Anger: The product of different understanding

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Anger has different shape and size and thus manage it becomes quite difficult. I met a couple that never lasted in their bondage, found their kids of the same behaviours, his son who I never thought would turn out the same as father. When I was a kid at the age of 10, I could understand how these couples would survive till the end. They were unmatched and unresolved query of their fate. The couple’s behaviours in front of their kids was not normal. They could use abusive language, scolding the son in front of his daughter or slapping his wife in front of the entire family.

I frequently used to think that what their kids would be turned in future and their behaviours. I researched a lot and came to these points that they must have done so as when I saw them are the actual clone of their father.

The forceful ardent behaviours

Most of the time when recently got married couple found incorrect match in the next few months. However, the marriage done under a critical decision or based on attraction (one side love). You mostly find no love between them. Both becomes a prey of situation and either one of them finds unhealthy relationship to continue. Therefore, sex becomes a common and disinterested, however, a way to sacrifices for other important relations. One of the people from such relationship becomes dominant and try to rule while sex. That forceful and ardent behaviours cause, one of such child.

Tone Plays Crucial Role in Anger Management

This could also lead to anger in tone most of the time when things went wrong from the beginnings of the relationship. Occasionally, a wife does not respond to a query of her husband or vice versa. When human undergo physical relationship that should take place in the best way, at calm, happiness and with authoritative involvement of both the party. If that goes wrong and opposite, there it becomes a way of ardent behaviours to incorporate into your upcoming kids. This bad behavioural changes will impact your upcoming kids.

Anger Multiply Anger

I have seen people in my life how they react to such situations of anger brings only anger. I grew up in the village and saw such community, their kids, and the family behaviours. When the above discussed couple have grown up children, they become full trained from theirs parent reacts with each other, and thus the rest of the family quickly adapts to the changes. They start talking to parents in the same manners, with the same behaviours. Therefore, when father question back to their son or daughter on their behaviours, they actually forget and regret for life.

How does it Pass Through Genetically?

Understanding between the couple are the most important and should be in positive tone between them. When there is no understanding, and it starts from the day you got married, I am sure kids will also have the same problem dealing with their parents. Thus, one can easily get that how it affects genetically. When you go physical with your partner, the most important how you both are good in bed. How well and healthy is your relationship in terms of understanding. If both behave well, your kids will have the same characteristics and well controlled. The kind and patient.

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How does it pass through Behaviour?

It almost spread not through genetically but through mental channel and through to it becomes illness of lifetime and keeps continued in family generation to generation.