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My book "Lost Tribes of Israel discovered in the Kyrgyz Epic Manas," which discusses culture and faith, is a compilation of scholarly studies that I presented in Kyrgyzstan.

Culture and faith, the source of the earth's script

Culture and Faith | The Book at the Root of Your Culture and Faith | hands holding a brown prayer beads
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The Earth's Script (aka the Bible) reaches beyond stereotypical Judeo-Christian boundaries into every nation and religion. There is no place among human cultures untouched by our species’s script. I lived for 20 years in Kyrgyzstan and saw firsthand the culture of Central Asia, which had grown around seeds from this book of books. One would think Kyrgyzstan is as far as you can get from the Judeo-Christian world, but God said He would disperse Israel among all the nations.

Theologians agree that this primary “seeding of nations” began as Israel’s northern tribes fled from Assyria or were taken captive by Assyria to the eastern border. They never stopped spreading through every continent. From Japan’s Shinto religion to Native Americans and African Americans, diverse tribes and cultures, ancient and modern peoples claim to be descendants of Israel’s Lost Tribes.

Since ancient Israel had been powerfully shaped by the Script, we can often match cultural influences like detectives matching DNA. Researching Israel’s Lost Tribes is an unending puzzle that affects each one of us. Our ethnic, national, cultural, and religious identities are all found in this fantastic mosaic.

My book which talks about culture and faith

My book “Lost Tribes of Israel found in the Kyrgyz Epic Manas” is a collection of academic essays that I presented in Kyrgyzstan from 2006–2012 which unveil the myriad of parallels between ethnic Kyrgyz and the ancient book. No Kyrgyz scholar could argue with the data I presented because they all knew their own culture and could easily verify the biblical equivalents. Similar books about the Lost Tribes of Israel have been written in relation to Buddhism, the tribal Mizos and Kukis on the Indian-Myanmar border, Nigerians, and many more. This theme, which has become popular again, will be written about much more in the coming years.

My second book, Come Home, is a light theology about the Lost Tribes of Israel, with stories from my life in Kyrgyzstan and stories from nations around the world. The book expands on an innocent, childish desire for world peace. I argue that religious conversion is obsolete since every nation and religion have its roots in humanity’s script.

God’s command to love becomes the glue that unites us. “Come Home” provides a wonderful springboard for discussing interfaith unity and addressing world peace from an angle we have not yet tried. I recommend “Come Home” to help understand the Script’s secret to peace on earth.