The empty mind is devil’s workshop | 1 proven Truth!

empty mind is devil's workshop | photo of person wearing costume

Have you got a question on how empty mind is devil's workshop? It is as simple as that when we are alone, it proves to be the most important.

Especially when we have nothing left for the day or when we are completely done for the day or caught in when our mind goes the opposite. You trapped in a conflict between heart and mind.

How and why I call It empty mind is devil's workshop?

We always overthink that leads us a somewhere unwanted or forceful path. It has recently happened to me when I was empty or left with nothing to do.
When a housewife has finished her daily chores early, she has a lot of time to spend. After doing extra work, somehow she starts doing or inclined to the negative part of thought because it's universal's law when positive time finished, negative starts for sometimes.

The empty mind is devil's workshop
The empty mind is devil's workshop | Photo by Alena Shekhovtcova on

The empty mind is devil's workshop

One of such a thing that had happened to me. You must be laughing what kind of it is? You must have heard firsthand stories from working husbands about how their wives will argue with them when they doubt them for no apparent reason. It happens because of overthinking. The thinking which has no sense or no limits.

You must have considered what I'm trying to say, or that you, as a corporate employee, have what kind of an empty mind and a house of evil? Yes, I too had, and I guess everyone has in their life. It is similar to when your wife and daughter-in-law stay at home all day and you or your son returns home to find them fighting over trivial matters.

So, here we go, in the quarter of my shift I was done for the day and my empty mind had started rushing on many thoughts. However, sitting in front of the computer nobody would like it after the shift hours. The same thing had happened to me. I locked my system in no time and walked out on the road. I was out just to know what is in our office's stores (shopping mall).

It was the 30th of January, already the end of the month, and I had no money. But the height of the moronic idea of a human has no solution. I went directly to the basement of Food Court 3 in my office. There are many shops, you can buy ice-cream, sweets, chocolate, tourist packages, groceries, and medicines. Almost everything.

I went into a supermarket, and my eyes started searching and exploring every nook. I was convinced that if this stupid mind fell in love with anything, I wouldn't be able to resist it. It would be difficult to refrain from doing so, and my expectation was met exactly. Guessing what I could have done, A box of pens caught my eye, and it was a Parker pen. Well-packed inbox.

When I started digging in there, I found very interesting pens, and they were of high quality and costly too. I fell for a golden one. I took that in my hand and turned around, I thought choosing a diary would be a great idea. As I turned around, I noticed the new year's 2020 calendars, which were very fancy. I picked the one with the violet cover. My mind thought of black-and-white days of me when I used to have my pen collection, that time, I was doing my schooling. I couldn't stop myself, even though I had no balance on my debit card.

Realisation helps us keep away our empty mind is devil's workshop

I quickly realized that my wallet was narrower after touching it with my index and middle fingers. Furthermore, I removed my fingers without taking out the wallet and kept the pen and diary. I had already crossed off my credit card expenses for the month. I remained there in front of the pen tray. I also took a deep breath and picked them up again, quickly entering them into the billing queue before my mind changed.

Many of my thoughts tried to convince me to revoke my decision in the crowded queue, but all the efforts failed. Fortunately, I was the only second person in line. The next person was a female who was holding only two items, and she was done within one minute. Finally, with many financial implications on my mind, I swiped my credit card. When the card swiped and the message came on my mobile, it gave me a shiver. It was more than I had expected.

The empty mind is devil's workshop | photo of person wearing costume
The empty mind is devil's workshop | Photo by Wilson Vitorino on

I got back to my desk in ten minutes (I was not logged off yet) and had another 20 minutes to log out. Only one question was bothering me: what would my wife's reaction be? Have you come across such a situation ever?
I was sure that she was going to shout at me when she looked at that expensive pen. I already know this, which is why I purchased a few preschool books for my daughter, who is 2.5 years old. thinking that it will ease her anger over the term "stinginess." I also had a thought, “I must hide the bill of shopping,” but all went in vain, and what had happened was unexpected.

When I got home, I took my shoes off and rang the doorbell, hearing my daughter playing in the hall and watching a cartoon on TV. I had already planned on how to react at home when I am at home. As soon as the door flung open, Reedha greeted me and gave me a smile.
“Reedha! "Look
what I bought for you.” I pulled the zip (can't wait to show it to her) of my bag down and took out a carry-bag in which all the shopping had been done. I glanced around, the closed bedroom door,

Oh, Swati is having a nap, I thought.

I was pretty convinced that she must be awake and watching TV shows on her mobile phone. I gave a soft knock on the door and went into the bathroom to get fresh. She opened the door within a minute.

I made a mistake

When I handed books to Reedha, that time I had kept the other things on the sofa while she checked the bill. She came near me, resting one hand on her waist and the other holding the bill.

You bought a pen for 500 rupees?” She asked in a surprising tone.
I was looking into her eyes to measure the quantity of anger on her face. However, looking at my casual look, her innocent face started carrying anger.

Lokesh, are you crazy? It's month-end.
Yeah I know, but I couldn't hold myself back from buying these.

She went straight into the kitchen, and I followed her dancing and convincing manner, but she didn't respond. She drank a glass of water and resumed her pending kitchen cleaning. I stood near her, watching her every move. She was not looking at me at all. Reedha was clearly enjoying her new books (reading Tiger, Lion, Deer, and so on). After more than three minutes of staring at my wife, she finally shouts.

There are many things that I'm dreaming of, there is no quality mirror at the basin, no exhaust fans at home. I did not make any recent shopping, and you wasted 900 rupees today for nothing.”

Her anger was obvious, my dad had already lent me some money for January. Without a salary, I made this purchase. It was all justified because she was stormy. Was there any devilish activity going on in the workshop?

You could have to buy some 50-100 rupees (range) pen if you even think that time.” She advised me.

This time she was calm down.

Sorry for that, but…” What else I could say?

Thoughts twisted my mind” I said again.

"You only are saying that you do not give us time after office hours. All-day you sit in front of the office PC and at home with your laptop. You don't give us time at all."

I took a deep breath and started looking straight into her eyes feeling myself guilty.

"Hence I decided I will minimize the usage of mobile and laptop and concentrate on writing part and that is why I purchased a pen and a notebook."

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She broke the glance, and I was clear that she liked my idea. She resumed her job—cleaning the kitchen. I went into the hall and sat on the sofa, unpacked my pen, took the diary, and wrote my name on the first page of my new diary. I was surprised when she came near me within two minutes, sat beside me on the sofa wearing a smile, and handed me a glass of water, I smiled too.

Let me try this pen.” Finely she uttered in her sweet voice.

Before we go to conclusion on taking the decision, it is more important to know how to handle about the future. Being an empty mind is never accepted for a healthy mind.