An Opened Door | 1 Simple poem of a Lonely dark house

brown wooden house in the middle of forest during night time

The poem, "An opened door," It's an imaginary free verse poem. It is all about a girl who is just stuck between a dark house and a lake on the other end. They (a dark house and a lake) are somehow presentin' a two-fold story, as a melancholy fold, and on the other side as a symbol of hopefulness.

Poem: An Opened Door

A wood house in the mountains
Its view from the corner of the lake
A lake is flowing in its jollification
Reminds her of those freaking feelings
A ship was enjoying the waves
Waves of lake were running -
Directly against the course of ship,
She opens the door and entres in
Looks backward, ship was opposing the waves
There was darkness inside,
While shining light was outside there,
She was standing in the middle of door
Hers back was sparkling ostensibly
Her front was sinking in the darkness
Looking backward….
Her face was glowing back in the darkness
Her messy hairs were waving
And she was smiling...

brown wooden house in the middle of forest during night time | An Opened Door | A poem of a wood house
An Opened Door | A poem of a wood house | Photo by Aleksey Kuprikov on

Room was full of murkiness,
There was a piercing light-
Outside the room,
Twain profiles of the same environment !
She closed the door ,
Standing in the eye of room
Silence was all around her
Her pale face was blocking the melanism of her hairs
And the room…….
Silent darkness was supporting her
Someberness and dreary room were bracing each other
She turned her face ,
the door was opened
The opened door was of no use
There was a lake before the door
The brighter lake and the darker room
were signifying the selfsame details,
She was allying the lake and the room.