What Happened to Gabriela Rico Jimenez?

Storytelling: timeless art connecting people through narratives. From prehistoric times to modern tech, it educates, preserves culture, and inspires a better future. Crucial in bridging divides, it reminds us of our shared humanity.

Mexican Supermodel exposes wealthy elites for murders, cannibalism, pedophilia, & corruption

Storytelling: timeless art connecting people through narratives. From prehistoric times to modern tech, it educates, preserves culture, and inspires a better future. Crucial in bridging divides, it reminds us of our shared humanity.

Saturday, June 1, 2024 is World Reef Day

Mexico is trying to make changes to clean up its country from corruption. Recently, I noticed many videos about the next election for president in Mexico , which will likely be a woman. Claudia Sheinbaum is actually Lithuanian/Bulgarian Jew, born and raised in Mexico as a secular Jew, but she considers herself an atheist. Her family is very educated with Masters and PHDs in the sciences, such as biology, biochemistry, physics, and chemical sciences. She also has similar values to the current male president, whom the Mexican people currently support. She seems to be close to AMLO.

Today, I noticed a Daily Mail article about a 21-year-old Mexican supermodel Gabriela Rico Jimenez. This video clip actually happened on the night of August 3rd, 2009, in Monterrey, Mexico City, right in front of an upscale hotel, Fiesta Inn. She seemed distraught, experiencing some kind of nervous breakdown because of her erratic behavior. In the video clip, it was noted that she was wearing a ripped blouse that had the words, “Yum Yum.” She moved to Monterrey in 2021 because she wanted her freedom. Carlos Slim knew about everything. She continued ranting about someone killing Mourino. She even mentioned the Queen of England, Queen of Germany, Disney Princesses, and Mickey Mouse, which all are symbolism and references for dark-cult rituals, Illuminati, MK-Ultra mind control, satanism, pedophilia, reptilians, child trafficking, and cannibalism. She added that these elites kill many people and they eat humans. She smelt human flesh, although she wasn’t aware of everything.

Many people who researched this mysterious Mexican supermodel claimed that she either must have attended one of those elite parties as a supermodel or she might have been involved in human trafficking and wanted to escape. I remember reading on the internet that Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington were at Epstein Island’s elite parties. Many supermodels are invited to elite social parties and events, mingling with celebrities, millionaires, tycoons, and other famous people. Gabriela noticed a connection between such powerful elites and cannibalism.

She had mentioned powerful Mexicans, such as Carlos Slim and Juan Camilo Mourino Terrazo. Gabriela was friends with Carlos’ son, and it was likely she knew certain information. Carlos Slim was of Lebanese descent. When I was in Mexico City in April 1980 with family, we noticed that many businesses there were owned by Lebanese Jews. Terrazo is a Mexican politician with PAN, National Action Party. He died in November 2008 when his small private plane had suddenly crashed into rush-hour traffic in Mexico City, under suspicious circumstances. Sixteen people had died in that plane crash, which includes nine people on the plane as well as seven people on the ground. Mourino was working for a government campaign to fight Mexico’s drug cartels. He was only 37 years old.

So, what happened to Gabriela Rico Jimenez? The last time people have seen her was at the police station. A lawyer was at the police station when she was arrested, and he noticed that she seemed very fearful, in the state of anguish and despair. He chatted with her, and she talked about death and everyone belonging to powerful elites. He eventually left Monterrey, after being told that this Gabriela doesn’t exist, never existed, and he doesn’t work here, which was like they erased her from existence. She had told him about an underground tunnel or base in Monterrey where the powerful elites live and they kidnap children to torture, kill and eat them.

It was also noted that Gabriela was taken to a psychiatric hospital in Colonia Buenos Aires. Some people think that it has to do with a MK-Ultra facility in Argentina, which is Illuminati-controlled. Moreover, the word Colonia in Mexican means neighborhood or district of a city; and, in Monterrey, Mexico City, there is actually a neighborhood called Buenos Aires, which has a mental institution. Someone else noted that a female named Gabriela Rico Jimenez was at a hospital in Ciudad Juarez, but that woman looks nothing like the supermodel. Other theories claim that Gabriela was taken to Arizona, where she was shot on Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim’s property.

I decided to do my own research on Carlos Slim Helu. Born on January 28, 1940 in Mexico City, Mexico, he was married to Soumaya Domit from 1967 until she died in 1999. They had six children. He was a business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, mostly known for being the CEO for Telmex, Grupo Carso, and America Movil. He has a BS degree in Civil Engineering from National Automous University in Mexico.

His parents, Khalil Salim Haddad and Linda Helu Atta, were Maronite Roman Catholics from Lebanon. His father taught him basics in business management and financial analysis. By eleven, he invested in a government savings bond, which taught him about dealing with compound interest. He kept detailed records of all his business transactions. By twelve, he made his first stock investment. By fifteen, he became a shareholder in one of Mexico’s largest banks. He also worked for his father’s company. In college, he received his BS degree in Civil Engineering, while teaching Algebra and Linear Programming. Since he also enjoyed economics, he took some economic classes in Chile. His mathematical skills helped him perform accurate business and financial analysis. It is noted that Slim is richer than Bill Gates. By 2010 and 2011, Slim was on Forbes’ list as the richest person in the world. He also invested in real estate. He has his own foundation, Carlos Slim Foundation, where he donated $4 billion to his foundation in 2021 as well as being involved in solving business problems.

Gabriela had accused many elites, living at an underground base, of kidnapping children, killing a politician, and eating human flesh. She claimed she was Carlos Slim’s slave. She also noted that the Queen of England made many human sacrifices as well as being a cannibal. The Queen was quoted for saying to a reporter, ‘Cannibalism doesn’t seem very nice, but it’s a good method for solving overpopulation.’

I am also aware that Mexico has its own Mexican Illuminati, and the drug cartels are similar to CIA, often working with CIA to transport drugs and human trafficking across the border because USA is the largest consumer of pedophilia, Latin countries are the largest producers of child trafficking, and Ukraine has the largest pedophilia ring. The 2023 movie, Sound of Freedom, exposed the pedophilia/child trafficking connections between USA and Latin countries, although pedophilia and child trafficking occurs worldwide, including at many European countries.