20 million peak viewers watched England vs Senegal in the World Cup.

england vs senegal

The Qatar World Cup 2022 tournament match between England vs Senegal yesterday night attracted the most viewing in the UK to date, with a peak of around 20 million viewers on ITV.

The game, which concluded 3-0 to England, was seen by an average of 13.4M people over a three-and-a-half-hour period starting at 6pm GMT (10 a.m. PST).

Peak viewing figures for the 3-0 triumph over Wales, which advanced England, were 18.7M, somewhat more than the 18M who watched the dull 0-0 stalemate with the United States. These ratings are all noticeably higher than England's opening match against Iran, which was played on a Monday lunchtime and received a 6M rating.

The matchup between England and France will now take place on Saturday at 7 p.m. GMT (11 a.m. PST) and is expected to draw higher television audiences than the previous encounter.

Huge TV crowds have been generated by the World Cup so far in both Europe and the United States, smashing records for Fox live sport viewing in the latter.

With Brazil playing South Korea later and Japan taking on Croatia, the event has officially progressed to its second stage.

The World Cup match between England and Senegal peaked with 20 million viewers

Koulibaly Kalidou:

We leave this World Cup with our heads held high: proud to have given everything on the pitch, proud to have honored our people

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