Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone : You But New

Navigating midlife crisis in relationships requires open communication, mutual support, and a proactive approach to address common challenges together.

For years, I struggled with getting out of my comfort zone. I knew it all along, there were risks I needed to take in order to find the sky where I really wanted to fly. I opted for jobs that kept my 'image' safe, safe jobs with no scope of failure because I was too scared to fall. I always wanted to write books, but my fear of judgment did not allow me to break my comfort zone. I was protecting myself from imaginary 'rejection'.

As a result, I ended up ghostwriting for people for years. Countless books written by me are available on Amazon, but none of them carry my name.

That's how fear looks like my friend.

You live with the pain of knowing the potential of possibilities trapped inside, locked under the lid of fear. But one day, I had enough. I decided to go ahead and write my first book under my name. And that day, I wrote this poem.

You But New

It's a process

Albeit a slow difficult one

You are so attached to the old you, the familiar you

Just the idea of letting go of everything familiar

Everything you once held onto like your life depended on it.

Everything that you called 'You'

You let go off

Sometimes willingly

Sometimes you are pushed into it

Just like some babies don't cry when they come out of the womb, some do

They are so used to living in the darkness inside that they cannot imagine the life that awaits them outside

The land of unfamiliar, scary, unknown

Most of us are scared to let go

We tend to cling onto familiar anchors despite not wanting to be in that position

Eventually, breaking down and realizing

They served their purpose and now it's over

Letting go of the familiar darkness for the unknown

Shit scary ? Yes

Worth it ? YESS

Cause how else would you meet the "you" waiting on the other side of this version of "you," beyond the darkness?

Real growth lies outside

Outside the womb

Outside the comfort zone

Like a phoenix burning everything you ever once to become something that's still YOU but NEW

It's time to leave your comfort zone, my friend.

Let go of the old 'you' to meet the new 'you'. It's a journey of embracing change, of stepping into the unknown to find the 'You' waiting on the other side.

You never know, you might be in for a lifetime of surprises, provided you are willing to break your comfort zone! If you'll never let go, you'll never know!