Clairaudience meditation: A special Gift

Explore Clairaudience Meditation & awaken your intuition to receive messages from the Universe! This gift helps us connect with a deeper reality and discover the unseen forces guiding us.

Have you ever heard about Clairaudience Meditation? Beings with clairaudience can hear divine messages and feel the presence of spiritual beings around them. It is a special gift that allows you to be in tune with the transcendental, receiving guidance and comfort in times of need. Clairaudience is like listening from the mind of the Universe to your mind, the words that at that moment your help needs for yourself or for others.

Explore Clairaudience Meditation & awaken your intuition to receive messages from the Universe! This gift helps us connect with a deeper reality and discover the unseen forces guiding us. |

These special gifts, although often misunderstood or even questioned, are an important part of the human experience. They remind us that the world is much more complex and mysterious than we can perceive with our physical senses, and they invite us to explore the depths of our being and the universe that surrounds us. Because in truth, there are others (realities) that surround us, that sometimes we don't even realize, if someone doesn't say something about someone we know, they could help us on some occasion when we find ourselves on our paths.

Today what I want to talk to you with most fervor is about those anonymous people who heal, or rather they are channels that the Masters of the Universe use to heal a person. I have personally witnessed healings, miracles granted through a good soul to a person in need of healing. Normally these people prefer to be anonymous, although many times fame precedes them. I hope with humility that I have explained to you another side of life that surrounds us, one full of light and help that we can have at our side.

People who use Radiadthesia are those who use the pendulum, many listen with their minds to what they are saying to help others, others with yes or no, can also respond to reassure the person who needs it. In reality, when we were created, each and every one of us came with a Gift, some of us feel them and make use of them, others due to careers, life's problems, sadness or illness, do not realize them, so they walk their path without knowing it.

I hope I have explained this feeling of mine, and that you liked it.

Ask Life, poem that explain my feelings

The grandmother was already leaving, older with so many wrinkles on her skin that you could hardly distinguish those Sky-colored eyes that were still sick, they continued looking with that infinite tenderness that she always looked at.

He approached me, his mouth on my ear and said;

Ask my life (I don't have the strength), ask it how that path that I found when going down is going,

and also tell it (but with tenderness), that I would like to be worthy of spreading wings because you know?

They told me a long time ago that to return to Heaven, we have to unleash those wings they gave us.

What do you think, my love, my good daughter?
Do you feel that I will return as I came down with a tender soul?

I looked at his eyes, tired of looking, scared, perhaps, by fear of what would happen, something in me burst out as if I were bursting into tears, as if Heaven were suddenly arriving, as if a sigh was drowning my heart, without being able to respond only with joy and pain.

They filled words from the depths of the soul that I managed to say there in his ear;

GOD speaks for me, and tells you that you are that beautiful, tender and quiet girl, the one who still maintains her wings.
!! Deploy them daughter!!!

I kissed her on the forehead, I blessed her good life, and I swear that Three angels approached her, and spread their wings, with smiles and singing, with the light of Heaven shining, my grandmother said goodbye to me and closing those eyes of tender loves, merged with the Creator.

Julia Orozco