Hindi Poem “Not My Intention” by Guest Poet Ashish Rasila

Ashish Rasila

Hello readers! Welcome to lekh my name is Ashish Rasila and I wrote Hindi poem “Not My Intention — मेरा मक़सद नहीं”. I am an extensive reader and writing poetry since 2015. My birthplace is Firozpur; however, I grew up reading and writing in Haryana. However, I love to read biography of the famous personalities around the world. My favorite food is 'Kheer' as well as most of the famous Indian foods.

My favorite book is Encyclopedia. I believe, Chandigarh is the most beautiful city he has ever seen so far. Because of two things, I graduated in the city and second thing, I completed my education with my best friend and real brother, Nitish Rasila.

Hindi Poem “मेरा मक़सद नहीं” by poet Ashish Rasila and its Analysis

Poem “मेरा मक़सद नहीं — Not My Intention”

खुद को किसी से बेहतर कहना मेरा मक़सद नहीं,
किसी का दिल दुखा कर खुश रहना मेरा मक़सद नहीं।

मैं जो भी था,  मैं जो भी हूं , मैं जो भी होने वाला हूं ,
अपने हालों पर किसी को मुजरिम बनाना मेरा मक़सद नहीं।

मुझ से अनजाने में किसी का दिल भी टूट सकता है ,
मगर मैं पलट कर माफ़ी ना मांगू, मेरा मक़सद नहीं ।

कुछ टूटे हैं मुझ से रिश्ते, कुछ लोगों ने मुझ से तोड़े हैं,
मगर रिश्तों के टूटने से मैं ख़ुद टूट जाऊं, मेरा मक़सद नहीं ।

मैं  किसी के ऐब गिनाता फिरूं ये मेरी ज़हनियत नहीं है ,
अपने दुश्मन को भी बुरा कहना, मेरा मक़सद नहीं ।

झुक जाए सर मेरे एहतराम में, ऐसी शोहरत का मोहताज नही,
किसी का सर झुका कर उसे गले लगाना, मेरा मक़सद नहीं।

किसी के सपनों पर मैं अपने सपनों की नीव नही रख सकता,
किसी को हरा कर जितने की मुराद रखना, मेरा मक़सद नहीं।

ये दुनियां एक दुनियां है मेरी दुनियां तो कहीं और है ,
ख्वाबों की दुनियां में हकीकत को भूल जाना, मेरा मक़सद नहीं।

मेरा गलत होना या सही होना तुम्हारे नजरिए से है,
किसी के कहने पर मैं बदल जाऊं, मेरा मक़सद नहीं ।

खुदा है तो खुदा होगा, मुझे उसके होने पर ऐतराज नहीं,
खुदा के नाम पर मैं मिट जाऊं ऐसा सोचना, मेरा मक़सद नहीं ।

मुनासिफ है की कल बुलंदियों का मैं आसमान चुमूं ,
मगर मैं अपनी ओकाद भूल जाऊं, मेरा मक़सद नहीं ।

इस दुनियां में रहने वाले हम सभी किरायेदार  हैं ,
मैं जैसे आया था, वैसे ही लौट जाऊं, मेरा मक़सद नहीं ।

मैंने बहुत सोच समझ कर ये अपनी बातें रखी हैं  ,
लोग अपने दिल पर ना लगा बैठें, मेरा मक़सद  नहीं ।।

Translation & Criticism of The Hindi Poem “मेरा मक़सद नहीं - Not My Intention” by Lokesh Umak

It is not my intention to call myself better than anyone,
 It is not my intention to be happy by hurting the heart of someone else.
 Whatever I was, whoever I am, whatever I am going to be,
 It is not my intention to make anyone guilty on my status.
 I can unintentionally break someone's heart,
 But I will not apologize by turning back, it is not my intention.
 Some have broken relationships with me, some people have broken with me,
 But due to the breakdown of relationships, I break myself, it is not my intention.
 It is not my duty to count someone else's name.
 It is not my intention to call my enemy bad.
 Bow down head in my respect, do not want such fame,
 It is not my intention to hug someone by bowing their head.
 I cannot lay my dreams on someone's dreams,
 It is not my intention to wish to win by defeating someone.
 This world is one world, my world is somewhere else,
 Forgetting reality in the world of dreams is not my intention.
 My being wrongs or being right is from your point of view,
 I should change at the behest of someone, not my intention.
 If God is there, then God will be there, I don't mind being there.
 It is not my intention to think that I should perish for God.
 It is beneficial that tomorrow I should kiss the sky of heights,
 But let me forget my position, not my purpose.
 We are all tenants living in this world,
 I should return as I came, it is not my intention.
 I have kept these things very thoughtfully,
 People should mind it, is not my intention.

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Criticism of the poem “Not My Intention”

The poet has many things to discuss here and has different intentions. However, they are unique and special for him. He prefers not to call himself good, nor wanted to hurt someone. He feels it would be better not to live his life guilty any more. The poet never wants to break someone's heart, if at all, for that, he is always ready to apologize. He wants not to finish himself on the broken relationship with his loved and dear one. His soul is pure, he never wants to call his enemy bad. The poet neither lay his dream on someone else, nor win by defeating anybody. There is worship for God, but not ready to die for him. He wants to touch the sky irrespective of this position, however, don't want to forget his purpose. Whatever is his thought people should mind it, isn't his intension at all.