Dutchman with imposing appearance, stars in Indiana Jones film.

Olivier Richters, a colossal figure from the Netherlands, enters Hollywood with an impactful role in the new Indiana Jones film "The dial of destiny". His imposing stature and charisma add a memorable element to this iconic film, inspiring others to face life's adventures with courage.

Olivier the unknown Dutchman.

According to his special contract, Olivier had to bite his lips for a year until he was allowed to let loose. Still quite a young actor, he was allowed to play a role in the latest Indiana Jones film that will be released in cinemas all over the world in a few weeks. The 33-year-old actor, just like a year ago, is now walking around with a big secret again, on his horizon an even bigger role with even more text has appeared, but he is not allowed to say anything about that yet.

How it all began.

Olivier Richters was born in 1989 in Hilversum, the Netherlands, not far from the capital Amsterdam. In his teens, Olivier was an almost skinny boy of 80 kilos clean on the hook. This while the boy had a length of 201 centimeters.

To boost his self-confidence, Olivier started working out in a gym in 2007. Olivier liked this so much that he soon decided to switch to bodybuilding. This was a great success. In 2019 he was 2.18 centimeters tall, and Olivier weighed 155 kilograms clean on the hook. In 2019, he founded an online company with his brother and his girlfriend that supplies meat products.

The glamour soon began.

Through a lot of training and hard work in his "own" company, his body developed in a great way, so much so that Olivier was allowed to show off his body on the front page of the men's magazine Men's Health in 2018. Also included in this version of this magazine was an entire article with Olivier. He only started thinking about acting when he saw the actor Richard Kiel on the big screen. This actor is better known to the general film audience as the tall villain Jaws who starred in two James Bond films. He inspired Olivier to learn how to act. In the meantime, the tall actor has already starred in the films Black Widow, The Kings Man and Louis Wain, Olivier was also seen in the streaming service HBO in the series Gangs of London.

So now in Indiana Jones.

The world-renowned action thriller series that is already showing its fifth installment with Harrison Ford in the lead role, of course. In this episode, Jones takes on a German scientist who hopes to travel back in time and help the Nazis win World War II. In this episode, Richters plays one of the German villain's henchmen. During the filming of this film, the Dutch actor weighed 155 kilos. He is now six kilos heavier, he says. Olivier says that when he started bodybuilding, he wondered if he would ever be able to double his body weight. When he asked himself this question, the actor weighed eighty kilos.

But how does maintaining such a body work?

The actor says that it is getting easier for him to maintain that colossal body. On the film set you don't have your own food; you are well taken care of. And don't forget that between shooting the film, you'll be doing more cardio exercises than you think. And during the recordings you can be a little thick, that will shrink again. He currently eats about 6,300 calories a day, which he divides into six or seven meals a day. Olivier adds that if you want to look good with his height and weight, you must accept it as a lifestyle.

How do others experience Olivier?

If you can speak to people from Olivier's private environment, they will say that they know Olivier as an extremely calm and above all very sympathetic man who keeps the reins of his life in his own hands. The jokes are therefore often not out of the blue. In all the roles played by Olivier so far in his still young career, he usually plays the "Bad guy" as much as possible, while in real life Olivier is the exact opposite of this in his "normal" life in which everyone who is with him at that moment enjoys it to the fullest.

Have fun with this new Indiana Jones movie with a "hefty" Dutch touch.

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