To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment

a smiling woman sitting | To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. As you know being your authentic self is more difficult where pretending and settling ourselves to fit in the standards of the world is more important. As everyone says that fitting in the standards is more important to survive in a society but what about yourself? When you try to be someone else who is not you, it is lying yourself to make others happy. There is no real joy in that and it makes you more insecure and question yourself who I am exactly? What I like exactly? Am I following someone else’s given personality or being myself?

It also has an another side that some people tend to make us better by showing the real mirror and making us remember that what is to be you , what are your strengths, how to overcome weaknesses and how to shine bright even on the worse days. These kind of people are a real gem in our life. As we know we are the average of the 5 people we spend most time with. So , why be with the people who makes you feel insecure, tells you to fit in their standards otherwise they will leave you? Such kind of people in front of whom you have to pretend is really very exhausting. Let them think what they want you can’t make them always happy and it’s not your responsibility to do so if they make you sad most of the time.

You are a beautiful person not on the outside but inside too. You can be the best of yourself once you stop letting others manipulate and change you according to themselves. If they are real they won’t leave you , if they aren’t they won’t give a second thought to leave you so. You have your own opinions, your own life, your own decisions, your own feelings. If someone else doesn’t understand you or make you feel worse it is just that they haven’t live your life so, even if you explain them they won’t understand it. So, it’s better to just smile and say it’s okay it’s my life and we don’t live in the same circumstances. Even if you don’t understand me or think I am wrong , it’s your perception . It’s too heart breaking, to think of others happiness just being pretending you are happy and what they will think of you. When you can barely make yourself happy!

You will meet lots of people in life. You will choose the right one and more of wrong one’s. But this is necessary to be wrong and learn a lesson from it so that you will know what right one’s feel like. If someone leaves you just because you don’t act according to them it’s their loss not yours. Everyone is unique and you are too. There’s no one out there like you living your life. Life will teach you and will also reach to you for help in unexpected ways. Keep believing in yourself and loving yourself. Just think at the end of the day when you are alone and no one else did you made yourself happy? What one thing you did that made your soul go merry ? If you haven’t made yourself happy how do you think you can make others happy?

To be yourself what you are and believing in yourself is the most difficult yet easy thing at the same time. Yes , sometimes you will too make mistakes, you won’t be right all the time but accepting your mistakes and learning from it and not repeating is the best apology for yourself. Be kind , be your authentic self and let the world adjust .