You Will Never Believe These Truth Of Mirza Ghalib Shayari

Mirza Galib Shayari is a thing of today and tomorrow. Once he said: “We don't like running in our veins, what is blood when it doesn't drip from the eye.”

रगों में दौड़ते फिरने के हम नहीं क़ायल, जब आँख ही से न टपका… तो फिर लहू क्या है.


Writing such punchlines could only be the great and famous Ghalib (pen name). His real name was Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan Ghalib (27 Dec 1797–15 Feb 1869), Indian poet of 80s when Mughals were disappearing and the era uprooted by British Raj. His writing life began at the age of 11 in his favorite languages (Urdu and Persian). However, his audience loved his poetry in Urdu. He could also write and read Persian too.

Galib was born in Agra to Mirza Abdullah Baig and Izzat-ut-Nisa Begum. His mother was a Kashmiri. Ghalib saw pain and struggles since his childhood, he got his first shock when his father died. Ghalib was too young. His father died in the battle of 1803, the battle of Laswari. It was second Anglo — Marathi War occurred on November 1, 1803 near Laswari village, Alwar.

Therefore, the poet raised by his paternal uncle for few years, and again Mirza got another shock when his uncle passed away. During those days, his poetic tiny brain was under development through those ups and downs of his life. However, he grabbed those emotional era and imprinted inside his heart-to-soul.

Hindi Shayari (Kavita) by Ghalib

Di se teri Nigaah jigar tak utar gai,
dono ko ik adaa mein
razamand kar gai

Ghalib in Hindi

दिल से तेरी निगाह जिगर तक उतर गई,
दोनो को इक अदा में रजामंद कर गई |

Mirza Galib Shayari in English

From the heart,
your eyes went down to the liver,
agreed to both of them
in a single gesture

Marriage at 13 what brings miracle in life?

The sparkling thoughts started gathering in him at the age of 11 and got married at the age of 13. Does marriage teach a man like him? One who is very young to understand or to taste the life. How can one prepared to get married at such a young age? Therefore, his intelligence marked in the history through his imagination skills, mostly in love and affairs putting them together. It is possible when one who gone through sorrow and grief could be the one. Furthermore, reading this biography, it takes you through ups and downs from his young life to through married and then old age. Mirza Galib Shayari in India is famous across the country.

Dard jab dil mein ho
toh dawa keejiye
Dill hi jab dard ho
toh kya keejiye
दर्द जब दिल में हो
तो दावा कीजिये
दिल ही जब दर्द हो
तो क्या कीजिये
When the pain is in the heart,
give it medicine
Heart only when it hurts
so, what to do?

A Quote by Mirza Ghalib

This world is a child’s playground for me. A spectacle unfolds day and night before me.


According to Ghalib, the poet is one who gambled, got into the jailed and has beaten with sleepers by lovers. He exactly expressed to one who has many emotional attachments. The one who passed through many struggles, crimes could evoke a lot of emotions on pages. However, the life of Ghalib had never been a straight, simple, and easy. He was taught from the life’s great lesson and experiences. Therefore, it's inspired thoughts his soul built from. Once he was also fell in love, but jealousy had never been onto his mind.

Ghalib thoughts that loving a person does not mean achieving, staying together or take the control of it. But, love it from the heart, spend some time with the person you love, share good and bad experiences and support each other mentally. No one has been skipped the travel of life’s struggles. The poems of Ghalib also said that married life is a prison of sorrow from bondage, and one who is bound left no one free from them. In central Kolkata, free school street is now Mirza Ghalib Street.

Prison of Life according to Mirza Ghalib

The prison of life and the bondage of sorrow are one and the same
Why should man be free of sorrow before dying?


The book, The Last Mughal: The Fall of a Dynasty, Delhi, 1857 written by William Dalrymple wrote that Ghalib was called “ladies man” the most of his writings (Shayari and poems) written on love themes. His most loved city was Delhi,

“I asked my soul: what is Dilli, she replied: the world is the body and Dilli is its life.”

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