How to know the Price of knowing, Read Poem “The price of knowing you”

How to know the price from knowing to understanding each other better in relationship. This poem is perfect for everyone.

Rather than a warrior in a dress, but that's on you
for not reading the fine print;
I told you that I had a temper, but you challenged
that, as if you could know me better than even myself—
well, do you see my temper now burning in the
chaos of the most painful sunset to graze your eyes
or in the wrathful songs of the moon?
Perhaps you see it in the inflection of my name 
as it whispers across your brain,
in losing, you, I was able to find my magic and reclaim
myself and my voice;
I loved you so much I was willing to lose myself
but I didn't need to get lost in the melody of your darkness
or your many tongues of lust, but now I know better
Than to wear rose-tinted glasses because all they do is shatter
and present the truth that you wanted to hide behind
the illusion of everything honest—
I am grateful for finding and reclaiming myself,
of getting back some of the birds of me that, I thought, would
forever be lost and growing new flowers in the garden
of my heart that I never knew I could know;
but I wish it hadn't come at the price of knowing you.

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I Don’t Have to Play by Your Rules

“I Don't Have to Play by Your Rules” the poem that gives a unique message upon anyone got betrayal.

No one should have to live their lives
in fear of being found out,
spending their time locked in a closet
with all the skeletons and spiders 
and dirty little secrets no one wants 
to spill;

exhausted of people acting as if being
queer is a lifestyle or a choice,
it is who we are; 
we are born this way—

& for those who want to say it's unnatural
here are some animals that are gay in the wild:
lions, giraffes, bonobos, penguins, dolphins,
albatrosses, elephants, sheep, macaques,
bison, walruses, swans, spotted hyenas,
flamingos, orcas, vultures, sea lions, gulls,
and many more;

just because you live your lives differently doesn't
mean that everyone should have to play by your rules—

stop using your religion as an excuse to murder,
hate, and ruin the lives of those who don't subscribe
to your theology;

you're not oppressed simply because we're calling you out.

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Dizziness worse in dark: The Poem “Dizzying Darkness”

Dizziness worse in dark, when it talks about flirting and broken heart, this poem must read for every reader. The poem well explained on the relationship and love.

You told me I had coffee colored eyes,
then you stopped drinking coffee;

told your mother it was like I had always
been there but then abandoned me
when I needed you most to leave me in 
my darkest and heaviest thoughts—

I was sad, at first, when you let me go;

but now I am grateful that I was never 
caught in the gilded cage of your lust because
I bet that I would be the most miserable 
creature, if I were trapped by your side for
eternity with the knowledge that you're
not a man who is true or sincere—

just someone who promises forever without
meaning them,

and one day it will come to burn you;
if karma is feeling generous, she'll let me watch
and I will do so with a glass of champagne
in hand, watching as you fall into the dizzying darkness
you tried to bury me in.

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Poem Bittersweet Lemonade

Poem on lemonade explores the relation between a daughter and father

it's Father's Day,
and I have complicated
emotions about it;

makes me a little sad that my
stepfather and I aren't close
and that my biological father was
nothing more than a nightmare
in the lives of both me and my mother—

makes me jealous of all the people
with good dads that actually love them
and have relationships with them and the 
girls and women that get
to have those father-daughter dances
at weddings that I've never ever once had,

makes me hungry for a relationship I'll never have;

because whilst my stepfather loves me
and I love him there's a lot of pain and rage and
resentment there, too; 

it wasn't always bad, but it wasn't always good, either—

So, I stand here with this bittersweet lemonade
of emotions, wishing there was more sweetness
because it's mostly bitter, and I've never liked bitter drinks.

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Mystery of Kamakhya temple that nobody will tell you

Kamakhya Devi temple, in India, has secret facts and divine powers. The Lord Shiva known as the Father God and Goddess Durga referred to as the Mother Goddess from the age of the Indus valley Civilization of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa (The civilization dated between 2600 BCE -1900 BCE).

The earliest religious text, the Rigveda, mentions a god named Rudra, which is a name used for Shiva in later Ancient traditions. In Indian culture, the Father God represented by the ‘Lingam’ (the male symbol) and the Mother Goddess by the ‘Yoni’ (the female symbol). This representation of Shiva-Shakti by the Lingam-Yoni is worshipped in their symbolic representations throughout India. 

Shiva — The Destroyer of illusions and imperfections of the world

Secrets about Kamakhya Devi Temple that nobody will tell you
Secrets about Kamakhya Devi Temple that nobody will tell you | Pic Credit to Wikimedia Commons

In contemporary meditation and healing codes, yoga has secured its place, and it is evident that it is here to stay. Over 15,000 years ago, predating all religion, Adiyogi, the first Yogi, transmitted the science of Yoga to his seven disciples, the Saptarishis (Seven Disciples).

Shiva/Sadashiv/Adiyogi is the third God of the Hindu triumvirate, and his role is to destroy the universe to recreate it. He is the destroyer of illusions and imperfections of the world, paving the way for beneficial change. To call someone, a yogi, means he has experienced existence as himself. If you have to contain the existence within you even for a moment as an experience, you have to be that nothingness. Only nothingness can hold everything.


Lord Vishnu and Brahma heard a sound OM, and they became curious to know the origin of that sound. Vishnu saw a letter 'A' towards the south of that Shivalinga. He also saw the letters 'U' and 'M' center towards the north of the Shivalinga and in its center, respectively. Subsequently, he saw the mantra 'OM', which was dazzling like a Sun. 

There was no beginning and end to this mantra OM. As they were making efforts to know about its origin, suddenly Shiva appeared in the form of a sage. He gave them the knowledge regarding OM. He also revealed to them that Lord Brahma originated from the letter 'A', Vishnu originated from letter 'U' and Shiva himself originated from letter M. The letter A signifies creation, U Signifies nurture and M signifies salvation.

“The three letters A, V & M also symbolizes the basic causes of creation. A or Brahma also symbolizes the semen, U or Vishnu symbolizes the Vagina and the sound of OM is Maheshwar- the combined sound of A, U and M. All the three united from which manifested a golden egg. This golden egg remained submerged in the water for one thousand years. The almighty then cut that egg into two halves, from which appeared heaven and Earth.” 

Maha Shiv Puran

The Mother Goddess of The Kamakhya Devi Temple

The beauty of the world manifested as a twofold essence — a man and woman, soul and body, expanding the horizons of human life. On the plane of symbolism, the soul of things becomes associated with the manly form, and the manifested energy (Nature, as we call it) with that of woman and motherhood. This conception procreates a powerful and cosmic methodology that god and nature are necessary to each other as the complementary manifestations of one, just as we find in the male and the female together, humanity. Under this aspect, the one existence known as Purush and Prakriti, Soul and Energy.

Tantric literature and the bleeding Mother

According to Google Arts and Culture, “Tantra mentioned to be a system comprising incredible, primitive, unscientific beliefs, which promotes blind faith and exploits undeveloped or under-developed minds.” In Tantric literature, the father god is symbol represented by a white dot signifying the likeness with semen, while the Mother Goddess served by a red dot to suggest the correspondence with the menstrual blood contained in the ovum.

Kamakhya Temple

The Kamakhya Devi Temple, which is situated high aloft a hill called Neelachal Parbat or Kamagiri in the city of Guwahati. It is one of its several religious landmarks, which speaks volumes about the rich historical treasure over which the state of Assam accommodated. The temple holds an exceptional place in tantra and culture, since it is one of the most famous temples dedicated to mother worship in India. Therefore, the temple is the abode of the Mother’s figure in the form of a Yoni—shaped cleft in a rock that shrouds a natural spring, keeping the cleft moist. Albeit there is no scientific proof of the belief tantrics that around July/August, earth’s menstruation takes place and the river Brahmaputra runs red, a great ceremony takes place to celebrate the power of the Goddess.

Poem “Hideaway” by Nidhi Agrawal

The Goddess
Without birth or death
The Goddess of Kamakhya is on the far side
Of cosmology.
She is the blooming bride of Shiva
Granting salvation, yielding mercy and liberation.
Dwelling in the fertile shrine of Prakriti
She retires to the love of Shiva.
Day and night, I slope downwards
From the anguish of rejection
To find a safe, sweet spot meeting with
The hollow depression hydrated by
The underground fountainhead showering
Love, mercy, forgiveness, peace, and prosperity.
This stone studded vulva
Surrounded by female blood and membrane is my hideaway;
My Mother’s abode.

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Guest Poet: Surabhi Mahajan and Her Marathi Poem, काहूर (Kahoor)

Moon light night is beautiful

Marathi poem “काहूर” (kahoor)by Poet Surabhi Mahajan. She work as a full-time Computer Engineer in Los Angeles. She was born in Mumbai and raised in Panvel (Navi Mumbai) by a family which loves and celebrates arts, science, and literature. Though, Her full-time job leaves her with little spare time. Surabhi enjoy reading books, explores her literary abilities in the form of poetry and write-ups, she wrote Marathi Poem, काहूर. Additionally, Surabhi love trekking-hiking, plant parenting, cooking, and nature photography in her free times.

During her Bachelor's degree in VJTI Mumbai. There, she has worked as an editor for Marathi language for Institute's magazine. And there she could also interview personalities like Dr. Anil Avchat, Ujjwal Nikam, Vishwas Nangre Patil. These encounters have always been her inspirational points.
Surabhi enjoy travelling to new places, exploring Pacific Coastline in the USA is her one of the recent favorite activities. Especially the ethnic and modern world's amalgamation in San Francisco enchants her the most.

Though Indian food is her all-time favorite, Surabhi also loved Italian and Mediterranean food. However, Few of her Indian authors are G. D. Madgulkar, Maruti Chitampalli, P. L. Deshpande, Narayan Dharap and Balkavi as well as American authors including Dan Brown and many more.

Poetry is the journal of a sea animal living on land, wanting to fly in the air.

Carl Sandburg

Marathi Poem: “काहूर” (Kahoor) by Surabhi Mahajan

Her blog Shabda Sur where she keeps her writings up-to-date Visit her blog

काळोखल्या पौर्णिमेला
माजले काहूर होते
चांद दिसतो उत्तरेला
अन् राहिले घर दूर होते
चांद दिसतो उत्तरेला अन् राहिले घर दूर होते ||
तारकांच्या मांडणीचे
नक्षत्र मशहूर होते
सोमरहित आसमंती
आत्मप्रेमात चूर होते
काळोखल्या पौर्णिमेला माजले काहूर होते ||
ग्रासणारे या धरेला
समंध कसे मग्रूर होते
तिमिरघन काननाचे
आत्मसुर भेसूर होते
चांद दिसतो उत्तरेला अन् राहिले घर दूर होते ।।

Analysis of the Poem “काहूर” in Marathi

वाईटाचा चांगल्यावर , असत्याचा सत्यावर विजय मिळवण्याचा जगात सर्वत्र प्रयत्न चालू असतो. जसं चंद्रकला कृष्ण पक्षात असताना नभात चांदण्या मिरवू लागतात आणि अंधारलेल्या धरेवर समंध उत्पाती होतात.


Everywhere in the world, people make an effort to separate good from bad and true from false. Similar to when Chandrakala is on the side of Krishna, the moon begins to move in the sky and the sky becomes dark.