1 Truth | Annabhau Sathe: “Caste is something that exists in reality. Poverty is artificial.”

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Maharashtra’s legend is Annabhau Sathe.

Maharashtra’s legend Annabhau Sathe and his literature have always been recommendable. One of the top Dalit activists from the state after iconic figure Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar and Jyotiba Phule.

As well as, Sathe was one of the founding members of “Lal Bawta Kalapathak”. Tukaram Bhaurao Sathe (was his real full name) wrote almost 35 novels in Marathi, 14 short stories, and many to count his real meanings of life stated poems achieved many Maharashtra’s poem loving hearts.

Annabhau Sathe on Cast & Untouchability

A young brain had quickly understood the Untouchable Matang caste in the state and brought literacy love in Dalit Literature (buy his famous work in Marathi is available on Amazon here). His songs and poetry lightened up the poor Dalit Community and taught lessons to the oppressive gang and their community.

A Quote by Annabhau Sathe

Caste is something that exists in reality. Poverty is artificial, and it can be destroyed but destroying caste is everyone's work.

Annabhau Sathe

Dalit Shahirs of Maharashtra

Dalit shahirs of Maharashtra: Annabhau Sathe's powerful song, one of his favorite poems “माझी मैना गावावर राहिली !” (“My mynah bird stayed in the village!”)


“माझी मैना गावावर राहिली !”(“My mynah bird left in the village!”)

माझी मैना गावावर राहिली |
माझ्या जिवाची होतिया काहिली ||
ओतीव बांधा | रंग गव्हाला |
कोर चंद्राची | उदात्त गुणांची |
मोठ्या मनाची | सीता ती माझी रामाची |
हसून बोलायची | मंद चालायची |
सुगंध केतकी | सतेज कांती |
घडीव पुतली सोन्याची | नव्या नवतीची |
काडी दवन्याची |रेखीव भुवया |
कमान जणू इन्द्रधनुची | हिरकणी हिरयाची
काठी आंधल्याची | तशी ती माझी गरीबाची|
मैना रत्नाची खाण | माझा जिव की प्राण |[…]

The story of his love mynah bird (Common hill myna. The common hill myna, sometimes spelled “mynah” and formerly simply known as the hill myna or myna bird, is the myna most commonly seen in aviculture), through this poem he brought up the issues of his common life, the status of treatment of others toward the Matang (Mang caste) Community of Maharashtra.

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Exposition of the poem

He thus expressed the reality of the rich and well-educated city, Mumbai. It was the same treatment he used to get in his village. Besides, this poem ends, leaving a spark in his life for forming a United Maharashtra (a mission of anti-oppression in Maharashtra). Therefore, he successfully carried out.

Uddhav Thackeray, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, said,

A memorial of Marathi poet and writer Annabhau Sathe will soon be built-in Mumbai.