Everyone Has Their Black and White Day

Getting Out Of Comfort Life

We are living in colourful life, days of comfort in all the nooks. We never try to go in the early morning sun, we stopped running on the ground — Need a treadmill. Furthermore, we are running away from our lives, an actual life that we suppose to live. Because of these things, the ecosystem unbalanced. Occasionally, we behave like an animal and those co-exist creature sometimes behave like a well human being. It is simple, they are learning from us, their brain power is gradually increasing, but we, the smart human using the brain power for extraordinary things that would cost more. Automation is doing its progress in life very fast, it has taken away many jobs of the people. If it kept working with the same rhythm, on the last day of human, it will be proved that smartest living being has slit his throat.  

Black & White Days

When I was living in 1994 I could only see black and white pictures, movies on TV, those lives were spectacular. Now when an old photo comes in front of my eyes, my memories become fresh, there were many jobs available, life was pollution-free. Love had the most prime importance, its value was visible in our relationship. Now the world is changing too fast, we don't have time to call our loved ones, just a ping makes us enough. We are living such a suffocated life, but still, we feel that we are the smartest. Nobody wants this life to be taken away, it is an astonishing life, but something we need to change to get a better life for tomorrow.   These two eyes have seen many things, but they can't forget those holy, pure days of existence. Days everyone has to live when the expectation died, when someone dear leaves you alone at the age of 65 and that time you go back to life and leave your colourful days right there. That time money does not matter, only love and memories that keep you survive. It gives you strength to stand alone in your difficult situation when life is independent.  

A Story Of My Village

I remember a person of my village who died alone even though he had two sons and wife. He was living alone and one day he found died. He was from a middle-class family, bad habits (alcohol) every time he was found drunken. Many times he had the fights with his sons and wife. One day, Three of them left him alone in the village. But life seemed better for him, he looked happy those days, he later had become a good man, his drinking habits almost stopped. He was the only used to cook food for himself, living in a hall and kitchen — a house made up of mud and roof tiles. He used to cook dinner under a kerosene lantern and every day he was getting a peaceful sleep.  

Learning From Our Mistakes

I understood the reasons for the hurdle in his life was only his two kids and wife. Sporadically, we have to pay big for our small mistakes or wrong decision in our life (When you get married against your will or when you don't accept the next person as your life partner). Later I got to know that his marriage was a forceful one, in India it happens, many times, and then we have to pay for it. Our life becomes hell, and then we climb wrong steps in life. I liked his decision or whatever had happened to his life, his family left him alone, but he lived his best day at the end of his life. Once in life, the problems automatically finds its way, and it gets resolved.