more similar that we are cutting our throat by our knife.

Consider Sunday A Good Start

Sunday considered as the first day of the week, and it is also called as goddess day. In my understanding, it's a fun day. It has been written that the god took six days to create this whole universe and on the seventh day he took the rest. Hence, it was Saturday (Friday evening to Sat evening) the god had taken the rest and working on Saturday considered sinful. Therefore, Sunday considered the starting of the week. It should be spent outside more including quality time with your family, friends and loved ones. For example: playing cricket, football, going to city, travelling and visiting to new places. A week start with fun.

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We are paying for our comfort (acquiring this shortcut lifestyle) and also compensating for its side effects and the result is short and stressful life. It’s time to change, and it's time to seek a new beginning on this planet earth. Now we have to go back ages and think like animal or bird and start again. As today, we have gone far away that we stopped living our life like a smart human. However, we trapped in by smart lifestyle.