7 sins of Gandhi: According To Mahatma, everyone to follow

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The principle of Mahatma Gandhi is so effective that all the world admires it, and one of them is the seven social sins. Gandhi, in his time, kept educating the people and society. However, most of the leaders today follow his great principle.

7 sins of Gandhi according to mahatma gandhi
7 sins of Gandhi | Picture credited to Wikipedia

These Seven Social Sins according to Mahatma Gandhi have been discussed after further in 1989 in The Compassionate Universe: The Power of the Individual to Heal the Environment by Indian, Eknath Easwaran. As well as, by foreign writer Stephen Covey in 1989, Principle-Centered Leadershipand Frank Woolever(2011) inGandhi’s List of Social Sins: Lessons in Truth. [1]

Among those, seven sins of Gandhi are popular. Furthermore, it guides the human being toward the trustworthy development of life. It also called as Seven Social Sins. As well as, these sins further focused on the conducts of a man in society.

7 sins of Gandhi

1. Wealth Without Work

Talking about wealth in 7 sins of Gandhi, learn association about it with work.

Individual earn Wealth Without Work has bootless richness of very little time. However, no one could survive on this money. Furthermore, those who are becoming rich without work is one of the such deadly sins. It could disturb healthy life and it becomes troublesome.

2. Pleasure Without Conscience

Pleasure Without Conscience comes in picture when our left brain asks us that what we are doing is right or wrong? Does it make any sense to you, or what is the best thing for you to do at this time? If you are on the verge of having pleasure without conscience, your future is going to be your bad days of life. There are many celebrities that involves in this activities.

In 7 sins of Gandhi, take an example of your day to day office life

One of the fine examples is telling your boss not going to office. However, giving excuse of your kid’s bad health despite your kid’s health being good. In short, calling or inviting decease or negative things at home for their kids instead.

3. Knowledge Without Characters

In this 7 sins of Gandhi, how importance of your character discussed.

This sin would bring any public shame for you if you have Knowledge Without Characters. However, developing the character of your kids as important as growing knowledge of any individual. Knowledge is like a sword, at the same time it will save you or kills you.

When a person comes together with these qualities, thoughts make his life happy and prosperous. In fact, both builds each other up. Furthermore, one can't run on a single leg and the same way you can describe knowledge without character in your definition.

4. Commerce Without Morality

Some people do Commerce Without Morality for money. However, others for charity or humanity. Doing business with due respect to ethics brings happiness in life.

5. Science Without Humanity

The science is continuously evolving year by year and forming a new technology. We are witnessing to Science Without Humanity every day to day life. Some misuse technology and the man goes against the humanity. Highly professionals are even not taking a step back ladder up the science.

Those who posses no compassion, misuses technology. Moreover, it finds that the man degenerate individual against humans

6. Religion Without Sacrifice

Sacrifice is such a great word that upon it eliminates evils and makes a great union. However, Religion Without Sacrifice occurs in riots often. The union would be between man and God, or take an example of a married couple. However, most of the individuals are on the top, based on what they sacrificed on the order of things.

Thus, the person becomes more religious only when he sacrificed his life for others, you can read the great leaders like leprosy healer, Baba Amte and Abraham Lincoln

7. Politics Without Principle

7 sins of Gandhi. However, every alternate humans have Politics Without Principle impacts reverse on the life. Everybody has their laws, principle, and rules. They would put barricades on themselves their own. This is the natural tendency of a wise man. However, leading this abides by the rules of Gods. Thus, third comes only when listening to others govern by XYZ person bow to the principle.

Additionally, this fosters collaboration, profitability, and creativity in a community, an organization, or a person.