Art Buchwald: “it is the only time we’ve got”

Art Buchwald
Art Buchwald

An American-born humorist Art Buchwald (b. 20 Oct 1925 - d. 17 Jan 2007). Once, Art went on to search his best destination of luck in his journalism. One of the famous columnists of Washington Post. Art was loved and critic most of the time died at the age of 8. It had happened due to several pains of his leg and kidney. He had never stopped his writing even after his doctor had warned him. And that is called a passion for love and work that any productive writer likes to do.

However, his one strong leg and damage kidney was much enough to travel to millions of his fans worldwide. However, his powerful pen enough to convey his presence. And kept showering his love in words till the end of his life. Many made sad laughed and many broken found a new way toward life to survive. Mr Art Buchwald was a real depression survivor.

Art Buchwald

The fun-loving man had started his journey as a writer in Paris. He joined as a primary earning source, but he was an inexperienced writer those days. His favourite topic of writing was the nightlife of Paris in his column, Paris after Dark for New York Tribune. In his declining years, he was suffering from dialysis and had lost his right leg due to gangrene. His kidney stopped working, and he died leaving his memorable journey in Washington DC. His millions of fans, and close friends in the United States left shock on his abrupt demise.

At the beginning of his career, he had started with US Marine. But left his job in just two short years saying,

In the marine, they don’t have much use of humorists, they beat my brain in.

The man, being a writer always loved spending time in quiet nature. He always liked observes the surroundings and love no longer any other profession than writing. The year 1949 had become one of the luckiest years for him and his decision. Spending a year and watching Paris closely, locals, gangsters, his love and marriage dramas had all cherished.

Thus, his almost 14 years of life spent experience published as a memoir, I will always have Paris. The late-night spicy waft, salty taste of alcohol, depression, his marriage, adapting kids and dine with robbers etc. However, being a young journalist, seeking a job in Europe and Paris. Still, his memoir sometimes makes you sad and laugh your ass off.

The stories of his 40s and 50s in Paris when Art as an inexperienced writer left the US in 1948. His skills had mostly focused on the world’s deep study of its politics. Those struggle days while he’s working for The New York Herald Tribune. (The New York Herald Tribune was a newspaper published between 1924 and 1966). However, it was a New York’s old newspaper edition. Those Tribune days brings him back to many loveable memories of his life. The book has almost covered his life post-World-War 2.

Art Buchwald has published closed to 40 books. Still, the most favourite, one of those is “I will always have Paris!” (Available on Amazon)

I will always have Paris

One of his posts on the Washington Post reminds us of how he deeply dived into his cultural thoughts. His art of storytelling was so simple and realistic need no extra magic to convey his feelings to his audience.

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