Vrukshavalli Amha Soyari Meaning: Unconditional Truth behind the poem

Tukaram maharaj | poem vrukshavalli amha soyari

Vrukshavalli amha soyari, meaning is eternal and The poem Vrukshavalli Amha Soyari was written by Tukobaraya (Tukoba—Saint Tukaram), a 17th-century Hindu poet and saint from Maharashtra known for his devotional poetry and Bhakti movements. Many movies are made on him life and bhakti songs

Tukaram maharaj | poem vrukshavalli amha soyari. Vrukshavalli Amha Soyari Meaning: The Truth behind the poem
Vrukshavalli Amha Soyari Meaning: The Truth behind the poem | Tukaram singing poem Vrukshavalli Amha Soyari poem | Pic credit to Wikimedia commons

Poem Vrukshavalli Amha Soyari meaning in Marathi

The poem "Vrukshavalli Amha Soyari" explores the meaning in Marathi from Sanskrit

वृक्ष वल्ली आम्हां सोयरीं वनचरें ।
पक्षी ही सुस्वरें आळविती ।।

येणें सुखें रुचे एकांताचा वास ।
नाही गुण दोष अंगा येत ।।

आकाश मंडप पृथुवी आसन ।
रमे तेथें मन क्रीडा करी ।।

कंथाकुमंडलु देहउपचारा ।
जाणवितो वारा अवसरु ।।

हरिकथा भोजन परवडी विस्तार ।
करोनि प्रकार सेवूं रुची ।।

तुका म्हणे होय मनासी संवाद ।
आपुला चि वाद आपणांसी ।।

Exposition of the poem “Vrukshavalli Amha Soyari meaning” and it's Meaning in English

The forms of god and the presence of its creatures are represented by birds, trees, and animals. The birds give their melodious, rhythmic love to the entire world. For all of us, they are our blood and flesh.

Tukoba, who used to go to quiet places and meditate under a tree. Feel the enchantment of nature, birds, trees, air, and the entire universe as a family.

People who love such quietness feel happy, and thus this beauty of nature, the chirping of birds, brings no merits or demerits. And let no one come close to you or touch you. The viewpoint on others is consistent and brings equality.
This infinite sky, with all of its stars, serves as our collective roof. My heart and soul dance to its rhythm.

Tukaram treated himself thusly in his real life. He had a house, but he spent most of his time outside, singing his poetry alongside birds and animals.

We only need enough clothes to walk around in society, water that Kamandalu can hold, nature, and pure air if one wishes to provide therapy to their soul or inner-self. These are the most effective ways to treat and cleanse your soul.
After you set yourself up for meditation, you need no food. I consider this meditation my meal of the day. The air, water, meditation, the sky, and this holy earth are enough for me to live.

Tukoba says a vital line at the end of the poem, Vrukshavalli Amha Soyari meaning

Tuka claims that after doing these, your soul will speak to you. It lets you know who you are and what your purpose is for living on this holy land.

The poetry of Tukaram turned millions into devotees who fell for his remarkable writings in Marathi. Moreover, read about Saint Kabir Das, Searching For Crook I Met None, I Looked At me, I Found the one