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2075 : Aliens and Science Fictions

A faint perspective of reality in science fiction cannot be denied!
Javid Tak

2075 : Aliens and Science Fictions

Science fiction is a pure work of fiction, and the aliens they refer to are a work of fiction too. So they say!

But how fictitious are aliens is a reality that needs to be inspected via the mirror of realism, where all fictitious objects as well as subjects, get purged against the backdrop of logical assessments and the quantum of reality that can neither be altered or camouflaged by our preconceived notions, and knowledge that is based on lack of actual and verifiable information about the topic. Which for this blog post is the existence of aliens, and if at all by 2075 we will have decoded their existence, or based on verifiable facts, we shall be able to rule out their existence completely.

In his book, The Interpretation of Dreams, this is how Mr. Sigmund Freud perceives a dream, “Dreams are never concerned with trivialities; we do not allow our sleep to be disturbed by trifles.”


I am!

Why? Here is why!

Dream is a subconscious activity of the human mind, and the content of dream is derived from the imagination or deep desires of the subject, in this case the dreamer. And it is a well established belief among many scholars that every human imagination can be linked to a prehistoric memory of human civilisation, that gets carried forward via genes, where the actual source of the human mind’s graph of activity or imaginative prowess lies embedded. So, if you see strange figures in your dreams, it is quite likely that they exist in reality too, even if they do not exist in reality that presents itself to us in 2 or 3 dimensional perceptions of mind. It is this fact that hints at the possibility of creating a reality where it can exist in a dimension beyond the restricting 2 and 3 dimensional view of reality.

Again quoting from The Interpretation of Dreams:

“What is common in all these dreams is obvious. They completely satisfy wishes excited during the day which remain unrealized. They are simply and undisguisedly realizations of wishes.”

Mankind’s wish was to see what lies on the Moon. Many dreamed about it and finally the dream to land a human being on the Moon did come true. Thinking of something as adventurous as this would have been a sin 200 years ago, and most of the people would have considered this dreamer to be either an alien or born of an alien.

Now when it comes to this you cannot say I am wrong. You know I am correct! So let us not argue on this point. At least not now. Please!

Mankind dreamed of someday living among the stars, and we already have an International Space Station placed in low Earth Orbit, which again proves every dream carries a part of reality embedded within it. It is upto the human mind to extract the illusive reality from this subconscious state and manifest it in conscious reality, where we live in parallel with constants like : time and gravity. International Space Station may not be an ultimate specimen of human ingenuity that has gotten closer to the stars, as far as its proximity with nearest star is concerned, but it certainly proves two things:

1- Dreams are not mere figments of the mind's imagination, they always hint at a reality which is awaiting to be revealed from the shadows of subconscious awareness.

2- We are made of matter that is very rare and our composition at genetic level is an extraordinary feat of evolution, that maybe, by chance, has placed us as the masters of the universe. And if not so in literal sense, it definitely establishes us as the species of thinking beings who can get closer to the Heavens for sure. And the International Space Station may not be among the stars, but it heralds our growing proximity with the Heavens. And it is not a dream, it is reality that can be measured and established by application of logic and some common sense that is not plagued by provincialism.

What Mr. Freud defines to be subconscious neural activity in a subdued state of self awareness, is actually an attempt to unite our conscience with the cosmic awareness that is a part of every human beings quantum of imagination and neural activity, only if he/she is able to persuade himself/herself enough; to first believe in this reality in his/her wakeful state, and then as he/she slumbers to enter a subconscious state of realisation, he/she becomes capable of establishing communion with the unknown force that actually drives this universe.

According to the holy book of Muslims, The Quran, the universe is governed by two chief forces : Gravity and Centrifugal force. This implies there is a universal Gravitational force that works around the universe as a summation of binding forces that hold the universe in place, although this force may tend to vary depending upon the mass of the heavenly bodies, their concentration and their alignments, along with other factors that contribute to this regional variation. But when it comes to the summation of the Gravitational force that binds the universe together it is a constant value. While the Centrifugal force always works outward and tends to exert an outward force in comparison to inward force of gravity.

This existence of two opposing forces ensures that the universe maintains a constant rhythm. If these two forces are altered or by any means subjected to change, the universe will experience what is called altered summation of gravitational force that the universe experiences as a singular entity, and when this forces is counter acted upon by the ​​Centrifugal force, the universe will enter into a state of chaos, because most of the celestial bodies will experience alteration in their trajectories. Thus causing the universe to implode.

Now these forces have an abstract existence. These forces do not have a palpable existence. So does that mean they do not exist? 

I wonder how hurt Sir Isaac Newton felt when that apple hit his head? The force that caused it to fall and hit his head was unseen, but Sir Isaac Newton felt its presence more than anyone else could. 

Do you know why?

Well, he possessed what I call Alien Imagination.

It is the same with dreams, it is a reality of human imagination or subconscious mind that cannot be denied. 

Recently I read a science fiction novel where it talked about the future, and what human life might look like in 2075. After reading the sci-fi novel I retired to my bed and  often dreamt about aliens and spaceships, where everything seemed possible. In this case the content of my dreams was influenced by the novel and how it referred to scientific advancements in 2075 and the endless possibilities. So I was technically dreaming of concepts which were a work of imagination created by the author of the book. But the question that baffled me was still the same, “what inspired the author’s imagination?”

And this is where it gets very interesting. Moreso, because my mind is aware that it has interacted with content that is fictitious, ( Science FICTION Novel ) so, shouldn't this conscious awareness have canceled out its reappearance in the subconscious state of my awareness, that is my sleep?

Going by the laws of mathematics and physics, it should get cancelled out. Yet it is not so.

For whatever reason, I still dreamt about aliens and starships. This is suggestive of something that lies between these two states of human mind’s reality i.e. conscious state and subconscious state: A state of human mind that always stays in its native and unaltered state of consciousness, which manifests itself in the form of imagination, which sometimes gets translated into dreams. And very often the content of the dreams is derived from imagination which was not at all influenced by external sources of awareness, in this case knowledge or input received visually or via auditory senses. 

Quoting Mr. Freud once again, “Everywhere I go I find a poet has been there before me.”

And we all know poets are always likened with dreamers who dare to imagine.

"Whether searching in earnest for answers or simply gazing up at the stars, poets continue to imagine what lies just outside of their humanity. As Greg Delanty writes in his poem "The Alien" :

Our alien who art in the heavens, our Martian, our little green man, we're anxious to make contact, to ask divers questions about the heavendom you hail from, to discuss the whole shebang of the beginning & end, the pre–big bang untime before you forget the why and lie of thy first place.

Please allow me to make my point.

I wonder when and how did Mr. Greg Delanty meet an alien and what convinced him to such an extent that he believed that the Green Man would reveal secrets that we are so anxious to uncover, and our heaven bound quest has not ended with Mr. Greg Delanty, we continue to dream, we continue to imagine and it is best established by our recent Mars missions and humanities plans to settle on the planet Mars. So it will not be wrong to say that we have gotten closer to the heavens, if not the stars. But being closer to Heaven we indeed have illuminated the star of imagination within us, that has the potential to make us an intergalactic species.

Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that it is alien human imagination that manifests itself in dreams, and only few dreamers have this gift of dreaming brave alien dreams. And it is this league of dreamers who lead us closer to Heavens and shall someday confirm our place among the stars.

This is why I regard Craig Raine’s poem, A Martian Sends A Postcard Home, one of the most pioneering works in poetry, because it bears a daring flight of imagination that soars higher than the stars, and its every word makes just one confession. “If you dream, dream big and invoke the imagination that sets the human mind free from  the limitations  of its conscious and subconscious awareness, and leads it into a realm where the human mind enters into a state where it becomes aware of virtues that are beyond the conscious and subconscious states of human mind’s awareness, it lies in the proximity of a cosmic mind which is omnipotent and where every imagination and dream is validated by logical reasoning and mathematical symmetry. It is then that every dream is a beautiful dream and it establishes authentic contact with an alien that resides within us, that wants to be set free because its ultimate tryst lies with this cosmic mind where it lives in a state of interminable consciousness. A state similar to Craig Raine’s mind when he composed the poem as beautiful and as daring as ‘A Martian Sends A Postcard Home”

Craig Raine

This blog post is my attempt to awaken the native alien dreamer residing in all of us. If we succeed in waking this dreamer irrespective of the state we are in, we shall become whoever we want to be: Mr. Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Muhammad Mr. ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, Mr. Arya Bhata, Mrs. Marie Salomea Skłodowska–Curie, Mrs. Rosalin Farnklin and my favourite Gustav Klimt, because I dream of colours and beauty far more vividly. Perhaps this is my alien instinct that always manifests itself within me, no matter how much I subdue it and deny its existence.

And Mr. Sigmund Freud too would have agreed with me. Maybe when we learn to travel backwards in time, we may have an enriching conversation with him and other aliens that reside in Heaven and among the stars as well!

In my science fiction, They Loved in 2075, I have taken human imagination a leap forward by imagining human lives in 2075, when our species will be surrounded by intelligent and self aware machines that will not only behave like us but look and feel exactly like us. Then, when the Martian visits Earth in 2075, I wonder how the Green Man would feel and what will be his views of our planet and our drastic psychological and sociological changes, particularly when it comes to forming relationships and bonds. I would be very eager to know how the Green man rephrases these stanzas:

At night, when all the colours die, they hide in pairs and read about themselves -- in colour, with their eyelids shut. 

Because there is a growing belief among the community of thinking beings that by 2050 men and women will be marrying human like robots. At that point, how Craig Raine will describe his experiences will be fascinating to know. And in my imagination I have already travelled with the Green Man into the future called 2075 and witnessed How humans will experience love in 2075. Because this science fiction novel navigates through the possibility of men and women falling in love with machines, without knowing they are robots imitating human emotions. Will you still dare to fall in love in 2075 or will you strive to tell the difference between a human lover and a robotic lover? 

Now it is your turn to join the Green Man on this exciting journey into 2075, where he will reveal to you what the world would look like in 2075, and take you on an excitingly epic journey with the protagonist, Saabir, who criss crosses the highways and all by ways of emotional trajectory in the midst of synthetic emotions and feelings that engulf him. To know more, travel with the Green Man via the science fiction titled, They Loved in 2075

With this anticipation I shall dream of you tonight and hope that you will be able to unlock the alien imagination within you, to realise the part of you that is from Heaven. If you have any doubts, here is the poem by ​​Craig Raine to make you a dreamer who while asleep is always awake in his/her subconscious state too. Because he/she has learned the art of having a rendezvous with the light that radiates through the universe, to eventually settle in a dreamer's eyes who dares to dream beyond the ordinary and the 3 dimensional reality.

‘A Martian Sends A Postcard Home”

Caxtons are mechanical birds with many wings and some are treasured for their markings-- they cause the eyes to melt or the body to shriek without pain.

I have never seen one fly, but sometimes they perch on the hand.

Mist is when the sky is tired of flight and rests its soft machine on the ground: then the world is dim and bookish like engravings under tissue paper.

Rain is when the Earth is television. It has the properites of making colours darker.

Model T is a room with the lock inside -- a key is turned to free the world for movement, so quick there is a film to watch for anything missed.

But time is tied to the wrist or kept in a box, ticking with impatience.

In homes, a haunted apparatus sleeps, that snores when you pick it up.

If the ghost cries, they carry it to their lips and soothe it to sleep with sounds. And yet, they wake it up deliberately, by tickling with a finger. Only the young are allowed to suffer openly. Adults go to a punishment room

with water but nothing to eat. They lock the door and suffer the noises alone. No one is exempt and everyone's pain has a different smell.

At night, when all the colours die, they hide in pairs and read about themselves -- in colour, with their eyelids shut. 

Dedicated to you, the Green Man and Saabir who hails from 2075 and dares to love a real woman in 2075 because he loves her a lot!

Javid Tak

I usually write about real experiences modified to meet the literary demands of the genre.
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