Learn from these mistakes before you learn value of time

These solid mistakes will teach you how to keep the value of time before it slips away from your hands. Therefore, before life ditches you, make the life by taking the advantages of the best time you possess.

Choosing the right education

Every father expects that my kid should be a big personality who will earn so much money. He will take care of us in our old age. He will listen to us every time. And value of time, understand actually when real time comes. So, before the time comes, can you really create the valuable time in your life for your future times?

Providing a quality education as influential as choosing the right education for your kids. If the people who love photography was forced to send for biology classes does not make any sense and thus later you realize that my son love photography. He must do graduation in photography only. Hence, you get the admission for your son after realization and wasting three to five years of time.

If any parents missed on the correct time, then future of your kid may ruin.

Do not indulge in bad habits before the time

I have seen many students who indulge in sex or sexual activities than focusing on the education. The sex education is also an important for students. However, it is not for indulgent. Therefore, those who fall in love opposite sex and stopped studies, would be a great miss on value of time. The person may enjoy the current life, but later the importance of time will be punished him later.

Getting married on time

The worldwide celebrated Indian culture, in the Indian traditional way, a girl used to get married at the age of 16 and boy at 22-25 so that get no complication later in the life. It is true that with the progress of age, and you are not married, there are high chances of getting complications later in the life while pregnancy.

There is a myth and scientific reasons why everyone should not delay getting married. There is a strong formula for it. When a person got married at the age of 22 his son would get married when his father became 44. Therefore, at that age, both father and son found working and earning for bread and butter.

As well as, the gap between the husband and wife back in 18s in Indian couple also around seven to nine years average. This will also help the couple each other in their later life. The wife would become the great and valuable companion and the support in the later life of the husband.

Analyse before acting

This is an essential aspect in the life of everyone. Never act before analyse the situation or anything. However, later you may regret on your value of time. Here is the great example.

One won't be doing something in a hurry.

Doing something important in a rush may lead to failure. One of my friends was travelling to his friend’s wedding. He had two optional roads. The road A (shortcut) had 1 hour ETA and the road B had one and half hour (the regular road). To save the time, the person took the shortcut at 10 am and reach the destination (wedding) at 2:30 pm.

Thus, the person did not get wedding time, which was very valuable for him. To attain the wedding, he had spent 24 hours of travelling and due to one mistake of one hour, he risked his 23 hours and finally lost the wedding.

The moral of the story is, he did not analyse the shortcut. The road was full of boulder stones and there were no shops for puncture repairing. You also can take another example, which involves decision-making. Therefore, it is vital to learn before act than losing the value of time.