Need education to be happened first in the mother tongue

Discussing the problems of Zilla Parishad schools, the biggest question in front of parents (middle-class) in India that what quality of education is to give to their children? Nowadays, Indian parents are confused and looking for a solution, they are not mentally and economically ready to send their children to the convent schools. I am a father, want my kid should know, mother tongue must be taught first. The language she was born with she must not forget for the rest of her life. Therefore, retain her world's famous culture for India.

She should be excelled in that language only. The English is top among the others and is widely used everywhere, you can call it the second language for Indian. However, students in India gradually forgetting their mother tongue and ride sword bombarding with English and other applauses. The 300 Zilla Parishad schools to be turned into 'model schools' in Maharashtra.

Need education in mother tongue
The biggest question in front of parents (middle-class) in India that what education is to give to their children. | Photo by Julia M Cameron on

As a parent, we cannot impel our children directly to learn English. Now every institution in India from nursery to college, all the education started in English. We are afraid of losing our culture, mother-tongue, and rituals. Therefore, ultimately the existence of India. All are coming from western countries. What I thought, learning the cultures of other foreigners are good to know but not to acquired. If you are adapting it, then what will be the use of being Indian. However, our values of the Indian culture are then useless. If it continues the same way then one day, the existence of India will not be found after a few decades.

What is the role of government ZP schools teachers?

When I was a student at Zilla Parishad school, I used to force by teachers to learn. At any point on a single day, if I missed my homework, the teachers used to punish us by slapping or hitting a wooden stick on the bare palms. The student got such punishments many times because there was a sole reason for that ― One of the reasons. However, our parents were illiterate, and thus they never complained why are you slapped our kids.

Being a student, we had no clue that how education would be so important in the future? But being a parent of a kid, now we know it very well how difficult it is to give education to our children. Teachers are doing a good job, they go to every family of the village, ask for new admissions for free. Therefore, some things are still missing in the school.

Some random survey stated that other government teachers enjoy sleeping in class and give students the period off. However, it also stated that some teachers loved teaching students, pay for necessary needs of the students like pen, pencils and books from their pockets. As well as, paid board exam fees, and shared their lunch box. They do the hard work for to get new admissions to save their job. However, the focus on quality teaching is still missing.

We have a great example of the teacher Ranjitsinh Disale, a Zilla Parishad primary school teacher from the Pairtewadi village in Solapur, who ranked the top 50 of the Global Teacher Prize 2020 placed himself to compete with educators from the world over to win $1 million.

The teachers like to send their kids to convents; thus other parents wonder why their children should go to ZP schools.

The Future of the country with the same strength and weakness.

ZP schools are state-oriented and provide education as per the language of the state since India is a multilingual country. Every school has their mother's language compulsory. If these schools replace by convent schools, the language would definitely be going to extinguish permanent for sure. This is the major issue, and we all need to focus on this. The Indian teachers need to take initiatives because they build the future of the country.

Difficult and busy urban life affecting on the schools

When middle-class reach out to take education to ZP school, education is free, but it’s very cheap. I mean that some facility and quality does not fulfil today’s need at the state education level. In villages, both husband and wife go to the farm, it is a bit easier for them to get kids ready for the school and while back home from the farm, it’s easy to collect them or at least they have grandparents taking care to receive them at home.

However, what being an urban citizen? Here both parents go to the office and not necessary that school will be closer to the house. It is far away, maybe 3-5 km, office time does not suit at all. None of the government school provides transport facility so that kids could be picked up from the home and drop them back without worries. It becomes quite difficult to choose ZP school, and we tend to go to private schools and that is one of the reasons for financial crises.

Many complaints about the teachers

There were days when there were no complaints at home from the school teachers, but if you think today if any single bump on the student would take the teacher’s job away for permanent. I agree due to some teachers (in the past) it was banned in India and for today’s generation, it does not at all tolerated.

Scope of improvements in the Education System of Indian Zilla Parishad schools

  1. There are few scopes of improvements in ZP school then it will look great schools to Indian. Thus, if these amendments have been done, the middle-class public will never hesitate to send their child to the school.
  2. The transportation must keep for optional as due to crowded and busy city life, no one has enough time to send and receive kids because of odd office timings.
  3. CCTV cameras must be present in the class for the beta watch, it will help students stop fighting with others, teachers to stop timepass and focus on teaching and easy for monitoring overall adherence in the class.
  4. Cultural activities, Soft skills training and Fun Friday are stress relieving and bring joyful environments. These evoke interest in the students and find a better place to come every day.