Corona Vaccine Update: I got My first Vaccination and symptoms

I was getting Corona Vaccine update through the possible channels (from friends, doctors, news, and one I meet and read). I was curious whom to approach that, how I would feel on my first dose of vaccination. However, finally I decided to upgrade my thought to the latest update of Covid-19 in India and went for the first dose.

Current status of Corona Vaccine Update as of date in India.

Corona Vaccine Update: I got My first Dose of Vaccination and symptoms
Corona Vaccine Update: I got My first Dose of Vaccination and symptoms

I can see that there has been many successful attempts by government of India has done with vaccination with the first dose. The first dose of corona vaccination is safe and effective. I urge every person on this earth to go for it. There are some symptoms that is varying person to person. Here I share my experience with you guys. Note, it is my feeling.

I took my first dose of corona Vaccination, have you?

I was hesitant at the first approach of my first dose of vaccination. However, since it was compulsion by the government of India, and thus I took the first step of my thoughts and booked the 1st vaccination shot at office.

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Important things to note while taking yours the first dose (vaccination).

  • Have your breakfast or lunch, then you should go for vaccination. The shot is strong and break the regular digestion. As when I had my first shot, I experienced that (please consult your doctor first).
  • Use your cotton bud, handkerchief, your pen, and sanitizer bottle. When you go to a vaccination centre, you will find many people are using a common pen to fill the form. This could lead to physical touch easily. So avoid it.
  • Register on before you plan your vaccination. It is difficult to get OTP or register on this site to verify your vaccination slot number. I recommend you to use Arogya Setu mobile app so that you can get a quick help to slot number provided by government of India.
  • Only use registered mobile number. If you have booked the slot from the one mobile number and while submitting your form use used different mobile number, that would bring an error to your registration and would issue to get your second shot.

Symptoms of my first corona shot

When I choose to go for vaccination, I preferred it on Thursday because I thought it would be great if I get shot on Thursday. I heard about fever and cold within the 8 hours of vaccination done. I applied the next day off to get a better rest and away from the office work. However, It was Friday and weekend as well.

I got fever within the 8 hours with heavy cold and body pain in the middle of the night. Therefore, my next day was my body was full of joint pain and couldn’t concentrate. I observed that my memory was fit and working fine. However, it was heavy breathing. When I tried to walk freely of 500 meters, I observed sudden sweating and strong breathing. This was never been a common occurrence for me. My joint pain lasted for 48-72 hours and heavy breathing with sweating for 2-4 days. I recommend you that you need one week to rest.

The common symptom I found was, I had lost my 50% of the hungriness. Therefore, reduced my meal to half. And it continued for seven days.

This is my observation, however, it varies individual to individual. My wife had no fever except heaviness and headache. Her vaccinated hand (left hand) was paining and swollen for 48 hours.

Things to take care of while you go for your shot (vaccination)

  1. Check if the injection filled up properly, with the required amount of dose.
  2. Do not fear, look at the injection site. If you ignored, you may end up taking without shot.
  3. Make sure you have a proof of vaccination downloaded for the next dose.
  4. Do not take first dose before 90 days if you were corona patient.

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Note: This is my opinion and experiences. Please consult your doctor before you start your vaccination or for any clarifications.

Kudos to Modi and his team for the hard work and free dose of corona vaccination to the whole country.