Obama: “Milk Harvey Gave Us Hope, Unashamed and Unafraid”

milk carter
milk carter
Harvey Milk meets Jimmy Carter, May 1976

The member of San Francisco Board of Supervisors Harvey Milk (b. 22 May 1930 — d. 27 Nov 1978) was Gay Rights Activist and Community Leader. The first homosexual politician in the history of American politics of California. The iconic figure often called “the most famous and most significantly open gay (LGBT) official ever elected in the United States”.

Champaign Manager,
“What set Harvey apart from you or me was that he was a visionary. He imagined a righteous world inside his head, and then he set about to create it for real for all.”

Harvey gave us hope, all of us, hope unashamed, hope unafraid.

Barack Obama

Milk had very short period in his political career. To make this possible he had to go through and met many unsuccessful paths of his life, but he was not one of them who give up on first thought. Milk tore down many failed pavements and created his existence in politics of California.

I like to sit in the window and watch the cute boys walk by.

Harvey Milk

Milk had very different attitude looking at his life, “I think he was happier than at any time I heard ever seen him in his entire life.” faced many ups and downs in his entire life was hidden under his smily face. Simply to win, he kept walking, learning and facing challenges to reach his destiny. Finely he raised voice against gay freedom and rights.

The vision of Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk’s dream for a better tomorrow filled with the hope for equality and a world without hate guided the Foundation. Harvey Milk’s groundbreaking election in 1977 as one of the world’s first openly gay elected officials-and its most visible one- symbolized the freedom to live life with authenticity to millions of LGBT women and men around the world.

Milk served less than a year publicly office before his brutal assassination but his life profoundly changed a city, state, nation and a global community. His courage, passion and sense of justice rocked a country and stirred the very core of a put down and pushed out community, bringing forward new hope and a new vision of freedom.
As a not- for-profit global organization, our program goals — to empower local, regional, national and global organizations so that they may fully realize the power of Harvey Milk’s story, style, and collaborative relationship building — are as large and bold as Harvey taught us! The Foundation, through Harvey’s dream for a just tomorrow, envisions governments that celebrate the rich and universally empowering diversity of humanity, where all individuals — gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, racial and ethnic minorities, the elderly, the young, the disabled — all who had been excluded can fully participate in all societal rights universally. >>Continue reading

Harvey was fired from the naval department of California and asked to resign from his post as diving instructor because of raising a concern on his sexuality. His support and struggle for gay rights brought freedom in the Gay Community and huge changes existing today. He also wanted to dig a wide variety of issues but following years of his selection of city’s officer (in 1977), Milk was murdered with five bullets. Dan White (Daniel James White was an American politician who assassinated San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk, on Monday, November 27, 1978, at City Hall.) shot Milk, two bullets into the head and three on his body.

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