Terrible Eight months of hard work (pregnancy) on the edge?

At the end of the 8th month of my wife's pregnancy, we were advised by our doctor to get an Ultrasonography report from our regular lab. We both were excited and eager to know our final date of baby delivery. After waiting for one and a half hours, finally our turn came. However, we were nervous, and we had done in max 10 minutes. After we got feedback, we were relaxed and went home. Upon hearing the final date of our warm welcoming baby. It sounded safe and worry-free. The doctor had said that,

The foetus has adequate liquid and everything is normal.

After revisit of our doctor, he also confirms that all is well, and it is going to be a normal delivery. Thus, we got relaxed, we withdrew all the clusters of enmities. As well as the regular habits what we were doing from the 1st month. The long-awaited day came soon and minor check-up done. After two days delay of the actual due date. My wife couldn't push further, all she was doing, crying with pain. Every time fails whenever specialists visit her and try their level best. After two-three trials they neglected and called me to their cabin asking.

We need to go for scissor immediate, let me know your decision within half and an hour.

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These words left me completely lost and excreting. The reason was the only one,

There was no enough liquid.

Listening to Doctor, I was surprised. Only one question I had was, why we had stopped our daily routine? That we had stopped on the 8th month onwards. It was including (Watching daily intake of regular water, coconut water twice-thrice in a week, careful exercise, strictly no ride on the bike).

Thanks to God, when the baby was delivered safely, the doctor said, "The Baby was strangled by the umbilical cord." What I wanted to say here is, don't wait for such surprise, waste your time and money.

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