A Poem About Me (revised)

portrait of a boy with curly hair wearing a black shirt

How to write a poem about me

The boy who lived by the sea

As a youngster, I was not a loudspeaker

Just a shy and quiet teenager

Who wondered about Dreams of the Heart

With my visions of yesteryear Well Preserved

I loved Vegemite, honey, and ice-cream

Then my life became Just a Little Dream

Looking at the Crystal Clear Shallows on the bay

I saw Ripples of Inconsiderateness turn my hair grey

Struggling, life was disappearing after my stroke

Emotionally I was crying out, Who’s Left to Row the Boat

Needing strength, my stars echoed, “I do Thee Shine”

Now I'm left with these Words of Mine

Recalling the days during her Everlasting Smile

Leaving my empty hands full of Memories and Rhymes

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